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The Spiritual Writings of the Spiritual Astrologer יהונתן וואקסמאן


Healing Your Jupiter

Whenever Nothing is Happening

Whilst the inner planets constantly activate your mind, communication, desires and your heart ....

Whenever NOTHING is happening in your life - the affliction is - your disconnection to - Mars - Jupiter - Saturn

Jupiter defines something BIG - something which is so BIG that - "it" is unforgettable - because "it" changed your life

Hence - whenever life is dead-boring and nothing happening - then Your Jupiter needs Healing


Healing-Your-Jupiter is the easiest and most empowering - because - in the same way that Jupiter is the BIGGEST planet in our Solar system - Jupiter defines all the BIG moments of your life. Everyone in the whole world - has had BIG Jupiter moments in the past and has the potential to have - BIG Jupiter moments - each and everyday in the future - from today.


Jupiter creates BIG moments in order to show everyone in the whole world that NO-ONE is neglected by life. Jupiter is kind to everyone. Jupiter creates "it" - in order to give everyone HOPE to live. The honest truth is that "life without Jupiter would not be worth living". That's how important Jupiter is - that's how important it is to activate and heal your Jupiter.


Healing-Your-Jupiter will positively change your lives. On this page - I will explain the practical dynamics of activating your Jupiter - and - when you turn your own Jupiter-on inside yourself - especially if you're experiencing a phase of doom-and-gloom, darkness, depression and sadness - because NOTHING is HAPPENING in your life - then you will see immediate results from activating and healing your Jupiter.


After reading this - many of you will realize the truth - that it is YOU who've blocked your own Jupiter - and - therefore - YOU are the only one in the world who can re-activate your own Jupiter - this chapter will teach you how to.



Energizing your Aura begins from Within You

Whilst the inner planets constantly activate your mind, communication, desires and your heart ....

Whenever NOTHING is happening in your life - the affliction is - your disconnection to - Mars - Jupiter - Saturn

The outer planets of Mars - Jupiter - Saturn - are the planets that create your external world - activity and events


The 4 important INNER planets - [1] Your SunSign - [2] Your Mercury - [3] Your Venus and [4] Your Moon. All 4 INNER planets work in sync with each other to ensure "you" are constantly being kept on the right pathway for "you" - all define - the mechanics of your mind and your heart - your ability to think - your ability to love - your communicative connectivity to whoever and whatever life connects you to - your desires and wishes - and - your energy that is WITHIN you.


INNER planets - define - your computer system - that is programmed to do what you want it to do - to react the way you want it to react - instinctively and in-sync with whatever you feel is right or wrong for you. I've explained that - YOU - are the only person in the world who can "turn-yourself" - ON / OFF - to think, to feel and desire.


The 3 visible outer planets of - Mars - Jupiter - Saturn - define the reasons you've got everything you've got in your life - everything EXTERNAL to your individuality - is defined by - the cohesive forces of the Mars - Jupiter - Saturn - that ensure - you have everything you've got in your life - and - will always ensure you have everything you need to SURVIVE and to LIVE your life.


From the moment you've been born to the moment you'll die - all the food you eat - all the clothes you wear - all the people you'll meet - all the homes you'll live in - bed's you'll sleep in - the furniture you own - the items you buy - the gifts you're given - every person you meet in your life whom you have a relationship with - EVERYTHING PHYSICAL IN YOUR LIFE - ARE - ALL DEFINED BY the POWER OF - MARS - JUPITER - SATURN.


The problem is - many people - are blind to see what they've got - and - forget to be grateful for everything they've had - everything they've got - and - hence INGRATITUDE and BEING BLIND to everything you've got in your life - has blocked the power of - MARS - JUPITER - SATURN.


MARS - JUPITER - SATURN - are willing and ready to GIVE you - at any moment you want - what you need and want - but - you need to wake-up and realize the power of each of these 3 planets - and - energize them in your life. Once you've re-connected their power to your life - then your life will get moving again.


I use the word - RECONNECTED - because - whenever your life was moving-forwards - then - you were connected. Whenever your life went into STAGNANT mode - "nothing-happening" mode - "dead-boring" mode - was when you DISCONNECTED yourself from the power of these 3 planets.


Healing your Mars - Healing your Jupiter - Healing your Saturn - is easy - when you comprehend - what each planet defines - and - when you RECONNECT yourself to the power of each planet. For it is a fact-of-life - you've been connected - but - at moments of your life when NOTHING happens - means - you've become DISCONNECTED.




This Audio - for "Introduction to Healing

Your 3 planets of - Mars - Jupiter - Saturn" [15 mins audio]


Mars - Jupiter - Saturn

Mars - Jupiter - Saturn - define - the reasons why - you've got everything you've got in your life

why you've had everything in your life - and - why you'll get everything you're going to get in your life


The 3 visible outer planets of - Mars - Jupiter - Saturn - define the reasons you've got everything you've got. Let me explain - the inner planets of Sun, Mercury & Venus - combined with the Moon - define - your character - your feelings - your thoughts - the things you love in your life and desires - that's all INTERNAL.


Mars - Jupiter - Saturn - define your external world - everything you've experienced - everything you've acquired - everything you've been given in your life - is - external - sometimes you have got "it" - and - sometimes you will loose "it" - because life wants to move your life into a new phase.


Each new phase of your life - you're surrounded by - a new set of - Mars - Jupiter - Saturn - energies. Sometimes you get to keep the specific entities - sometimes you must give-them-back - and - then you acquire a new set of circumstances - sometimes you get enticed into something new before you give-away your current circumstances.


Everything you have in your life - that you're attached to - and - that "other" people and life calls - "YOURS" - is acquired and given to you by the 3 outer planets of Mars - Jupiter - Saturn. Hence, whenever you've lost something that's "YOURS" - then you can re-acquire it or an alternative - because life will give it to you in the form of Mars - Jupiter - Saturn - when you reconnect and reactivate yourself.




This Audio - for "Jupiter Defines the Big Positive Moments of your Life"

Healing Your Jupiter [16 mins audio ]


Definition of Jupiter - Big & Positive

Jupiter defines everything you've been given for free in your life - Everything BIG and Positive

Jupiter defines turning-points in your life - when - something BIG and POSITIVE happens

Jupiter ensures that your life changes - from - being dull and boring - into - full of life energy


From the day you were born - Jupiter has been doing lots of positive things for you - Jupiter will have created a long-list of numerous events it created in your life - that for many of you - you will have forgotten and not even be thinking about UNTIL you read this page !


For example - when someone does lots and lots of good things for you - and - you don't bother saying "thank you" - that person stops doing good things - UNTIL - you recognize all the goodness that's been done for you - and - RECONNECT to all the goodness with gratitude for what has been done - then "APOLOGIZE" for being ungrateful - then the flow of good things will recommence.


Jupiter has already done 10's of things for you in your life - to be honest - I could say 1000's of things - but as I will explain - Jupiter wants you to concentrate on the BIG things in your life - which are probably approx 20 BIG Jupiter moments.


Jupiter is not like a human - hence - Jupiter has done BIG things in your life for free - and - Jupiter has done and will continue to do BIG things - even without you saying "THANK YOU". But - the best way to let Jupiter do it's kindness for you - is for you to participate and say "THANK YOU". The more you are awakened to the power of Jupiter - the more Jupiter can come into your life.



Jupiter creates the "BIG" moments

Jupiter creates the BIG moments of your life - Jupiter takes you away from negative situations by creating positive situations


Every time in your life that your life changed - was thanks to either Jupiter and Saturn. Jupiter creates Freedom - whereas - Saturn creates stability and locks you into a fixed and destined situation. Jupiter creates BIG POSITIVE moments - irrespective of whether or not - Saturn says you deserve them or not. Jupiter will always do and has done BIG things for you.


Jupiter does not listen to Saturn. Jupiter refuses to listen to Saturn - especially when - life urgently needs to set-you-free. Hence, everytime in your life - that you were DEAD-BORED with life - TRAPPED into a negative situation - then something happened to excite you - to move you - to set you free - were your Jupiter moments.



The 5 biggest Jupiter moments - that define EXCITEMENT and FREEDOM for most people are .....



[1] The 1st day you moved-out of your parents home - got your own independence and FREEDOM. Do you remember - how excited you were - leaving home? And everytime you move-home is a Jupiter moment. The bigger the home - the bigger Jupiter is being activated. The more freedom and excitement you have when you move-home - the more Jupiter is doing it's magic.



[2] The 1st day you got your 1st job and earned your 1st paycheck - MONEY gave you - your own independence and FREEDOM. Do you remember - how excited you were - having your own money? Each and everytime - you get paid - is a Jupiter moment.


Those people in self-employed business - getting paid - is Jupiter moment. Sales-people, business-based and anyone who earns "commission" based money - are all - Jupiter energies. The bigger the commission - the bigger the EXTRA big money - the bigger the Jupiter influence.



[3] The 1st day you fell in love and 1st time you had SEX - created a breakthrough to your own independence, individuality and FREEDOM. Do you remember - how excited you were - having sex for the 1st time - having someone to love and someone who loves you? Every new relationship you have had - defines - Jupiter - as Jupiter is making you feel ALIVE instead of DEAD.



[4] The day when something BIG and GOOD happened - unforgettable moments that changed your life. Jupiter defines FREEDOM - setting-you-free from and ESCAPE from negative situations. Hence, "divorce" and "endings" that trapped you into a bad situation - are - energies of Jupiter. Even in "death" - Jupiter is activated - as "death" sets people free. Especially after years of pain and illness - "death" sets the soul free - "death" sets all the family members free from the burden. Whatever BAD situation you've had - that ENDED - or - that life gave you to energy to ESCAPE and RUN-AWAY from - was Jupiter setting you free.


Everyone has been in BAD situations - Jupiter has set you FREE - do you remember each of those moments? Do you remember - how excited you were - to escape from - to get-out of - to be set-free from NEGATIVE situation.


Even on a daily basis - if you've got to go somewhere or do something you HATE doing - when you get-out of it - you feel FREEDOM. Every POSITIVE moment that is created because of an end of a NEGATIVE moment - is a Jupiter moment. Even recovery of illness is defined as Jupiter - setting you free.



This is especially powerful for women - and - men too


[5] The day you gave birth to your child - Jupiter gave your child FREEDOM and made you feel FREEDOM . Do you remember - how empowering, lively, exhilarating it was? All women that I've spoken to - have all said that the most empowering Jupiter moment of their lives was the unforgettable day of the birth of their child. And when I've got them to talk about that specific day - immediately they come alive.


Jupiter will remind you of the 1st day your child began to walk - the 1st day your child began to speak - the 1st day your child went to school - the 1st day your teenager child had a boyfriend/girlfriend - the 1st day your child left home.


Jupiter ensures all the unforgettable positive moments can be relived with the energy it created then today too. When you relive the Jupiter moments - when you think-back to all your Jupiter moments - you are re-activating your Jupiter.



Jupiter is Freedom - Sets-You-Free

Make a List of your "BIG" moments

Jupiter defines turning-points in your life - when - something BIG and POSITIVE happens


Each year - Jupiter ensures that your life changes - from - being dull and boring - into - full of life energy. Each year should have at least ONE Jupiter moment that defines that specific year. You will have forgotten all the nonsense of each day of your life - but - you will never ever forget the BIG JUPITER moments.


In fact you will remember with intricate detail - the day of your BIG JUPITER moment - whereas you will have easily forgotten what you did last week. Because Jupiter ensured "it" had to happen - Jupiter ensures "it" is forever unforgettable - Jupiter will continue to ensure - you will always remember it forever and ever. You will never ever be able to forget your BIG Jupiter moments.



Go-back in time - to your DOB - think of every year of your life ....


Your 1st move into your own home & everytime you moved-home

Your 1st Job you had & every new Job you've had

Your 1st Lover - and - every new lover you've had

Your 1st automobile - every new automobile

Your 1st Wedding day - and - every wedding day of you and weddings of your friends !

Your Holidays - even as a child as - all children forget the boring days - but - all children remember the "holidays"



When you begin to THINK of all your BIG moments - you'll realize a TRUTH that all your unforgettable Jupiter moments - aren't logical - every BIG moment happened by coincidence because it was your time to have something GOOD to happen to you.


The truth is - Jupiter ensures - you remember these days and all the other days of your life you've forgotten. That's because Jupiter isn't logical. Jupiter defines BIG POSITIVE moments for everyone. Because everyone needs BIG POSITIVE things to happen in order to want to live and to look-forward to the future.



Healing Your Jupiter

You've already begun !

As you're reading this page - you've already begun - "Healing Your Jupiter"....


The words on this page - have already reminded you to THINK of the BIG moments you've had in your life - as immediately you THINK of them - is creating - the immediate reaction you're already having. It's making you feel ALIVE isn't it?


In the same way that - Jupiter changed your life by taking you away from negative situations because it created positive changes - when you THINK of all your Jupiter moments - THINKING of everything positive that's happened in your life is taking your mind away from negative-thinking into positive-thinking.


Thinking of your BIG Jupiter moments is taking you away from DEAD energies into making you feel ALIVE - and this is healing-your-Jupiter and re-activating your Jupiter.


Your mind is powerful - and - it's your choice what you do with it. Some people have a natural tendency to be gloomy and grumpy - but - everyone has the potential to be happy and optimistic - because - Jupiter exists.


And in the same way - you've forgotten the vast majority of things you've done and been thinking about in the 10 years - since - 2008 - is the same way that in the truthful picture of your life - the vast majority of things you think about - especially all the negative things in your life - you've forgotten and will forget.


Jupiter ensures you will ALWAYS remember the BIG POSITIVE moments. It works - because right now - you can immediately do it - and - it makes you feel ALIVE to think of your biggest and brightest moments of your life.



This Audio - for "Healing Your Jupiter - Part 2"

[20 mins audio]


Jupiter is the Biggest & Brightest

Jupiter defines the biggest and brightest moments of your life

Jupiter defines that there is at least 2 BIG moments every year


The fundamental basis for searching for answers on the internet and for searching for self-help "Healing" is because you believe - that you've got all the answers - you just want to know how to activate yourself. The belief that you can do it - the belief that you're searching and will find - is - Jupiter telling you to believe in it.


Astrologically - the past 7 years - 2010 => 2017 - haven't been easy for anyone - it's been difficult to heal and to believe - but the truth is you've survived and the reason you survived was because Jupiter made you BELIEVE in the future.


Between 2018 => 2026 - you'll see growth and changes. But to begin - you will need to BELIEVE in yourself - BELIEVE in Jupiter - and - that's defined by recognizing the truth of how kind Jupiter has been to you in the past - and - that Jupiter will be kind to you from now onwards.


Jupiter is a BRIGHT POSITIVE LIGHT - the biggest planet in our Solar System. All you need to do is stay connected to your Jupiter. Don't listen to other people's negativity - don't listen to grumpy people who say "it" isn't possible - don't listen to your negative thoughts.


Jupiter is like the Sunshine - there's plenty of Sunshine available to everyone on the planet - just because other people are hating the Sunshine should not be a reason for you to hate it. Just because "grumpy" people want to be grumpy - shouldn't define that you should be grumpy too.


Jupiter is talking to you - and - is saying that if something is WRONG in your life - then - something needs to change WITHIN you. You need to change the way you're thinking about life - and the BIGGEST change you can make is to STOP listening to negative thinking.


Jupiter says FREEDOM from negative situations - FREEDOM from negative people - Jupiter says STOP being connected to negative people - and then - by SETTING YOURSELF FREE FROM NEGATIVE PEOPLE - that's when you'll have SUCCESS.



Jupiter creates Freedom

Jupiter will set-you-free today

Jupiter is constantly creating Freedom from negative situations

Jupiter says - "that day you're waiting for - it can be today"!


The reason why you're believing in your future - the reason why you read astrology websites - is because deep-down inside you - you know and believe that sooner or later - something BIG and POSITIVE is going to happen in your life. Jupiter says - "that day you're waiting for - it can be today"!


The activation of Jupiter - means - you have to THINK of all your BIG Jupiter moments, talk about to your friends - if that will help you - make a voice-message audio recording to yourself to describe to yourself your BIG moment. Let yourself FEEL the positive energy of repeating the events and facts of the moment - and - as you talk to yourself.


The positive message Jupiter will give you - is - FREEDOM from negative thinking - FREEDOM says - "It's been done it before - you'll do it again" - and - "It's been done it before by other people - so you'll be able to do it too".



Jupiter defines Free-Gifts

Jupiter is constantly creating Freedom from negative situations

Jupiter creates BIG energies by giving you something for Free


The reason why you're naturally optimistic and looking forward to the future is because you know - sooner or later - something GOOD - something BIG - something EXCITING - something POSITIVE - something NEW will be happening in your life.


Jupiter is the biggest planet and in it's 12 year cycle through all the 12 StarSigns - defines - something BIG to happen for everyone. And as Jupiter touches all the planets in your astrological chart means that in every 12 years cycle - you should have at least 12 BIG moments of goodness.


Jupiter defines the word FREE and FREEDOM - as it creates a positive breakthrough in what would normally be a dead-boring life. Jupiter creates it's power of FREEDOM by giving you something for FREE.


Let me explain - there's a BIG difference when you buy something or when someone buys it for you. When you're given a gift by someone special to you - you will treasure that gift forever. If someone buys you an iPad or iPhone - they are GIVING you Jupiter energy. When you boyfriend or girlfriend buys you clothes to wear - and - you wear them - you're enhancing the Jupiter energy - because - you want the Jupiter energy to be activated in your life.


Jupiter requires you to say - THANK YOU - and - APPRECIATE them and their gifts forever. For example - if you were given a medal by the President or Queen - the fact it was awarded and given to you - even though you earned it - defines a BIG energy. You will APPRECIATE that moment you were awarded it forever and ever.


Jupiter is an UNFORGETTABLE BIG energy. Unfortunately, people are forgetful and ungrateful - so - an afflicted Jupiter that needs healing - needs you to remind yourself of the KINDNESS of everyone who has given you something for FREE. They gave it to you for FREE - to create a BIG change in your life. They did it to be manifestation of Jupiter in your life.


I should add - that even if whatever you've been given - has gone - been lost - been taken from you - you can still ACTIVATE the Jupiter energy - by thinking back - in hindsight - with appreciation and gratitude to everyone who gave you what they've given you - because they wanted to be manifestation of the BIG Jupiter gift in your life.



Jupiter wants you to be Positive

Ignore anyone who is Negative

When you're in the right place with the right people you become a different and positive person

When you're in the wrong place with the wrong people you're not yourself - as you become negative


The problem is the "internet" - you might be in a really good mood and really positive - then some idiot annoys you. That's merely as sign they aren't good for you. Jupiter defines self-control - IGNORE anyone who is negative.


All the cemeteries in all the world are filled with people who aren't alive today - and - so long as you're alive - ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE. All you have to do is BELIEVE in yourself - BELIEVE in your future.


You see - whilst grumpy negative-thinking people define the opposite of optimism - they are illogical thinking people - they're not very clever people - stupidity and ignorance are defined by CLOSED minds.


No scientists searching for a cure for Cancer would ever be "CLOSED" minded, ignorant or "STUPID". Scientists are optimists searching for answers because they BELIEVE they will find the answers.


Jupiter ensures that those who want to THINK positive can THINK positive - the more positive thinking you are - the more SUCCESS you will achieve. And the more positive thinking a person you become - the more instinctively you'll divorce and detach yourself from negative-thinking people.


Jupiter wants you to IGNORE and KEEP-AWAY from negative-thinking people. And if you've had a long period of negative-thinking in your life - and - it hasn't done you any good - then - Jupiter is saying - isn't it worth trying a CHANGE?



Jupiter has Set-You-Free in the past

Jupiter has saved your life

Jupiter is definition of Freedom - Jupiter has saved your life many times .....


Everytime in your life when you were potentially about to be trapped-into a bad situation - Jupiter was there to save-your-life - Jupiter has saved your life without you even realizing it. Sometimes - you don't even realize that Jupiter has saved your life - because something was avoided that you didn't realize how dangerous it was.


When parents see their children doing something dangerous or risky - they PANIC - with nervous anxiousness - because - they realize their child doesn't realize how dangerous it is what they're doing.


Likewise - when Jupiter sees you doing something dangerous or risky - Jupiter PANIC's - with nervous anxiousness - to get you to awakened and to ensure you save your own life.


Let me give you an example - which - having spoken to many readers - is so applicable to our generation. In relationships - which weren't really right for you - How many times have you nearly got pregnant or thought you were pregnant - [or thought your girl-friend was pregnant] - and - then comes RELIEF that it was simply a late-period.


That moment of PANIC and FEAR - is Jupiter telling you - this is something dangerous or risky - and - that you're with the WRONG person - because - the instinctive reaction afterwards is to END the relationship - because - Jupiter is telling you - this is the WRONG one.


Another example - how many flights have you been on - when the Pilot aborts the landing to "try-it-again" - because he felt it was unsafe to land. At the moment of danger or risk - PANIC with nervous anxiousness - is created to - activate your Jupiter into saving your life.


Another example - how many near-misses in your automobile you've had - when you were saved from injury and crashing your car. At the moment of danger or risk - you get a moment of PANIC with nervous anxiousness - that too is - Jupiter saving your life.


Jupiter reacts like a loving parent - seeing you in a dangerous situation and then saving you from catastrophe. Jupiter will always save you - Jupiter always creates a MIRACLE - and - hence it is essential to reflect-back on in hindsight to recognize - how lucky you've been throughout your whole life - because ONE mistake - ONE dangerous moment - your life would have been different.




"Afflicted and Blocked Jupiter"

How far-back is the problem?

When did the Jupiter blockage begin?

The source of everyone's current "Jupiter" blockage might be as far back as 2010 - When was the time you began to worry ?

For most people - your current negative situation probably began in 2011/2012 - or - 2015/2016 - now is time for healing it.


Instinctively - negative-thinking people never wants to try something NEW and POSITIVE - negative-thinking people would rather moan and complain - than attempt to try something NEW. All depressed negative-thinking people wants to trapped into their negativity. There's nothing you can do to help them - other than refuse to allow them to affect your life.


However, because of the astrological configuration in 2018 - 2019 - 2020 - means - even the negative-thinking people will have blockages unblocked - by - Jupiter in Scorpio from 10th October 2017 => 8th November 2018. When something that they've been moaning and complaining about vanishes - and for everyone else - Jupiter in Scorpio will ensure - something that's been a problem - ends.


And when it happens - it will prove that Jupiter is pure kindness - as it gives what it will be giving - eliminating specific problems from your life - to stop you from worrying about something you've been worrying about - and - to make you believe in yourself and in your future.



Jupiter is a Big Light

Jupiter is the biggest planet in our solar system - Jupiter is the biggest light in your life

When a huge light goes "ON" - during 2018 - you won't see the darkness anymore

Jupiter wants you to focus on the LIGHT - in order to obliterate the darkness forever.

Jupiter will ensure you stop panicking - stop worrying - Jupiter will set you free





2nd Definition of Jupiter

Your Possessions& Your Home

Jupiter defines Your identity and what you represent - Everything BIG in Your Life that's "Yours"

Jupiter defines everything you've got in your life - that is BIGGER than you

Jupiter is the physical reality - Your Home - Your Furniture - Your Automobile - Your internet identity



Jupiter makes "you" - appear to be - BIGGER than "you" are - that's because - as individuals - we all occupy and have more than our individuality. Let me show you by comparison the difference between human's and animals.


You have a home, a kitchen, dishes to cook with and eat food on, you have a bed to sleep in and chairs to sit on, you have numerous clothes, shoes and coats to wear, you've got bathroom and toilet, you've got a job - workplace to go to, you've got automobile and you've got people in your life - from all over the world who you connect with and you've got internet access too!


As a human - all these EXTRA'S you've got in your life - that - if you were an animal you wouldn't have is the definition of your Jupiter. Jupiter defines all your physical earthly possessions and defines your individual character that makes you larger than life itself.


Let me express it differently - when someone is JEALOUS of you - they're only jealous of what you've got - they're jealous of all your physical acquisitions you've got in your life. They aren't jealous of the intrinsic "you" - because - Jealousy defines they want to be themselves but they want everything you've got - they want your home, your possessions, your job, your money and your Jupiter.


But Jupiter is attached to you - your unique Jupiter is your Jupiter - so no-one can destroy your Jupiter - even they've stolen some of you. That's the truth - even if you've lost things in life, been damaged by others - or - someone has stolen them from you - Jupiter is your Jupiter which means - you can always get your life back again.


Jupiter is like your own physical body - and - much more - as your Jupiter defines only YOU know how big and positive you felt everytime you achieved and acquired something BIG in your life. Others - especially rotten, negative, evil-eyed and jealous people can't take-away the experiences you've had. The BIG Jupiter moments sit in your aura and mind forever.


More than likely the reason for your recent "grumpy" and "negative" attitude - which needs healing - is that you've had things in your past - which you've lost. Healing-Your-Jupiter means the Jupiter energy is there in your aura - all you have to do is RESET and RESTORE yourself to being yourself. Think BIG - and - it becomes BIG.


When you THINK BACK to all the things you've had in your life - that's a lot of BIG energy. Think back to all the BIG moments you've had - the BIG things you've owned and acquired - the BIG things you've achieved - you did it - because your Jupiter made it happen for you.



Open Your Eyes and Look at Everything in Your Life

Jupiter defines everything you've got in your life - that's BIGGER than your physical body

Jupiter is all the physical things you've got - Your Home - Your Furniture - Your Automobile - even - Your internet identity


Jupiter makes "you" - appear to be - BIGGER than you are - depending on how much you've got and how big it makes you look to others. Often other people - always - see you BIGGER than you see yourself. Other people look at your home - and - think what a big apartment.


Healing your Jupiter - means - looking at your own life - look at everything you've got and go "WOW" - being impressed by everything you've had in your life - everything you've acquired - everything you've done that was BIG and that is BIG - and - by everything you have in your life today - and - then re-energize "it" all with your Jupiter energy.


Jupiter energies are all around you - but - you need to OPEN your own eyes to see what you've got. I'm sure you remember "life" without what you've got today - and - "life" without what you've had in your past.


The fact that you've had "it" - means - your mind believes you can do "it" again. You can get "it" back. And more than likely - the ONLY reason why you lost it - was because you were moaning and complaining. Life has been teaching you a lesson of appreciating what you've got in your life and how lucky you are.



You'll never complain about anything you love

The truth is humans like to complain - complaining is another way of saying - you don't want it in your life


When people complain about the "weather" - they're saying they want better "weather". When people complain about any facet of life - they're saying they don't want the life they've got. They're emitting negativity to the world that they want a change. So life listens and prepares to make a change. People who truthfully love the gift of life - never waste energy complaining about anything.


During the past 7 years - you've had something in your life that you don't want anymore - whatever "it" is - you've been thinking about it because life has made you think about "it" - you've decided - you can't take "it" anymore in your life - the request for change has been sent - and soon you'll get the answer.


If your request is NEGATIVE - then the manifestation will be LOOSING "it". If your request is POSITIVE - then the manifestation is achieving "it". Jupiter is creating FREEDOM from negativity - FREEDOM from fears - FREEDOM from badness - Jupiter in 2018 will get people attached to whatever is your positive desire and definition of FREEDOM for you.



This Audio - for "Healing Your Jupiter - Part 3"

[11 mins audio]



Jupiter is healed when you love life

Jupiter wants you to say "thank you"

Jupiter has given everyone in the whole world lots of things to say "thank you" for - Jupiter creates lots of reasons to love life

But the karmic affliction - the karmic reason why people are born with ingratitude - is their souls are ungrateful for the gift of life


The only way to get Jupiter healed is to say "thank you" and "love-life". Many ungrateful people are moan and complain that they've got nothing to be grateful for - they've got no reasons to "love-life". The truth is that they've had reasons - but - all "they" did was moan and complain - so - life left them.


In the same way people created their own negativity and "grumpy" ungrateful attitude to life - is the same way that everyone can create their own positive attitude to life - by being HAPPY and full of gratitude for the gift of life. All Jupiter wants to hear you say - is - "THANK YOU for the gift of life" - "Thank you - thank you - thank you".


The more you say "thank you" - the more Jupiter will be activated. It's like the Sunshine - the more you love the Sunshine - the happier you are on a Sunny-day. The more you love being HAPPY with the gift of your life - the more happiness can come into your life. No-one wants a relationship with a "grumpy" person - everyone wants a relationship with a "happy" person.



Jupiter is Pure Goodness & Kindness

Jupiter is generous and kind - Jupiter is compassionate - Jupiter should be like either one of or both your parents


Whenever you're in a naturally genuine good mood - you always love all the people in your life. You don't think of - you can't think of the negative people - because - Jupiter defines GOOD MOOD = GOOD PEOPLE = GOOD LUCK - HAPPINESS.


So you simply can't be connected to BAD people when you're happy. It's like you can't go to a funeral - dressed for a wedding - and you can't go to a wedding dressed for a funeral. Jupiter says - make a positive the choice to be HAPPY and POSITIVE.


When you wear BRIGHT colored clothes - you attract people to look at you. When your aura and attitude to life is BRIGHT - then you attract goodness into your life. When life is kind to you - when the people in your life are kind to you - then automatically - you are kind to others. Jupiter ensures that become like Jupiter - BRIGHT and POSITIVE - especially when life is being kind to you.


Now, as you've read this page - now implement it. I'd suggest forget all the other planets - CONCENTRATE on your Jupiter for the next 30 days - and - that means - beginning with your home - appreciate everything you've got - all the clothes in your closet - all the food in your kitchen - all the items of furniture - appreciate all the goodness you've had in your life.


Do this NON-STOP - for next 30 days of your life - day and night - as you wake-up and go to sleep - as you walk in the street and appreciate all that you see - all you've had - and - all you've got in your life.


Yes - let yourself be manifestation of Jupiter for the world to see. There are more than enough grumpy miserable people in the world - moaning and complaining - the world doesn't need you to be one too. Be the Jupiter - and - you'll see how HUGE it will transform your life.





Jupiter says "You can do it"

Saturn says "You can't do it"

If Jupiter is saying "You can do it" - then Saturn is saying "You can't do it"

If your Jupiter blockage is bad - then you've been listening too much to Saturn


The correct combination of Jupiter and Saturn - creates a balance of

doing what's right for you and avoiding what's wrong for you




Weak Jupiter or Strong Jupiter

Strength or Weakness of Your Mars & Jupiter

defines "employed" or "self-employed"

Some people need other people to help them - Some people can do it themselves

Your Mars will define - if you can do "it" yourself - or - whether you need help to do "it"

Mars defines that either - turn-yourself-on - OR - do you need someone to turn-you-on ?


The easiest way for me to explain Weak Mars or Strong Mars / Weak or Strong Jupiter is to define how you earn your money. There are some people who naturally make their money by being self-employed - because their Mars - combined with their Jupiter - says - don't worry - you'll have money and have business.


Self-employed people have a natural tendency to have CONFIDENCE in life - that - everything will be alright and that their ability to work hard - means - they will always make money. BUT - people who are inclined to WORRY - means - they have to work for someone - they have to be employed. This does NOT define a weak character - it merely defines their Mars.


A strong Mars - is strong confidence that everything is going to be alright - and - because you believe it - because you know it - it is. Whereas people who worry - need OTHER people to tell them it's going to be alright - because unless SOMEONE else supports them and tells them - they don't believe it themselves. It's not that "some" are better than others - merely - "some" have got a stronger Mars.


I've defined Mars - as either Male or Female Mars - Employed or Self-Employed - to express your Mars nature. You see - "some" people are best suited working for themselves because they are always busy and motivated - but - "some" people cannot work for themselves and need to take instructions from others.


Mars defines the way you earn your money - the way your life is energized. That's why - even people who are in business or self-employed - whilst Mars keeps you busy and gives you energy - it is - your hope and optimism created by Jupiter - and/or - your responsibilities and sense of duty created by Saturn - that creates success and brings you the money you need.




Audio's for Healing-Your-Jupiter

I've created the following audio's on this page - for - Healing your Jupiter




[1] Audio - for "Introduction to Healing Your 3 planets of - Mars - Jupiter - Saturn" [15 mins audio]


[2] Audio - for "Jupiter Defines the Big Positive Moments of your Life" - Healing Your Jupiter [16 mins audio]


[3] Audio - for "Healing Your Jupiter - Part 2" [20 mins audio]


[4] Audio - for "Healing Your Jupiter - Part 3 " [11 mins audio]




Whenever Nothing is Happening

Whilst the inner planets constantly activate your mind, communication, desires and your heart ....

Whenever NOTHING is happening in your life - the affliction is - your disconnection to - Mars - Jupiter - Saturn

Mars defines whenever you haven't got money to live - to eat - to survive - then Mars needs Activating and Healing

Jupiter defines something for BIG and FREE - hence - whenever life is not being kind to you - then Jupiter needs Healing

Saturn defines destined place to live - destined relationships - and - protection from negativity




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