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Astrology Predictions for Gemini

For everyone with Sun in Gemini - Astrology Predictions


Week from Monday 9th Dec'=> Monday 16th December 2019

To be read in conjunction with "This Weeks Astrology"

* Sun 16° => 23° Sagittarius

* Full Moon at 19° Gemini on Thursday 12th Dec' 2019

* Mercury 0° => 9° Sagittarius

* Venus 16° => 24° Capricorn

* Mars 13° => 17° Scorpio

* Jupiter 1°24' => 2°59' Capricorn

* Saturn 18°49' => 19°34' Capricorn

* Uranus 3°06' => 2°56' Taurus - retrograde

* Neptune 15°58' => 16°01' Pisces

* Pluto 21°40' => 21°53' Capricorn

Audio Version - This Week - for Gemini

This Weeks Audio for SunSign Gemini


Sun in Sagittarius - The StarSign of True Happiness

The Seasons of Life - define - sooner or later - things change for the better

Success and Happiness is defined by living your destined destiny


Happiness is when your real-life external reality combines with your inner feelings

Happiness is being "connected" to your destiny - everyone on your wavelength

Happiness is being set-free from anyone who is bad for you - Happiness is Freedom


In the Zone of 8th Nov => 15th December 2019: "MAJOR KARMIC DATES-WITH-DESTINY"

19th November: Mars enters Scorpio - Mars in Scorpio until 3rd January 2020

24th November: Mars 3° Scorpio opposes Uranus [retrograde] 3° Taurus

24th November: Venus 28° Sagittarius conjunct Jupiter 28° Sagittarius

26th November: New Moon 4° Sagittarius

26th November: Venus enters Capricorn - Venus in Capricorn until 20th December'19

27th November: Neptune goes direct at 15°56' Pisces - all planets are now DIRECT

28th November: Venus 3° Capricorn trines Uranus [retrograde] 3° Taurus

2nd December: Jupiter enters Capricorn [Earth Sign]

12th December: Full Moon in Gemini

15th December: Jupiter 2° Capricorn trines Uranus [retrograde] 2° Taurus

By 15th December: "Something PURE-PERFECT-KARMIC and destined will have changed"



"Some" of you have already experienced changes - whilst others have experienced "some" small changes but NOTHING BIG yet. If you've not had anything BIG yet - then - when Mars in Scorpio - defined by Mars-Uranus opposition - with - Sun in Sagittarius - New Moon in Sagittarius on Tuesday 26th November 2019 - this is "it" for you - MAJOR CHANGES for the better !



Sun in Sagittarius is going to be STRONG month for everyone of every StarSign - that's because there is a specific destination of long-term stability that everyone must arrive at by Jupiter entering Capricorn on 3rd December 2019 - which means - that SOMETHING has got to change.


Sun in Sagittarius will begin to create excitement immediately for your SunSign Gemini - on - Friday 22nd November - as Sun unlocks - the full power of Venus-Jupiter conjunction on Sunday 24th November 2019 at 28° Sagittarius - which will be defining a MAJOR POSITIVE CHANGE for you.




It will immediately create a BRIGHT LIGHT of HAPPINESS - You'll be SET-FREE from negativity - you'll be overwhelmed and jumping-for-joy - as negative is transformed to positive - and - see the meaning of real LOVE of life and HAPPINESS in your life.


A MIRACLE is when something exciting happens that you can't predict or expect. A MIRACLE is when your instincts ensure you experience something EXTRA-ORDINARY - and - it makes you feel you've been put "back-on-track" - filled full of POSITIVE energy - good health - excitement - love and meaning in your life.


As a SunSign Gemini - you love it when MIRACLES happen to you - because - MIRACLES mean your special - and - destiny hasn't forgotten you. Sun in Sagittarius will ensure you're 100% TOTALLY CONNECTED to the right people - and - feel ALIVE and OPTMISTIC about the future because of the right people.


The NEGATIVE SIDE of Sun in Sagittarius - is - TRUTH and CLARITY - will be realizing how BAD some people are for you - and - that you must DISCONNECT and DIVORCE yourself from "them". LET-GO of "garbage" - LET-GO of anyone who does nothing for you - LET-GO of worrying about anything bad for you.


Hence, if you're entangled in any "negative" situations then - this is "it" - life will give you GOOD LUCK be SET-FREE because life will ensure you need to be SET-FREE to have long-term stability and happiness.


The good news for your SunSign Gemini - is HONESTY - all you have to do is see who is GOOD for you - and - LOVE them - LOVING everything you LOVE is definition of SUCCESS and HAPPINESS . And see who is BAD for you - and - IGNORE them. Everytime you make a MAJOR decision - it's always defined by GETTING-AWAY from a badnesss - and - GOING-TOWARDS goodness.


LOVE LIFE - LOVE PEOPLE - LOVE - LOVE - LOVE all people who are GOOD to you. The good news is that via the - power of MAGNETISM and ATTRACTION - and - via the power of REPULSION - your StarSign Gemini powers will be VERY STRONG to get "it" all during Sun in Sagittarius - and - by 22nd December 2019 - you'll be surprised of how much can change in 30 days - especially around your Full Moon in Gemini on 12th December 2019.



This Year 2019 for Gemini

Part III - for - Sept - Oct - Nov - Dec '19

Audio Version - "The Zodiac Year Part 3" for Sept-Oct-Nov-Dec 2019

New Audio created on 27th August 2019


Long-Term Success & Stability

You know what you want & what you don't want ...

Now is the time for - focus - success - and - achievement

[1] Jupiter 15° => 29° Sagittarius [2] 3 Powerful Full Moon's

[3] Mars in Virgo - Libra - Scorpio [4] Saturn & Pluto in Capricorn - Uranus in Taurus


[1] Positive Changes created by Jupiter in Sagittarius - Jupiter 15° => 29° Sagittarius - 1st Sept => 2nd Dec'19

Jupiter's destination is Capricorn on 2nd December 2019 - Arriving at your long-term stability


Jupiter in Sagittarius is a BIG for every SunSign Gemini - as it OPPOSES your SunSign

Jupiter in Sagittarius is creating a LOT OF ENERGY - restlessness and impatience too !


During September - October - November - Jupiter will ACTIVATE and BRING INTO YOUR LIFE happiness

Jupiter in Sagittarius - means - be bright - be happy - be lively - be communicative - and - "it" will come to you


Something - especially from 14th September => 31st October 2019 - will create reasons for you to be TURNED-ON.

You see - as a Gemini with Jupiter in Sagittarius - when you're excited - you know it's right

but when you're annoyed - angry and frustrated - you know it's wrong.

Try your best - not to get too annoyed prior to 14th September !


To ensure your SunSign Gemini arrives at your date with destiny - there's going to be a MAJOR change between 1st September and 1st December 2019 - created by - eliminating something that's draining you - fixing something that's wrong with your life - and - using your charm of love and cohesion to ensure you're thinking of all the good people in your life.


You see - the more you're thinking of GOOD people in your life - the more your mind is avoiding "negative" people - the more you're focused on what's GOOD for you. During September - you're going to find yourself - detaching from "negative" situations and "negative" people - especially people who do nothing for you.


Jupiter in Sagittarius - wants you to FOCUS on the positive people in your life - FOCUS on the positive aspects of your life. Fill your mind and thoughts - full of inner happiness about - all the goodness in your life - and - it will ensure you attract GOOD people into your life.




[2] 4 Astrological Months with 3 Powerful Full Moon's that will make/force things to move-into place


Full Moon's define the Truth - what you need to feel - to let-go of lies and deceit

Full Moon's that define honest emotions - to become bonded and connected forever to Truth

Truth is Success - Truth is Stability - Truth is Happiness - all of which you'll feel strongly


Sun in Virgo - creates - Pisces Full Moon - 14th September 2019 - please avoid arguments and bad people

Sun in Libra - creates - Aries Full Moon - 13th October 2019 - VERY GOOD for your SunSign

Sun in Scorpio - creates - Taurus Full Moon - 12th November 2019 - please avoid arguments and bad people

Sun in Sagittarius - creates - Gemini Full Moon - 12th December 2019 - - VERY GOOD for your SunSign

Jupiter in Capricorn from 3rd December 2019 - the Full Moon on 12th December confirms "Happiness"


3 Powerful Full Moon's - especially the Aries Full Moon on 13th Oct'19 will make you feel STRONG

Your emotions will empower your determination that whatever happens from now onwards is RIGHT for you


The more your SunSign Gemini feels RIGHT - the more confident and clear-headed you are the HAPPIER you are.

The more you love other people - the more you love-life - the more SUCCESSFUL you'll become.




[3] The transits of Mars - creating upgrade of long-term stability


Mars in Virgo - 18th August => 4th October 2019 - avoid arguments people

Mars in Libra - 4th October => 19th November 2019 - VERY GOOD FOR YOU

Mars in Scorpio - 19th November => 3rd January 2020 - good for seeing the truth


MAJOR change due to the fact that there's been no outer planets in Virgo - Libra - Scorpio - for the past 2 years

Mars transits will affect your SunSign Gemini immediately from 4th October - it's all about the FUTURE for you


Mars says - Look forward to the future - forget the badness of the past - throw-away the garbage of the past

Trust in GOOD people you know - remember life is all about trustworthy people - good-quality relationships.




[4] Saturn & Pluto in Capricorn - trines - Uranus in Taurus

Good if you've got planets in these StarSigns - [Earth Sign - Taurus - Capricorn - Virgo]


Saturn says - when your life is true to you - it's honest and stable

Whenever someone is true to you - they're honest and "natural"

When you can be honest with someone - when someone can be honest with you

Then that defines someone on your wavelength


Having people who understand you - is what you need - between August 2019 => January 2020

Everyone who is on your wavelength will be coming into your life

Everyone who is not on your wavelength will be leaving your life


The Uranus in Taurus effect - defines - UNEXPECTED CHANGES - shocks and surprises

The irritation will be realizing the TRUTH that you've got to find people on-your-wavelength


You NEED people who understand you and you'll attract them

between 14th September => 23rd October 2019 - thanks to planets in Libra

and between 22nd November => 26th December 2019 - thanks to planets in Sagittarius


Especially with Uranus - CREATING and unlocking LOTS OF ENERGY - around


7th October 2019 - with - Mercury in Scorpio opposing Uranus in Taurus

12th October 2019 - with - Venus in Scorpio opposing Uranus in Taurus

28th October 2019 - with - Sun in Scorpio opposing Uranus in Taurus

12th November 2019 - with - Full Moon in Taurus conjunct Uranus in Taurus

24th November 2019 - with - Mars in Scorpio opposing Uranus in Taurus





The Outer Planets of Generational Changes

Jupiter in Sagittarius [Fire Sign] Saturn in Capricorn [Earth Sign]

Uranus in Taurus [Earth Sign] Neptune in Pisces [Water Sign] Pluto in Capricorn [Earth Sign]


Jupiter in Sagittarius - 8th November 2018 => 2nd December 2019

Saturn in Capricorn - 21st December 2017 => 22nd March 2020

Uranus in Taurus - from 6th March 2019 => 2025

Neptune in Pisces - from February 2012 and until 2025

Pluto in Capricorn - from November 2008 and until 2024


The combined power of these 5 outer planets will be to create an important change - not just in one area of your life - but in all areas of your life - especially if your life is not RIGHT at the moment. These 5 outer planets always have their greatest impact on people's lives from the age of 29/30 onwards - that's because the Saturn return at the age of 29/30 - unlocks the full power of the other 4 outermost planets.


Usually between the ages of 30 => 50 - most people are readjusting their lives in sync with TRUTH. You see midlifecrisis isn't really a crisis - it is an adjustment to ensure you're living the life that is correct and good for you. It is when you get forced and guided to find yourself.


Due to Saturn returning to it's natural home of Capricorn means - everyone will be going through a sort of "midlifecrisis" of finding your own DESTINED TRUTH - some of you - it will be minor adjustments - others it will be major. The most important change will be to ensure you're CONNECTED to the people who are RIGHT for you. And - disconnected from anyone who is WRONG for you.


Life will do it for you - for example - say you're working or living in a place that's wrong for you - STRONG coincidences will happen - anytime between now => July 2019 - to get your where you should be with the people you should be with.


As Saturn in Capricorn is an [Earth Sign] - combined with - Pluto in Capricorn [Earth Sign] - means REAL LIFE movement - REAL LIFE relationships - REAL LIFE - that means - face-to-face human energies of warmth and connectivity.


Which means for you SunSign Gemini - that - Saturn in Capricorn - means a new vibrant phase of life begins - and a BIG CHANGE for you - Saturn understands that everything GOOD and DESTINED happens slowly - from now onwards you'll see the reasons for everything you've been through in the past 3 years - especially as you'll sense Saturn making everything become "light", good and showing you that everything is going to be alright. But to become RIGHT - something BIG will be CHANGING in all your lives !


The 3 outer planets of - Uranus - Neptune - Pluto - each define a stage of growing-up - collectively and generationally for everyone in the whole world - each planet defines a border that you can't go-back to the "old" you - you can't go back in time - and you either move-forward with everyone else, adapt and change or you'll find yourself being left-behind.


The effect of these 3 planets will depending on your age and circumstances - and - depend on whether you're in sync with your true destined destiny - then destiny will create necessary changes for everyone.


Uranus re-enters Taurus on 6th March 2019 - will be creating a BIG positive change for you - which - depends on your age and circumstances as to how BIG it changes things - the key word will be a NEW irrversible phase of your life that will last for 7 years. Whilst you've had a taste of it from May 2018 => October 2018 - the Uranus in Taurus energies will return from 6th March 2019.


As a SunSign Gemini - all these 3 planets will work to create long-term stability in your life - as you define what's truly RIGHT for you - and - STOP being DISTRACTED by other people's lives and nonsense - and - END / DISCONNECT from anything that's bad for you!


Now - I must be honest with you - that there will be some facets of your life that have been a part of your life for the past 5 years - and - for some of you for the past 12 years - which will now END. It's not a "maybe" - it is a fact. The truth is - during the past 2-3 years in 2016-2017 - you already sensed and saw that things needed to END. And now it will - if it hasn't already happened - because something else better for you will come-along to replace it.


You see - every phase of life is defined by specific facets - and because it's a whole new phase - specific things will be forced to change - as they've "died" - there's no energy in "it" anymore. Don't be shocked when it happens - because you'll see - as one door closes another opens.



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