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The Spiritual Writings of the Spiritual Astrologer יהונתן וואקסמאן


Healing Your Mars

Whenever Nothing is Happening

Whilst the inner planets constantly activate your mind, communication, desires and your heart ....

Whenever NOTHING is happening in your life - the affliction is - your disconnection to - Mars - Jupiter - Saturn

Whenever you haven't got money to live - to eat - to survive - then Mars needs Activating and Healing


The 3 outer planets define your EXTERNAL world - Mars defines what you need to live - and - you attract Mars into your life - because you need it to survive and to live. Mars is fact of life - FOOD - CLOTHES - ESSENTIALS - HOME - BED - everything you need for your body to function and for you to survive.


Without - Mars - you wouldn't survive - you'd be DEAD or HOMELESS - The planet Mars has two moons - which Astrologers define as positive and negative power of Mars - either - power to do something out of FEAR for not being able to live and survive - or - doing something because of a positive STRONG DETERMINATION that you want it because you know you need it.


When you're born and until you stand-on-your own financially - then - your Mars energies are your parents, grandparents or whoever is looking after you to give you FOOD and SHELTER. People who don't work for a living - and - living from social benefits - are like children who are living-from their parents energies. Old people and retired people who are dependant on others - have lost their Mars.


In countries where if you don't work - then you don't survive - are actually healthier for activating Mars than affluent countries or wealthy people who have no Mars determination to work hard. The need and the necessity to work in order to survive is Mars. Mars - says - you can't live without it - you must do it - in order to survive. If, however, you can survive without working - then your Mars is asleep.



Energizing your Aura begins from Within You

Whilst the inner planets constantly activate your mind, communication, desires and your heart ....

Whenever NOTHING is happening in your life - the affliction is - your disconnection to - Mars - Jupiter - Saturn

The outer planets of Mars - Jupiter - Saturn - are - the planets that creates your external world - activity and events


The 4 important INNER planets - [1] Your SunSign - [2] Your Mercury - [3] Your Venus and [4] Your Moon. All 4 INNER planets work in sync with each other to ensure "you" are constantly being kept on the right pathway for "you" - all define - the mechanics of your mind and your heart - your ability to think - your ability to love - your communicative connectivity to whoever and whatever life connects you to - your desires and wishes - and - your energy that is WITHIN you.


INNER planets - define - your computer system - that is programmed to do what you want it to do - to react the way you want it to react - instinctively and in-sync with whatever you feel is right or wrong for you. I've explained that - YOU - are the only person in the world who can "turn-yourself" - ON / OFF - to think, to feel and desire.


The 3 visible outer planets of - Mars - Jupiter - Saturn - define the reasons you've got everything you've got in your life - everything EXTERNAL to your individuality - is defined by - the cohesive forces of the Mars - Jupiter - Saturn - that ensure - you have everything you've got in your life - and - will always ensure you have everything you need to SURVIVE and to LIVE your life.


From the moment you've been born to the moment you'll die - all the food you eat - all the clothes you wear - all the people you'll meet - all the homes you'll live in - bed's you'll sleep in - the furniture you own - the items you buy - the gifts you're given - every person you meet in your life whom you have a relationship with - EVERYTHING PHYSICAL IN YOUR LIFE - ARE - ALL DEFINED BY the POWER OF - MARS - JUPITER - SATURN.


The problem is - many people - are blind to see what they've got - and - forget to be grateful for everything they've had - everything they've got - and - hence INGRATITUDE and BEING BLIND to everything you've got in your life - has blocked the power of - MARS - JUPITER - SATURN.


MARS - JUPITER - SATURN - are willing and ready to GIVE you - at any moment you want - what you need and want - but - you need to wake-up and realize the power of each of these 3 planets - and - energize them in your life. Once you've re-connected their power to your life - then your life will get moving again.


I use the word - RECONNECTED - because - whenever your life was moving-forwards - then - you were connected. Whenever your life went into STAGNANT mode - "nothing-happening" mode - "dead-boring" mode - was when you DISCONNECTED yourself from the power of these 3 planets.


Healing your Mars - Healing your Jupiter - Healing your Saturn - is easy - when you comprehend - what each planet defines - and - when you RECONNECT yourself to the power of each planet. For it is a fact-of-life - you've been connected - but - at moments of your life when NOTHING happens - means - you've become DISCONNECTED.




This Audio - for "Introduction to Healing Your 3 planets of - Mars - Jupiter - Saturn"


Mars - Jupiter - Saturn

Mars - Jupiter - Saturn - define - the reasons why - you've got everything you've got in your life

why you've had everything in your life - and - why you'll get everything you're going to get in your life


The 3 visible outer planets of - Mars - Jupiter - Saturn - define the reasons you've got everything you've got. Let me explain - the inner planets of Sun, Mercury & Venus - combined with the Moon - define - your character - your feelings - your thoughts - the things you love in your life and desires - that's all INTERNAL.


Mars - Jupiter - Saturn - define your external world - everything you've experienced - everything you've acquired - everything you've been given in your life - is - external - sometimes you have got "it" - and - sometimes you will loose "it" - because life wants to move your life into a new phase.


Each new phase of your life - you're surrounded by - a new set of - Mars - Jupiter - Saturn - energies. Sometimes you get to keep the specific entities - sometimes you must give-them-back - and - then you acquire a new set of circumstances - sometimes you get enticed into something new before you give-away your current circumstances.


Everything you have in your life - that you're attached to - and - that "other" people and life calls - "YOURS" - is acquired and given to you by the 3 outer planets of Mars - Jupiter - Saturn. Hence, whenever you've lost something that's "YOURS" - then you can re-acquire it or an alternative - because life will give it to you in the form of Mars - Jupiter - Saturn - when you reconnect and reactivate yourself.



Mars defines Doing Something

Mars says you can't avoid it

Mars says - you cannot avoid doing what you must do - in order to survive

There's been an avoidance-affliction and doing-nothing - going back as far as to the year 2011


Mars defines physical movement - and - that includes - every single aspect of movement - including - typing an email with your fingers on your iPhone. Mars says - when you do anything physical - you should get a result. Mars is honest energy.


Mars says you need to live and exist - you need money and food - you need a home to live in - and - if you've got a problem that any aspect of your existence is damaged or threatened - then Mars says - you must deal with it immediately.


Unfortunately, in our generation - and - due to the astrological configuration - there's been an affliction going back as far as to the year 2011 when Uranus entered Aries - and for some readers as far-back as 2002/2003 when Uranus entered Pisces - of - AVOIDANCE in dealing with the problem.


From now onwards in the year 2018 - [in fact it began in December 2017] - everyone is facing the specific problem - and - now is the time for solving it and healing it - because the planets are all ensuring - everyone will solve it.


In the next 3 years - 2018 - 2019 - 2020 - your lives will be dramatically improved because you will deal with "it" - solve "it" - heal "it" - and - once "it" is healed - and - once you're back on-track - then - you're on the right pathway for the rest of your lives.


In fact - the biggest changes of putting you back-on-track will be - between April => September 2018 - because you will see at least one specific facet of the pathway you're on is wrong for you - because - it is either a waste of energy - waste of time - meaningless and useless to your existence.


Recognizing that "some" specific facet of your life is wrong - is - as important - if not more important than - finding the solution. More than likely - you will see - with truthful clarity - that something you've done between 2011 => 2017 - has defined - you've gone along the wrong pathway - a mistake has been made - you've been distracted - and - you need to be put-back on the right pathway - by eliminating that specific facet of your life - by detaching yourself from that "waste-of-energy".


I should say - that - this applies to EVERYONE - Uranus in Aries between 2011 => 2017 - created INSTABILITY by enticing and making people - make mistakes - in order to see the truth of what is right and wrong - because as humans - we only know what's RIGHT for us - when we experience something that is WRONG for us.



Mars defines Right and Wrong

Mars defines "yes" or "no"

Mars says - "Everything you do with your life is defined as - Right or Wrong - Good for you - or - Bad for you"


Recognizing that "some" facet of your life is wrong - is - as important - if not more important than finding the solution. Mars is an honest energy - Mars is the essential energy for your survival and existence. So if you're wasting the life-energy - Mars will stop you.


For example - if you're eating something that is UNHEALTHY for you - Mars will create illness or allergy to ensure you STOP eating it. If you're consuming too much sugar, alcohol etc etc - anything that is damaging your HEALTH - then - Mars will say you must STOP. If you're doing something useless with your life - then Mars will STOP you from doing it.


Mars gives you life-energy in order to live life - Mars doesn't give it to you to waste. Mars says "yes" or "no" - Mars never says "maybe". Hence - as you become aware of Mars in your life - you'll become clear and honest - defined by everything in your life as a "yes" or "no".


Mars might appear to be ruthless or cold-hearted - but - Mars is honest. When you walk into grocery store - and - ignore lots of products - you're not being mean to the products - you're merely saying the honest truth that you don't want to eat them - so you won't buy them.


Mars ensures you focus on - you connect with - you feel alive and energetic - by being connected to - everything that gives you life-energy - and - avoid everything that is useless and draining your energy. Mars will ensure you do what you're supposed to be doing - because - you're ignoring everything useless to your life - Mars ensures you don't get distracted.



Mars says focus - don't get distracted

Mars makes "it" a problem that you must deal with "it" - Mars will ensure you focus on "it" - until "it" is solved

Mars creates the instinctive plan for you to solve your problem - the answers are all within you


The astrological configuration - due to Uranus in Aries 2011 => 2018 - means - that anything you've been distracted by - which - Saturn didn't protect you from - means - life has allowed in situations that have been a useless waste of time, which have been distracting you.


That's changed with Saturn in Capricorn since 21st December 2017 - as Saturn in Capricorn is ensuring - you're protected from and disconnected from - anyone and anything that's not right for you. This will be enhanced when Uranus - planet that's been creating instability since 2011 in Aries - will move into Taurus from 15th May 2018.


The change in the other outer planets means that - MARS will be 100% PURE, HONEST, STRONG and DETERMINED to create SUCCESS in your life in 2018 - 2019 - 2020 - by ensuring you no longer waste time nor energy on anyone or anything that is not meaningful to your life.


Let's be honest - we have all WASTED time doing something - between 2011 => 2017 - because we've been distracted, enticed, deceived or tempted to do something - that's because - life wanted us to be tempted into making a mistake - in order to learn from the mistake.


And the proof it was a WASTE OF TIME is - that - "it" is no longer in your life - "it" came into your life - and - "it" has gone. "It" was the definition of "instability" for you. You've learnt your lesson - and - Mars is saying - "STOP" - get-back to living the life you're supposed to live - STOP wasting time - FOCUS on what is truly important to you.



This Audio - for "Don't Worry - Don't Panic" - Healing Your Mars

[16 mins audio]


Mars creates the "problem"

With Immediate Urgency

Mars ensures your continual survival - by - making you need - as a matter of urgency something of importance

Mars makes "it" a problem that you must deal with "it" - immediately and urgently - as it will affect your survival


The reason I'm explaining "Healing-your-Mars" - and - the reason you're reading it - is because you KNOW that you've got a problem - because - everyone has got a specific problem - defined by either or all of these planets - Mars - Jupiter - Saturn - which is needing to be solved - and - which has to be solved.


"It" is making you feel that "it" is an emergency - that - you need to do "it". That's because - everyone has avoided and neglected something in the past 3-7 years - and - the astrological configuration is now ensuring - "it" gets solved and healed.


Whatever "it" is - that's bothering you - that's worrying you - that's affecting you - "it" is going to get solved. And my job as your astrologer is to say - FOCUS - and - DON'T WORRY or DON'T PANIC.


When you go to your Dr - with an ache or pain - the Dr always says - - DON'T WORRY its' going to be alright. When you're in mid-flight and there's stormy turbulence - the Pilot will announce - DON'T WORRY or DON'T PANIC - put your seatbelts on.



Mars creates a instinctive "plan"

to solve your problem

Mars ensures your continual survival - by - making you need - as a matter of urgency something of importance

Mars makes "it" a problem that you must deal with "it" - Mars creates the instinctive plan for you to solve your problem


Mars will reveal to you that you have a PROBLEM in real life - that - needs you to deal with it. And whilst in the past 3-7 years you might have been tempted to AVOID the problem - or - find a short-term solution - in - 2018 - Mars is saying - you need to fix the problem for now and forever.


In the past 3-7 years - you might have said - it's not that important nor urgent - so you "thought" about "it" - but didn't really concentrate nor focus on "it" - and - you didn't really solve the problem. In 2018 - life will ensure - you can't avoid it anymore - and through your power of determination and persistence - because in 2018 - you're really determined to do something about "it" - you will SUCCEED in solving your problem.


Whenever you've had a PROBLEM in your life - whenever something has FRIGHTENED you - and - WORRIED you - that is Mars - awakening you to the PROBLEM. It is not there to annoy you - it is there to ensure you FOCUS on it and have a breakthrough.


Let me remind you on childhood - when you look at a baby - a 1-2 year old baby sees everyone walking on two-feet - so the baby wants to walk like everyone. The day - the baby ATTEMPTS to get up and - ATTEMPTS to begin to walk is the day of the breakthrough.


The day - you ATTEMPT to try something NEW is the beginning of your breakthrough - people who do nothing - people who don't even ATTEMPT to begin to try - can't get the breakthrough. Mars ensures you see the problem - with - the urge to ATTEMPT to solve the problem - the energy to begin to change your situation and then it ensures you solve your problem.



Mars says every problem has a solution

Mars never ever says "give-up" - Mars says - "Every problem has a solution"

Mars will ensure the energy you need will be unlocked from within you when you've found the solution


Everytime you think about "giving-up" - you should know - that Mars is hating you for that attitude. Mars will create FRUSTRATION and inner ANGER inside you - for every though you have of "Giving-Up" - because - Mars says - NEVER GIVE UP.


Even if a situation seems logically impossible - Mars says - DO NOT GIVE UP - Mars says - NEVER EVER GIVE UP . A fighting-spirit is defined by having an activated Mars - people who give-up are people who have an afflicted Mars. Let me compare it to having-a-heart - Mars says - so long as your heart is beating - so long as you're alive - you can do it - you must do it - and - you will do it.


Mars says - when you're determined - that's when you will you get the solution and answers - Mars will give you the power to do what you need to do - and - when you've found the Mars - Mars will ensure you get all the energy you need to succeed. The only thing you need to do to begin is - TO BE DETERMINED - to find the solution to your problem.



Avoidance of Mars

How far-back is the problem?

When did the Mars problem begin?

The source of your current "Mars" problem is as far back as 2011

Many people - naturally avoid listening to Mars - until - it becomes an emergency

Astrologically every 2 years - Mars will ensure the problem repeats itself - until it is completely solved


Technically - Mars - should solve your problems - every two years. Nothing should be allowed to be afflicted or blocked. However, due to Uranus in Aries 2011=>2018 - with Saturn in Scorpio 2012 => 2015 & Saturn in Sagittarius 2015 => 2017 - everyone - has had a blockage that has NOT been solved.


Whatever "it" is that is UNSTABLE in your life - whatever "it" is that is WORRYING you - whatever "it" is that is preventing you from living life - because "it" is making you WORRIED or NERVOUS - that is the Mars problem which needs solving. More than likely - if "it" is bothering and annoying you - "it" has been bothering and annoying you since March 2011.


As soon as you realize what "It" is - is all you need to solve "It". That's because - 1st stage of - Healing Your Mars - means - awareness of the Mars problem - people who avoid the problem - are blocking their potential to solving the problem. When you realize what "Mars" is repeatedly saying to you - then - you can Heal Your Mars.




This Audio - for "Self-Employed or Employed - either - a Male of Female Mars"

Healing Your Mars [16 mins audio ]


Weak Mars or Strong Mars

Mars defines "employed" or "self-employed"

Some people need other people to help them - Some people can do it themselves

Your Mars will define - if you can do "it" yourself - or - whether you need help to do "it"

Mars defines that either - turn-yourself-on - OR - do you need someone to turn-you-on ?


The easiest way for me to explain Weak Mars or Strong Mars is to define how you earn your money. There are some people who naturally make their money by being self-employed - because their Mars - combined with their Jupiter and Saturn - says - don't worry - you'll have money and have business.


Self-employed people have a natural tendency to have CONFIDENCE in life - that - everything will be alright and that their ability to work hard - means - they will always make money. BUT - people who are inclined to WORRY - means - they have to work for someone - they have to be employed. This does NOT define a weak character - it merely defines their Mars.


A strong Mars - is strong confidence that everything is going to be alright - and - because you believe it - because you know it - it is. Whereas people who worry - need OTHER people to tell them it's going to be alright - because unless SOMEONE else supports them and tells them - they don't believe it themselves. It's not that "some" are better than others - merely - "some" have got a stronger Mars.


I've defined Mars - as either Male or Female Mars - Employed or Self-Employed - to express your Mars nature. You see - "some" people are best suited working for themselves because they are always busy and motivated - but - "some" people cannot work for themselves and need to take instructions from others.


Mars defines the way you earn your money - the way your life is energized. That's why - even people who are in business or self-employed - whilst Mars keeps you busy and gives you energy - it is - your hope and optimism created by Jupiter - and/or - your responsibilities and sense of duty created by Saturn - that creates success and brings you the money you need.



Strong Mars or Weak Mars

There are TWO types of people with respect to Mars ......


[1] Strong Mars - people who are constantly pushing forwards - people who are constantly working hard - with aggression - with determination - with force - with physical actions - and without distractions. These people make whatever they're doing the most important urgent facet of their lives - they will make it a matter of impatient urgency - and - won't accept anything or anyone that gets in their way - like a non-stop freight-train on a pathway.


[2] Weak and afflicted Mars - people who find it difficult to work-hard for themselves, or people who are naturally LAZY - or - people who always seem to need others to help support them. Typical signs of afflicted Mars are giving-up easily - depending on others - leaving things to the "last" minute - or - people who feel they can't do "it" - so they fall-back on others to save and rescue them.


You see - as a child - every child depends on their parents - but some" lazy and Mars-afflicted people - refusing to grow-up - depend on other people to "look-after" them for adulthood too. However, even people with weak and afflicted Mars have moments when they PANIC and get motivated out of FEAR - because - Mars is trying to connect with everyone with it's energy - the energy of urgency to do something.



Signs to know if you've got either

Strong Mars or Weak Mars


Signs of either - Strong Mars or Weak Mars - are you impatient - do you panic - are you physically working-hard or lazy. Mars is physical - Mars is active - Mars is constant driving force - Mars is determined you survive - and - get what you need to survive.


If you know you need something - but - push-it-off for another day - then your urgency isn't strong enough. When you absolutely NEED something - Mars ensures you get "it" immediately - because makes it an urgent emergency.


When was the last time - you really panicked - because you really needed to do something - because - it was urgent and an emergency. When was the last time - you worried about money - that it forced you to do something about earning money.


Those of you - prior to working in your current job - prior to getting the job - you had MARS moments - when you knew it was urgent for you to achieve and get the job - because you needed the money to live.


Now - let me explain the problem in some countries - in Western-World - due to - Social and government benefits - Food stamps - etc - means there's no immediate urgency to work or earn money to survive for some people - because they can fall-back onto someone who will take-care of them.


But in countries where - if you don't work - you don't have money - then you don't have any FOOD to survive - it becomes an emergency to survive. The same applies to young adults who depend on their parents finances - they're not activating their Mars.


Hence, I sometimes suggest to readers who want to activate their Mars - try - a few hours when you don't eat food - because HUNGER PAINS when you go without food hurts a lot - and - your Mars will be telling you - you need to EAT to survive - it's an emergency.


Or - go and see how the poorest and homeless people are living - Mars will show you the URGENCY to have what you need to live - so that you don't become poor and homeless. Mars will not allow anyone to be lazy. If you don't feel any sense of URGENCY about doing anything - then your Mars is not activated.


Now, I should say that women in relationships - where the Man is the bread-winner - then you still have Mars energies - except your Mars is defined by House-work - keeping your home clean - cooking and preparing food to feed your family. Your Mars - whilst given to your man - is now - working in partnership with him to provide what your family needs to survive. However, it isn't as strong as the person who is earning the money.


Even "children" who are depending on their parents to feed them - all parents teach their children to earn what life gives them by being good - doing what they're told - studying in school - behaving good - keeping a clean bedroom - all preparations for adulthood. Mars ensures - everyone does something physical in order to live and survive.



Mars creates Anxious Nervous Panic

Or - Mars creates lots of Energy

Mars is adrenalin - the chemical in your body - that pushes you - that unlocks more energy for you to succeed.


Mars - is the power to do something in your life out of anxious panic, nervousness and FEAR for not being able to live and survive - it creates anxious nervousness making you feel it's life or death situation - OR - Mars makes you do something because of a positive STRONG DETERMINATION that you want it because you know you need it.


More often than not - Mars - creates anxiousness, nervousness and panic - in order to awaken people to do something important. People who take the "don't care attitude" - are missing the point of Mars - because Mars actually wants each of us to care about our lives - in order for everyone to do something about making positive things happen.


Let me give you a few examples - when there's a power-outage - everyone is desperately waiting for the power to come-back on. Some people will be panicking more than others - some people will be working hard to fix it - whilst others will be doing nothing.


Depending on how much it is interfering with your life - defines - how panicky you'll get. If you're fast-asleep - then you won't careless; if you're working at your computer and lost all power - then you've lost all the work you were doing if you didn't save it; if you're stuck in an elevator - you'd probably have a big panic attack.


The stronger Mars is speaking to you - the more life will awaken you - the more life wants you to do something about your current situation - the more you will get the nervous panicky energy to do something about it. The purpose of nervous "panic" is in order to ensure you survive and SUCCEED.


The older you get - the more you'll stop the "panic" and "nervous" energy - and - use the Mars energies to grow, work-hard and succeed - but if - at any stage of your life - life needs you to do MORE than you're doing - it will use Mars to create "panic" and "frustration" to activate you to doing something.



This Audio - for "Mars is Honest Truth - Goodness"

Healing Your Mars [17 mins audio ]



Definition of Mars

Mars will not allow Laziness

Mars defines getting "something for doing something"

Mars is the Physical Activity in your life - Mars wants you to be physically active for your essence - health - survival

Mars defines getting "something for doing something" - an exchange of energies that sustains your life


Mars is the planet of physical activity - pure and simple - hence - if you're not physically moving your body - then your Mars is afflicted - and - you've got a blockage that needs unblocking. Mars in masculine sense of libido - sexual energy - means - you need to be turned-on - heart-beating faster than normal - for - strength of libido - the stronger you are - the more power you feel - the more ALIVE you feel - and - the more chance of creating a new life.


Mars is life-giving energy - which means - it will give you life-energy if you're physically active - and - it will give you nothing if you're doing nothing. Mars will "turn-you-on" to be driven to want to live life. People who have strong sex-drives - are merely being awakened by Mars to do something with their lives.


But - being turned-on and doing nothing is a complete waste of Mars energies. Mars defines getting "something for doing something" - whereas - Mars afflictions defines laziness of wanting "something for doing nothing" - Mars says - you cannot get "something for nothing".



Mars - Your Heart - Blood Circulation

Mars wants Physical Movement

Mars defines movement in your life - Your Heart creates your Circulation

People who are doing nothing have bad circulation - Physical exercise and movement is defined by Mars


When you realize the truth of what Mars is saying that - you cannot get "something for nothing" - it is not punishing you - it is actually saving your life - because - Mars wants to make you healthy - Mars wants to keep you physically active.


Hence - all modern automatic gadgets that are making people lazy - such - as home-shopping grocery deliveries - are preventing you from being active and going to the shops yourself. Even getting into your automobile instead of walking - is detracting from the Mars experience - because - Mars says - the energy you put into something is the energy you get out of it. Mars is an exchange of energies.


Therefore - whenever you say - "Nothing is Happening" in your life - means - there's no physical movement - your physical body is not doing anything - which - blocks your Heart from having healthy vibrant circulation.


Don't you feel healthier when you're physically - on-the-move - even when you're merely cleaning your apartment - the physical exhaustion is healthy for you. Physical stagnation is killing your aura. Physical movement is bringing you back-to-life.



Mars wants Physical Movement

Mars is reliable and honest ...

When your Mars is activated because your physical body is moving - then you get Mars to help you - Mars won't help lazy people


Mars says - if you are not physically moving - then - nothing will happen for you - Mars is honest - if you're physically moving - if you're moving - and - your heart is beating faster because of the physical movement and energy your physical body is creating - then Mars will be activated.


If you're lazy and if you're in "sleep" mode - that is technically you're awake but your physical body appears to be doing NOTHING - then your Mars is "dead". Mars is honest - so - when you've activated your physical body into ACTION - when your physical body is working and moving - then - Mars unlocks it's energy - and - then life can give you the essential things you need to live.


If you're lazy and can't be bothered "moving" your physical body - then Mars won't help you. This is one of the reasons why instinctively when you're sitting at your office-desk and nothing is happening - you will instinctively go-out for 10 mins - or - walk around - to facilitate your Mars - to become awakened - and - to enable something to happen.



Physical Movement - Loving "It"

Lazy people hate going for walks - hate physical exercise - defines an afflicted and blocked Mars

Mars says it will make you lucky and successful - if you're physical - energetic - love walking - and - love jogging !

All successful businesses - especially I.T. companies - realize working out and gym are essential to healthy mind


Mars is linked to blockages. Mars is linked to depression. Mars is linked to failure. Hence - to be UNBLOCKED - to be alive and happy - to be successful - you need an active physical life - and - you need to love being physically active.


The more you love being alive - the more you actually love the physical movement - the more you're activating your Mars - and - the more you're healing your Mars - to be successful. When you've got an activated Mars - you know it - because your whole body feels it.


I will share with you a secret - whilst I go for walks 3-4 times a day - most importantly I go for a quick jog in the early morning at 6am - even before I update the website - before I begin the day - and - it sets-me-free - opens my aura - and - makes me feel alive. It wasn't easy when I first tried it - I was really dizzy - proving how dead-stagnant my aura was - but I tell you it works. Try it - even for 5 mins.


At School and college - P.E. - Physical Education is taught - instinctively some children love it - some hate it - the natural instinct you have to P.E. will define the health of your Mars or affliction. If you've been lazy - then - now is the time to heal your Mars - become active - if you want your Mars to become active - if you want what Mars has to offer - life-vitality, success, sex and money !



Libido - Sex-drive - Loving "It"

Mars defines physical energy - Mars defines libido - sex drive - desires for love

The more Mars is active - the more you want to live life - the more you love life

Everyone loves "sex" - Everyone should love physical activity - Everyone should love to work


Let's be honest - everyone in the world - loves sex. Even on your own - your sex-drive is your libido awakening you to feel alive. Mars is activated when your sex-drive is working. But instead of scattering your energies everywhere - it is much healthier directing your energy to energizing your whole aura.


The desire of sex should not be a replacement for relationships - it should be encouraging you to want the right relationship. Even so - the daily - Mars sexual energy you feel is incoming libido energy that is a gift from Mars - to make you feel alive.


Whenever you're not interested in sex - your Mars is afflicted - and you need healing with energy of desires for wanting "some". Mars is a 2-year cyclical energy which means during some Mars transits of certain starsign's you might not be as "turned-on" as others - but you should always recognize the starsign's when - Mars is giving it to you - your libido to make you want life. The purpose of which is to make you healthy - to keep your circulation healthy - to keep you feeling alive.



Activating Your Mars - Money

Mars defines your physical existence - the life-energy you need in order to live


The astrology of Mars - says that at MAJOR and important moments of your life - when destiny needs you to work at specific jobs doing specific things with your life - you will change your workplace - but Mars - always says - everyone needs to be active.


And hence, sometimes - especially for people who've got a weak Mars or dormant Mars - Mars will put a person under constant financial pressure - UNTIL - you have the breakthrough in Mars. All Mars is asking you to do is to be physically ACTIVE. Mars is pushing and forcing you to realize that it needs activated.


Mars is fair - Mars pays you for the work you do. All you have to do is WANT to work. Unfortunately, there's a culture amongst "some" people who want "something for nothing" - and - people who don't want to work. They stay indoors and don't want to do anything - they don't want to do any physical exercise, don't want to go to work, don't want to do anything. That's something that will be changing for "them" - either after 2020 for one group of people and after 2024 for everyone else.


In the meantime - Healing your Mars - is your freewill choice - do you want an active and healthy Mars - do you want to be successful - do you want to be healthy - then - get physical and active - love being active - walk - jog - love moving around - dancing - jumping up and down - any kind of movement. Love your work - love going to work - love the place where you earn your money.



This Audio - for "Mars is Active Everyday for Money and Success"

Healing Your Mars [ 16 mins audio]


The place of your work is the Source

the Energy of your Mars - Money

Mars defines your physical existence - the life-energy you need in order to live


Wherever you work - wherever the place is that you earn your money - is the source of your Mars energy. That's the place that is the source of your life-energy. It is powerful - because - it is the place where you put energy in - and - the place where you earn the money that you live your life.


The astrology of Mars - is - energy - hence - many people who work from home or from quiet work-places - have blocked Mars energies - as the place - that space is DEAD energy. Mars requires vibrancy - Mars requires life energy that everyone who sees your desk - feel the vibrancy.


Every place you've ever worked in - anywhere in the world - wherever you got paid and earned money - is a SOURCE of your Mars-energy. Mars is life-energy without it you wouldn't be alive today. Mars is a jigsaw puzzle - so to activate a DEAD Mars - to heal your Mars - you need to list everywhere you've earned money from - every job you've ever had - everywhere you got paid for the work you've done.



If you're not working nor earning money then

You're not doing what Mars wants you to do

Everyone has got Mars speaking to you - everyone has got Mars energizing you to do what it wants you to do

Everyone has got the ability to make-money - to earn-money - to live-life - to exist and have money

If you've got a blockage - then Mars is saying you're not doing what you should be doing

Mars is like your C.V - when you list your Mars history - then you activate your Mars

Mars says - you've done it before - you can do it again - Mars says "don't give up"



The reason for Mars affliction

was created by Ingratitude

Mars is an honest exchange of energy - when you get something because you do something

The internet created a culture - where people want something for free - and don't even say - "thank you"

Uranus in Aries - 11th March 2011 => 15th May 2018 - created illogical instability


Healing your Mars is about understanding what's gone wrong - and - why things aren't right at the moment. The problem has been created by Uranus in Aries - the ruler of Aries is Mars - and hence - Uranus in Aries since 2011 => 15th May 2018 - has created instability and illogical behaviour with respect to the way life should be - Uranus made people want something for nothing.


Mars defines TWO-WAY energy - you get for what you pay for - or - you say THANK YOU for what you get given in your life. Ingratitude, stealing, getting something for nothing are all definitions of Mars affliction.


Even when you go into a website, watch a YouTube clip or read the news - there is someone who has done the work - and - you're getting it for FREE. This afflicts your Mars - because Mars defines logic - you get something because you do something - but getting something for FREE is against the Mars Logic.


The more you get for FREE - the more damaged your Mars becomes. Hence, the way you heal your Mars - is by recognizing all the stuff on the internet you're receiving - everything you've received in your life - and - think the words "THANK YOU" for what you've received.


When someone HELPS you - you always say THANK YOU, but on the internet - people don't say "thank you" - hence - to heal your Mars as you sit on the internet - THINK - the words "thank you" in your head to all the websites you're reading. Gratitude is a TWO-WAY energy - when you are grateful to everyone and everything in your life - then - life is reciprocal to you.



Healing Your Mars - Gratitude

Mars defines everywhere you've worked for in your life that you earned money is your life-energy

Mars defines you work - then you get paid - that - earned "Money" is Mars

Mars in Essential for your Survival - Food - Home - Clothes


Even though you don't work there anymore - even though it was 20-30 years ago - "it" was still important in the jigsaw puzzle of your life. Like your C.V. is vital to present situation in getting a new job - your Mars energies where you earned your money because you worked hard in the past - are essential to activating your Mars today.


You see - Mars buys you food that you've eaten - the energy of the food - sits in the cells of your body and of your existence - you vibrate to the energy of whatever food you've eaten from the money you earned that your physical body worked for. Mars is part of your existence.


The planet Mars exists throughout your whole life - Mars is supporting life-on-earth by giving everyone the energy to survive - to exist - to live - without which - we'd all be dead. In the same way you'd be dead - if you hadn't earned the money to live on - or - your parents or grandparents hadn't had to support your existence. Indeed, if your grandparents hadn't supported your parents - then - they wouldn't have had the courage to have you. You exist because of their Mars being energized.



Every job you've had - Mars saved you

Every job you've done in your life - whenever you worked and earned money - that was Mars saving your life


Hence, in activating your Mars - you need to remind yourself of all the places you've worked - all the money you've earned - all the meals you've eaten - all the things in your life that you bought with the money you earned - that's all Mars energy.


Then - as you do this - THINK to yourself - how lucky you've been to earn the money you've had - the money that has given you food to eat, clothes to wear and home to live in. If you wouldn't have had that job - you wouldn't have been able to live the way you did.


This exercise is especially important for anyone out-of-work and desperate to get back to work - Mars needs to be activated - defined by you remembering how kind Mars has been to you in the past - Mars has saved you in the past - Mars will save you today and in the future too - but - you must say THANK YOU for the past - for all the money you've earned throughout your whole life.


I always ask readers - what was the 1st job you ever had - when was the 1st time you worked - got paid - and - what did you do. It began your career - it began your life - then as you remember the 1st job - remember every job you've ever done.



Where did the Money Come from?

Mars defines all the money with which you've lived from - the money you've earned to be alive

Think back - even to your childhood - where did the money come from that ensured you survived


Mars has a pattern - Mars has a formula for you - this is why children often follow in the parents footsteps - as the method and source of income follows a pattern - from your parents and from grandparents too.


For example - say your parents sold Furniture - or - sold automobiles - or healed people as a Dr or nurse - that's your foundation of your life - the essence of what you lived on as a child from your parents Mars energies.


All the jobs you've attracted and had in your life - have an energy too - you know where you get your income from by doing whatever you've done in the past - by whatever your physical body is in tune with.


Make the list - reconnect with the source of Mars-Money - every facet - every job that gave your life existence. Then you'll immediately feel something change within you - that "something" is your Mars being activated - do this everyday for at least 7 days - or - until you a job if you're not working. In fact - I will tell you the truth - this is something that should be done everyday of your life.


For everyone else - who are working - but not feeling ALIVE - then by thinking of the money that you're earning is your life-energy of Mars - it will give you a new dimension to the way you work. You're feel more ALIVE when you go to work - knowing that it's your Mars being activated.



Everything you've bought with Money you worked for is - Mars Energy

Every job you've done in your life - whenever and wherever you worked and earned money - that was Mars energy

All the food you've eaten - all the days you've lived from all the money you've spent that you worked for is Mars


There are 3 sources of your money - Mars - Jupiter - Saturn. Mars defines the source of your money that you're living from because you earned the money by working for it. Mars defines the money with which you're buying food today. If the source of your Money is Jupiter or Saturn - then you're very lucky.


If your Source is Jupiter or Saturn - Healing your Jupiter - Healing your Saturn - in which case you should consider yourself to be VERY LUCKY that you don't have to worry about earning Money and working hard - even so - your Mars need to be activated in the form of physical activity.


When you THINK of - and - when you look at everything you have in your life that you bought from the money you earned - then you're connected to your source of Mars energy. There's a completely different energy to a item which was a gift than to something you've earned and bought. Being given something is Jupiter for free - Being given something destined is Saturn - Buying something with money you earned is Mars.



Activating Your Mars

Gratitude to Life for Saving You

Mars defines - all the - Food - Home - Clothes - Everything you've needed in your life - you received

Saying "Thank you" and remembering all the times you've been saved is - activation of Mars in itself.


From the day you were born until the day you'll die - Mars is present and active in your life - Mars is keeping you alive. However, every phase you go through afflictions and problems - means - something is wrong. That "something" needs to be fixed.


With respect to Mars - the affliction is defined by a combination of ingratitude and laziness - attempting to get something for nothing is illogical to Mars. It's like having a one-sided love affair - being in love with someone - and - they don't even know you exist.


Mars - wants you to acknowledge it exists - Mars wants you to be active and Mars wants you to do what you need to do to live. Mars wants you to be grateful for what you have - Mars wants you heart to feel alive - from gratitude and appreciation.


Let me give you example of Mars affliction - when your partner is UNGRATEFUL for whatever you do - or - when your boss at work is ungrateful - if they moan and complain too much then - sooner or later - comes a moment - when "it" ends. The ingratitude kills the relationship. Mars created the bond - because - it was honest and positive - Mars broke the bond - because of negativity.


Hence, healing your Mars is simple - reconnect to your Mars - to every job you've ever had - from everything you've received in life that has kept you alive - especially in childhood - how your parents looked-after you.


Money - is like - a jigsaw puzzle - every piece is a component of your life. If you didn't have one piece of the puzzle - you'd be dead. If you didn't have a day when you had money to buy food - you'd be dead.


Healing-your-Mars means reconnecting all the pieces that gave your life - life-energy and bringing yourself back to life again. Merely REMEMBERING with GRATITUDE - will activate your Mars - and - it will make you come alive today - to ensure you get your life back-on-track.



Every Day - Think & Love Mars

Everyday you should wake-up and re-connect with the Source of Mars

Everyday - think of - all the jobs you've had - all the money you've earned - that was all thanks to Mars

The more you think - the more you appreciate - the more you'll get activated for the Mars energy today



Whenever you've been desperate - Mars saved you

If you're desperate today - Mars will save you

Every moment of your life - Mars is keeping you alive - Mars requires you to work - physical activity is essential

Every moment when you've been desperate - and - then got a job to earn money - that was Mars saving you

Every moment when you've been worried - and - then got the problem solved - Mars saved you

Mars has saved you in the past - Mars will save you today - Mars will save you in the future



This Audio - for "Mars says YOU CAN DO IT - and - Mars says YOU WILL DO IT"

[ 9 mins audio ]


"You Can do it - You Will do it"

When your Mars is healed - then you feel strong and self-confident about life

Mars defines overcome your fears - because - "You can do it - You will do it"




Audio's for Healing-Your-Mars

I've created the following audio's on this page - for - Healing your Mars




[1] Audio - for "Introduction to Healing Your 3 planets of - Mars - Jupiter - Saturn" [15 mins audio]


[2] Audio - for "Don't Worry - Don't Panic" - Healing Your Mars [16 mins audio]


[3] Audio - for "Self-Employed or Employed - Either Male of Female Mars" - [16 mins audio]


[4] Audio - for "Mars is Honest Truth - Goodness in your life" - [17 mins audio]


[5] Audio - for "Mars is Active Everyday for Money and Success" - [16 mins audio]


[6] Audio - for "Mars says - YOU CAN DO IT - and - YOU WILL DO IT" [9 mins audio]



Whenever Nothing is Happening

Whilst the inner planets constantly activate your mind, communication, desires and your heart ....

Whenever NOTHING is happening in your life - the affliction is - your disconnection to - Mars - Jupiter - Saturn

Mars defines whenever you haven't got money to live - to eat - to survive - then Mars needs Activating and Healing

Jupiter defines something for FREE - hence - whenever life is not being kind to you - then Jupiter needs Healing

Saturn defines destined place to live - destined relationships - and - protection from negativity




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