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The Spiritual Writings of the Spiritual Astrologer יהונתן וואקסמאן


Healing Your Mercury

Healing your Aura begins from Within You


As a Human Being living in on planet Earth in the year 2018 - in the unique generation of the internet - you've been born with the greatest gifts to be given to anyone in the world in the history of humanity. Unfortunately - most humans are ignorant - ignorant comes from the word IGNORE - as many people IGNORE the greatest of gifts until they either loose them or have an affliction that prevents them from using their gifts.


You - be being born as YOURSELF - shouldn't be moaning nor complaining - in fact YOU should be feeling like the LUCKIEST and the HAPPIEST person in the world - because you've been given the gift of life you have - which should make you constantly laugh, smile and positively enjoy every moment of your life.


Unfortunately, many people in the world aren't HAPPY with the gift of the life they have - and - hence - life takes-away their lives until they end up DEAD. Even before someone technically ends-up "DEAD" - they're so depressed that they appear to be "DEAD" inside.


The Astrological configuration of the year 2018 - defined by Jupiter in Scorpio - Saturn in Capricorn - Neptune in Pisces - Pluto in Capricorn - is destiny giving everyone the opportunity to come-back to LIFE - to become ALIVE again - to be the best version of yourself and to love living life again - but - it is up-to-you - to use your own mind and bring yourself back to life.


ONLY YOU have control over your own mind and thoughts - ONLY YOU can define your own destiny - ONLY YOU can make your aura attractive, alive, energetic, positive and vibrant - ONLY YOU can do it for YOURSELF.


The planets in our Solar system are millions of times BIGGER than YOU - and - all the planets in 2018-2019-2020 are creating once-in-a-lifetime opportunities for you to be awakened to be yourself - to heal yourself - to love living life.


Each planet in the Solar system is talking to you and each planet is constantly giving you the ability to Heal YourSelf. In each of the webpages I explain - what the planet is saying to you, what the planet is doing for you and how you can Heal YourSelf.


I should say - EVERYDAY - each planet is giving you positive energy - planets don't create any negative energies - even when planets square or oppose your SunSign. EVERYDAY - all the planets are giving you energy to Heal YourSelf - to awaken you - to make you appreciate the gift of life. It's your choice to use the energy or not.


Healing YourSelf - means - focusing on the positive gift of life that you've got. Many generations prior to our generation FAILED to appreciate the gift of life - DIED in a state of misery - and - our totally forgotten because they did nothing GOOD for themselves or for others.


You're alive today - because the karmic gift of life enabling you to be alive in 2018-2019-2020 - defines you've got a destined purpose and meaning - and the foundation to this phase of your life is - to LOVE THE GIFT OF YOUR LIFE - love the specific reasons why YOU ARE ALIVE today - appreciate the gift of life today - heal yourself today - love and receive the gift of what each planet is doing for you today.



This Audio - for "Introduction to Healing Your Mercury"


Healing Your Mercury


The moment you're born and everyday of your life - "you" are defined by 4 important planets - [1] Your SunSign - [2] Your Mercury - [3] Your Venus and [4] Your Moon. All 4 planets work in sync with each other to ensure "you" are constantly being kept on the right pathway for "you". These 4 planets work from the day you're born until the day you die - and ensure you think and feel what you need to feel to ensure you don't make any mistakes and you live your life.


Your SunSign is your individuality - who you are - everyone has a name - that's who you are. Your Mercury is located on either side of your Sun - which defines your thoughts - Mercury should be simple, honest and straight-forward - because Mercury defines - everything in your life as a "yes" or "no" - Mercury communicates a "yes" or "no" to you in the form of a "positive" or "negative" energy.


Mercury is defines the POSITIVE FACTS of YOUR LIFE - what you like - Mercury does this by a simple test towards everything and everyone in your life - defined by - what you want and what you don't want - what you like and dislike. And the answer is a SIMPLE YES or NO.


Mercury defines you communicate your thoughts to the world - for example - when a baby cries - it is saying - it wants feeding or nappy changing - when it's happy - it stops crying; when a baby loves the food it eats or enjoys being connected to the people around - the baby smiles, laughs and giggles.


Children grow-up - and - defined by circumstances and Mercury's power and afflictions - defines if the child grows up communicating happy smiles or crying complaining - Mercury defines if the human responds honestly or deceitfully.


You see - life can be giving goodness - but a person can be negative and moan about the goodness - that's an afflicted Mercury. The truth is everyone in the world should be constantly HAPPY with LIFE - because Mercury is telling you to be HAPPY.


However, due to "humans being humans" - everyone is the world needs HEALING everyday - everyone needs to positive energy of inner planet of Mercury to constantly remind us of how lucky we are to be alive.


And before you think it came naturally to me - it didn't - I've got my Mercury in my 12th House - and - I can honestly admit that I'd spent much of the 1st 30 years of my life thinking more negative than positive - complaining more than appreciating life - UNTIL - I had a dramatic change in the form of enlightened healing - which changed my attitude forever.


Each and everyday - due to the constant influx of both positive and negative energies - positive and negative choices - everyone constantly needs healing for your Mercury - to ensure you focus on and appreciate the goodness of things you like about life - and - discard, avoid and don't waste time thinking about the negative things or things that have got nothing to do with your destiny.



Mercury defines what you Like About Life

Mercury defines your thoughts - it is closest planet to the Sun - and defines what you like about life

There should only be ONE thing you're constantly thinking about and that's how much you love being alive.


Therefore if your Mercury is afflicted means you dislike your life - you hate things in your life - you're depressed, negative and grumpy - Mercury afflicted means you've forgotten how to laugh, smile and giggle - and more than likely you're in a constant state of moaning and complaining about your life.


The truth is - it is NOT YOUR FAULT that you're grumpy or depressed - Mercury demands that your mind is constantly open to absorb and look at everything you see in your life - and - being on the internet - you're seeing, reading and absorbing more than all the previous generations combined.


The problem is you've absorbed "it" all - thinking about all the negative stuff - and - forgotten to discard the irrelevant meaningless nonsense - the things that have got NOTHING to do with your destined destiny. When you mind is trapped in negativity - because your mind is NOT thinking of and connected to anything or anyone that's making your POSITIVE - then your Mercury is afflicted and needs healing.





Let me give you example - when you were a child - instinctively you never ever ate anything you didn't like - and if you were a fussy-eater it annoyed your parents - because they couldn't force you to eat anything you didn't like - such as green vegetables or "other healthy" things. It's the same - as an adult - you will always choose to eat whatever you honestly like - and you'll never eat anything you don't like.


The problem with Mercury is that - your THOUGHTS can be deceived and lied to - your THOUGHTS can be distracted by other people's energies forcing their way into your life - your THOUGHTS can be enticed to believing something is good for you when it isn't.



Giving-away & Surrendering your Mercury

Means You've given-away control of your mind


Mercury defines your thoughts - if you're listening to someone else - if you're watching a movie - if you're believing someone who is lying to to you - if you believe the advertisements and do what you're convinced to do because someone has taken control of your thoughts - then you've surrendered your mind - and - given control of your mind to someone else.


Hence, if you're constantly on the "internet" or "reading books" or "watching tv" - your mind is a mixture of your thoughts and other people's thoughts - the more you absorb from others - the less you're thinking about your own life.


Mercury says - THINK for YOURSELF - LIVE your own life. I will explain - "Healing Your Venus" - that - Healing Your Mercury is essential to having success in your next inner planet of - Venus - Love and Money - because you need to take-control of your own mind before you can have your own love-life and your own success.


When you sit in a boring lecture listening to someone go-on-and-on about something you're not interested in - "they" are stealing your life - because time is unique - you can't get the time back. When you begin to watch something on Youtube / Internet - you are in control - because if you don't like what you hear - you can switch "off".


Even when you sit and watch a movie that you like watching - your mind is being given-away for the length of the movie - as you watch whatever is being shown to you. Healing your Mercury - means - healing your Mind - and that means THINKING for YOURSELF.



Mercury Healing means "Go-on-a-Diet"

Afflicted Mercury defines you've absorbed far too much information - and - you need to go on a diet !

Switch-off to all the incoming information - put all the books away - give yourself a holiday from internet !


Mercury only wants you to think of all the positive things in your life - in simple words - "Thank You" - "I Like my life" - "I like the people in my life" - are the only words Mercury wants to hear from you. Mercury doesn't want to hear the negative words - Mercury doesn't want to hear moaning and complaining.


All relationships are created because of the use and bond created by good words and good thoughts - and - relationships are destroyed because of negative words - even destined marriages and destined relationships are destroyed because of the misuse and abuse of words.


Mercury is simple - Mercury wants things to be kept simple - and therefore - people who think too much - people who talk too much - and - people who've got too much "information" - are not being truthful to themselves. It's the main reason why some "intelligent and intellectual" people are useless at relationships and making-money - because they're thinking too much.


Healing Your Mercury - means - your Mercury is overweight - Mercury is the smallest planet in the solar system - as your thoughts should be simple and straight forward. People who've got lots of useless information inside them - have made their own lives complicated.


Healing Your Mercury - means - GO-ON-A-DIET - stop absorbing information. Take a break from reading books - take a break from the internet. Take a break from TV - take a break from the internet for 1 day a week - in fact - I always take 2 days every week offline - one day at weekend and one day midweek.



Healing Mercury Begins with a Silence

Healing your Mercury begins with silence and time to think for yourself of all the things you like about your life


External noises should be eliminated - total silence from the outside world - you should be able to hear your own thoughts. Without even saying anything what words are you hearing inside your own head ? Are you hearing the words "I like my life" - "I'm happy for some peace and quiet" - "I love the gift of being alive" - "I love where I'm living" - "I love the food I'm eating" .....


If you need to - then create an audio recording for yourself to LISTEN to - talk to yourself - so you hear the voice in your own head saying how much you like you own life. Define in your own recording all the things you like about your life .... simple repetitive message of "I like this and I like that - I like this and I like that" - so that - wherever you are - you can always hear your own Mercury message that is saying POSITIVE things to yourself.


Mercury only wants to hear what you like - Mercury does not want hear about the garbage - Mercury ensures you only eat and absorb things in your life whatever you like - you will never eat anything you don't like - you should never be thinking of anything you don't like - you should never be listening to anything you don't like - you should never be talking about anything you don't like - you should only be thinking of things you like a lot.



Audio - "Liking-Your-Life and Healing Your Mercury" - [11 mins audio]


Healing Mercury - Liking Your Life

Healing your Mercury means your mind should only be used to think of things you like !


Mercury is simplistic - it defines - either what you like and what you don't like - if you've had a long period with Mercury afflictions - then you need lots of Medicine to heal you - that Medicine is simply - you talking to yourself and telling yourself how much you like your life.


Healing means - canceling out all the negative words you've ever said - and hence for every negative word you've ever said - for every moment you've moaned and complained about your life - you need to compensate and re-balance the scales by uttering and saying POSITIVE words - of - how much you like your life and how much you love the gift of life.


Be Non-stop and repetitive - repeat - "I Like My Life" - "I Like My Life" - "I Like My Life" - "I Like My Life" - over and over 100 times if necessary - until you feel your aura changing - until you feel the sense of freedom, happiness and giggles of laughter from within you that you've healed and released all the negativity. Mercury defines that ONLY YOU can do this for yourself.



Mercury defines Living-in-the-Moment

Healing your Mercury - means - defining - what you like about your life - right now at this moment in time

If nothing is happening in the present moment in your life - that means - you're not living in the present moment.


Mercury is the power of thoughts and communication in the present moment - in the same way - you wouldn't read the weather forecast for last week or think about something you were worried about last week.


If nothing is happening in the present moment in your life - that means - you're not living in the present moment. To live in the present moment is to be HAPPY and ALIVE in the present moment. Mercury is simple and truthful - so - be truthful.



When you Like Your Life - Life will Like You

The purpose of "Healing your Mercury" is to ensure you receive the continuous flow of life-energy


Mercury is simplistic - when you're allowing the flow of positive energy - the flow of your positive thoughts - the flow of liking the gift of life - then - life energy flows through you; but when you stop flowing the energy - the energy stops flowing through you.


If you feel neglected and disconnected - if life-energy is not flowing through you - then it defines a problem with your Mercury. Your thoughts that you're thinking and emitting to the world are not in the flow of life-energy.


In the same way everyone keeps-away from negative and smelly things - people keep-away from negative-thinking people. All the worst teachers you've had, all the worst people you've met in your life, all the endings to all your relationships were created because you couldn't take the negativity anymore.


However, "Healing your Mercury" defines your ability to ATTRACT people into your life - by emitting the right energy in your aura. That means your mind has to be so POSITIVE that you ATTRACT people into your life - because your positive-vibes are irresistible - and people - past -present and future will be attracted into your life. The way you do this - is - by emitting that - YOU LIKE PEOPLE.



Mercury Defines Simple Words

Like - Love - Happiness - Money ....

The headlines of your mind - the fewer words the better ....


Mercury is simple - so whatever you're thinking of is what is being emitted from your aura - and that's what others will sense about you. If you're emitting to the world you're a loser, a failure, an idiot and depressed - then the world will sense that. If you're emitting to the world that you're happy with your life - happy with the gift of life - then - life will ensure you attract a flow of life energy.


People who "think" too much - people who are "deep" thinkers - people who've got their minds full of stuff - will emit CONFUSION to the world - and - the world will keep-away from them.


Mercury defines simplicity - the simple words you emit are what life picks-up on. If you've been worried and afflicted for years - then - you've attracted stagnation for years - "Healing Your Mercury" is destiny's way - via the karmic gift of the internet for you - to break-free of the BLOCKAGE in your life - and - for a flow of life-energy to flow through you - instead of by-passing you.


Whatever WORDS are being emitted from your head - are the WORDS others are sensing. If you're emitting negativity - then - others are KEEPING-AWAY from you - because no-one likes to get involved with someone negative.


Whereas when you emit POSITIVE WORDS from your aura - people will be ATTRACTED to you. Whenever you're thinking about all the POSITIVE things in your life - then more POSITIVE things will come into your life. When you talk about all the good things that have happened to you - then it enlivens your aura - and then more good things happen.


When you think the MONEY you've got in a positive way - then more MONEY will come your way; when you think about the LOVE you've got in your life -more LOVE will come your way; when you think about the HAPPINESS in your life - HAPPINESS will come your way.



Healing Your Mercury means

You're thinking Positive

Because you're loving life today

Your Mercury is healed the moment you're thinking positive about your life

All your have to do - to activate your Mercury is - Love Your Life

Thinking positive is a daily facet of Mercury - love living your life today.



Mercury creates success if you're concentrating

Mercury Defines Concentrating on One Thing at a time - focus all your attention on one thing you love.

Mercury defines empowerment via concentrating on ONE thing at a time which totally energizes you

When you concentrate on "it" you'll succeed at doing "it" - without concentrating you won't be able to do anything successfully


The biggest affliction for the "internet" generation is the inability to concentrate on doing one thing at a time. Concentration is the key to success for Mercury. You can do "it" - because - everytime you doing anything correctly in your life - is because your Mercury is making you do "it" right.


When you make mistakes or get confused - it means your Mercury is not in sync and you're not concentrating on "it". Every parent knows that when your child has made a mistake or done something wrong - it is because they weren't concentrating.


The same with you - when you CONCENTRATE on being POSITIVE - you can achieve anything you want. However, most people need to be ENTICED into achieving something - hence "Your Venus combined with Your Mercury" will ensure you can achieve something you want, love and desire "it" - the key to your Venus is that your Mercury is healed and thinking positive.


"Your Venus which defines both - Love and Money" means - if you're enticed by being paid for doing something or doing something because you love doing it - then you will be able to CONCENTRATE - and - you will do it SUCCESSFULLY.


If you're not doing something successfully and you're not able to concentrate on whatever it is you want in your life - then - you need to understand the placement of your Mercury in relationship to your Sun and make you Mercury come ALIVE to become SUCCESSFUL - as follows ......



The Astrology of Your Mercury

The Inner Planet of Mercury can only exist in Your - 12th House - 1st House - 2nd House to your SunSign


Mercury and Venus can only be on on either side of your SunSign - which makes it easy to explain how your mind works, what you think about, the way your mind thinks and operates - and - what you love about life and how you can attract "Venus - Love & Money" into your life and how you can use your mind to "Heal your Mercury".



11th House
12th House
1st House
2nd House
3rd House
Your Sun Sign



Inner Planets of Sun - Mercury - Venus - all co-exist together

On either side of your SunSign - which makes it easy to explain

The Inner Planet of Mercury can be in 3 possibilities - 12th House - 1st House - 2nd House

The Inner Planet of Venus can be in 5 possibilities - 11th House - 12th House - 1st House - 2nd House - 3rd House



[1] Your Mercury in Same Sign as Your Sun

Mercury in your SunSign is called your 1st House

Audio - for "Healing Your 1st House Mercury" - [21 mins audio]


To Activate Your Mercury - You Need to Live in the Present Moment .....


[1] With Your Mercury in the same sign as Your Sun - means - that your thoughts should be attached to your life and everything you see in your life - at the present moment - in front of your own eyes. You see Mercury is the closest planet to the Sun - and - in the 1st House means - Mercury defines all the attachments in your REAL life - at this present moment.


The way you ACTIVATE your Mercury - is by constantly THINKING - and - by constantly SAYING to yourself - how much you like everything you've got - everything you're wearing - everything you're eating - everything you see .....


Your 1st House Mercury is the bond of Cohesion between You and everything that is currently in your life - it's up to you to CHOOSE - with 1st House Mercury - when you choose to dislike and be negative about the things in your life - you're blocking your life-flow of energy.


The only way you can create a flow-of-life energy into your life is by LIKING everything in your life - Mercury is the bond - the facilitator - the flow of positive energy. For example - when someone moans and complains - your instinctive reaction is to keep-away from them - detach yourself from negative people. Whereas - when someone likes you - compliments you and is nice to you - you're magnetized by their words and you're convinced to like them too.


That's the same with your THOUGHTS - except - 1st House Mercury needs you to be pro-active - and - you need to constantly THINK POSITIVE words of COHESION towards everything in your life. That begins with your physical appearance - the clothes you wear - the home you live in - everything in your home - everything that is yours - you need to ACTIVATE the BOND of COHESION - by thinking to yourself - how much you LIKE IT ALL.


1st House Mercury means you have to be specific on every item in your life - so to truly activate yourself - CONSTANTLY - every moment of everyday - think to yourself - - "I like this and I like that" - "I like this and I like that" - 1000's of times.


This might take some time to make it a habit of yours - so - I recommend you begin by saying out loud 100 times - "I like this and I like that" - "I like this and I like that" - "I like this and I like that" - immediately you will feel a shift from within you - as Mercury is an inner planet that IMMEDIATELY creates energy.


The problem with 1st House Mercury is that when you're not thinking positive and words of affection towards everything in your life - then your Mercury becomes blocked - and - when you're blocked you immediately feel "dead" and "depressed".


The only way anything can happen in your life - the only way anything can get through to your SunSign identity - is - when your 1st House Mercury is flowing full of positive energy - this is the reason why - if people aren't nice to you - you immediately switch-off to them. And conversely when people are saying nice words to you - even if they're lying - you let them into your life because your 1st House Mercury will let-in anything nice.


1st House Mercury - applies to the clothes you wear and food you eat - and as a child you were a difficult one to please - because if you didn't like the taste of anything - you would instinctively REFUSE to let it into your life.


1st House Mercury - applies to shopping too - when you see something you like - and - it talks to you - then you want it - even if it isn't what you need. That's because 1st House Mercury defines COHESION to everything in REAL LIFE.


Hence, all lonely and single 1st House Mercury - you need to sit in Coffee shop to meet someone new - you need to actively be amongst people in real life for you to feel their energies towards you. You should never search the internet or long-distance relationships - your 1st House Mercury means - whoever is around you in REAL LIFE.


1st House Mercury - means - the PRESENT moment - everything in your life today - 1st House Mercury can never see the future - and - hence often you have the tendency - especially when you're depressed and blocked - to look backwards as your 1st House Mercury won't let you see the future. Don't look backwards - always live in the present moment - and - say to yourself as you look at everything your eyes can see - 100's times - "I like this and I like that" - "I like this and I like that" - "I like this and I like that" .....


1st House Mercury - always gets awakened and stimulated when you travel and go somewhere NEW - and - when you meet NEW people - that's because anywhere you know and anything currently in your life - your mind isn't awakened - unless you ACTIVATE your Mercury by doing the above exercises - hence - when you see something NEW or travel and go somewhere NEW - your 1st House Mercury is observant - and - when you're impressed by whatever you see - you're living in the PRESENT moment - and - awakened.


The truth is - whilst seeing NEW things are very important to you - ACTIVATING the bond of cohesion between you and everything in your life is much more important - so think and say - "I like this and I like that" - "I like this and I like that" .....


I should conclude - that whenever you've moaned and complained - or - whenever someone has created a destructive energy that has broken the bond of your Mercury cohesion towards anything you've liked - then - you won't get it back into your life - UNTIL - you heal your 1st House - present-moment Mercury. It's up to you - to switch your Mercury on - in POSITIVE mode - and like everything you've got in your life.


Your 1st House Mercury - means - you'd never wear anything you don't like to wear - you'd never eat anything you don't like to eat - so don't waste your time thinking about anything or anyone you don't like - THINK about all the people and things you do like.




[2] Your Mercury in Preceding sign to Your Sun

Mercury in the StarSign to your SunSign is called your 12th House of Karma

Audio - for "Healing Your 12th House Mercury" - [19 mins audio]


To Activate Your Mercury - You Need to Heal the Past and Set-Yourself-Free in your own Mind


[2] With Your Mercury in the preceding sign as Your Sun - the 12th House of Karma - means the only way your Mercury is activated is by appreciating and liking everything from the "past" - and - more to the point - the ONLY REASON your life-flow of energy is blocked is because of negativity created from the "past".


12th House Mercury - feels complicated and painful - but - it is quite possibly the easiest - that's because - ACTIVATION of your flow of life energy is - defined by thinking of - all the negative and blocked thoughts from your past - and - saying THANK YOU for the "past".


12th House Mercury - isn't just about the negative facets of your "past" - it's about EVERYTHING from your "past". When you think about and when you talk about what you've done in your life - especially the most enjoyable things you've done in your life - then - your 12th House Mercury makes you come ALIVE.


When you think about every lover you've had from the "past" - everything good that's happened to you from the "past" - then you come ALIVE. The problem for 12th House Mercury is the MIXTURE of feelings - both GOOD and BAD from the "past" - for example - when you think of your "ex" - you've got mixed emotions and mixed feelings.


12th House Mercury - means - the ONLY way you're going to move-on with your life is by healing the negative thoughts - and - thinking of the positive aspects of the relationships. People with 12th House Mercury - are never ever able to move-on in relationships - UNTIL - they're healed the "past". The ironic factor for 12th House Mercury is once you've healed the "past" - the "past" comes back and wants you.


You see the reason why the relationship got damaged - was because of negativity - when you eliminate and heal the negativity - the relationship energies are repaired and hence - if it is destined relationship - it gets reconnected - and if it's not - then relationships will now be enabled to come into your life.


The ironic factor of 12th House Mercury - means - the older you are - the easier it is to heal the "past" - the more memories you've had in all areas of your life that can be ACTIVATED into immediately creating a better future today.


12th House Mercury - defines EVERY FACET of your "past" - this includes - every home you've lived in - every job you've had - every paycheck you've received - everyone you've ever known in your life - every "best" clothes and automobile you've had.


12th House Mercury - means that you've LOST things in your life - you've got an affliction when it comes to "LOSS" - the good news is that when you THINK about "it" - you can RE-ACTIVATE that sector of your life - and - life will happen again for you.


12th House Mercury - appreciate the fact that you've had money, had homes, had automobiles, had lovers ... because often 12th House Mercury - means - "past-life" 12th House Karmic afflictions - meant that it wasn't easy to begin your life with - whilst some things were naturally easy for you - other things were inexplicably and unfairly challenging.


When you compare yourself to the younger version of yourself - you should be PLEASED and PROUD of yourself - that you've had lots of experiences in your life - lovers and loving moments - happiness and enjoyable moments - are the emphasis of 12th House Mercury - so THINK and USE YOUR MIND to THINK-BACK with happiness all the things you've done.


Then ACTIVATING the bond of cohesion between you and everything in you've done in your life - think and say - "I like this and I like that" - "I like this and I like that" - "I like all the good things that have happened in my life" - AND - here is the KEY phrase for people with 12th House Mercury - "I've done it before - I'm going to do it again"


And for those of you with inexplicable "past-life" blockages - simply say - "I've lived in previous life and done it before - I'm going to do is again in this lifetime" - you can also add - "and I love living in this lifetime - much better than previous lifetime!"


12th House Mercury - immediately responds to your THOUGHTS of the PAST - and - hence - you will know what "it" is that's blocking your flow of life-energy - defined by whatever "it" is that's on your mind and you HATE thinking about.


12th House Mercury - means - you have to let-go of the "past" - especially stuff you've HATED about your life - in order to move-onto the future. The most significant factor of 12th House Mercury blockage is defined by PEOPLE who've been horrible to you.


It might sound sarcastic - but when you say you're happy about all the idiots you've met in your lifetime - and - you're happy about all the selfish and horrible people in your life - then - you're actually RELEASING your attachment to the negativity - and more importantly SETTING YOURSELF FREE from ever having anything to do with them in your future.


12th House Mercury - means the only way to SUCCESS - is to - SET YOURSELF FREE from anything and anyone from your past. Immediately - you do - immediately you're liberating your Mercury - is the moment that - immediately you'll have good luck today - and activating your Mercury by SETTING YOURSELF FREE is something you need to do every moment of EVERYDAY.


12th House Mercury - means - that from one moment to the next - you can become blocked - so you need to have your wits about you - and - constantly be use your mind to SET YOURSELF FREE.


The best way you can constantly ACTIVATE your 12th House Mercury is by thinking back to the past - and - saying to yourself - "I'm FREE from the past" - "I'm SET-FREE from living at home with my parents" - "I'm SET-FREE from living with my ex's" - "I'm SET-FREE from working in that place" - "I'm SET-FREE from living in a that place" ......


As everyone with 12th House Mercury - means you've had BAD experiences in your lifetime - and - you've been SET-FREE numerous times - all you have to do is think-back of how BAD life was - and - how lucky you are to have been SET-FREE.


The 12th House Mercury - is - activated when you believe, feel and appreciate that you've been SET-FREE - the thoughts of FREEDOM from negativity - FREEDOM from BAD relationships - FREEDOM from being connected to bad people - is - what creates POSITIVE VIBES today - and - will enable the flow of GOOD LUCK into your life today.


Your 12th House Mercury - wants to hear you feel and wants to hear your happiness of being SET-FREE from the "past" - then your Mercury will help you in the present moment to - SET-YOU-FREE from - your current negative situations.




[3] Your Mercury in the Next Sign to Your Sun

Mercury in the next StarSign to your SunSign is called your 2nd House

Audio - for "Healing Your 2nd House Mercury" - [19 mins audio]


To Activate Your Mercury - You Need to Think of the Future - what you want and desire in the Future .....


[3] With Your Mercury in the next star sign as Your Sun - the 2nd House of the Future - means that the only way to ACTIVATE your Mercury is by getting excited by something NEW and getting excited and thinking of the FUTURE.


Even when you're happy in your life today - your Mercury in 2nd House means - you can't help it - you're always wanting to be on-the-move forwards - never quite happy with whatever you've got in your life today - means - you want the FUTURE.


Your Mercury in 2nd House means - the older you get - the more experiences of life you have - the more you're actually going to be GOOD at predicting the future and you love astrology that predicts the future - because that what stimulates your mind.


Let me explain "the older you get" - you see - your Mercury in 2nd House means - you always want something NEW - even if it's not good for you - you still get tempted to wanting - wanting and desiring NEW - stimulates your mind - awakens your Mercury - and - activates you into action.


When you're depressed - when you're blocked - when you're "dead" - means - that you not believing in your future - and - you've stagnated. MOVEMENT for you - is the only way to get your life moving. MOVEMENT for you - means - life-energy.


As a natural Mercury in 2nd House means you should love walking - jogging - traveling - window-shopping ..... anything that gets your mind stimulated by seeing NEW things. And yes - that also means internet addictions - because - the colors, pictures and information on the internet stimulates your Mercury in 2nd House. And if ever you see a website that's not been updated - you get turned-off.


Your Mercury in 2nd House means - you too - have to be someone that gets turned-on from something NEW - as much as you need to turn your own aura on by dressing in something FRESH and NEW everyday.


When you get trapped in boring routine - your Mercury in 2nd House gets switched-off and - nothing NEW can come-into your life. Therefore - you NEED to always create FRESHNESS in your life everyday. You need to like the fact that TODAY is a NEW day.


You need to appreciate that TODAY is different from YESTERDAY - and - you need to like something NEW that is happening today in order to feel alive. That means constantly LOOKING with your eyes to the NEW day - and - thinking to yourself - I LIKE the NEW energies today.


People with your Mercury in 2nd House means you love any job that provides you with CONSTANT flux of something NEW happening - and - even if you're working at the same job - the fact that something NEW is happening for other people - you feel part of the NEW energies.


That's why above - I said - you love astrology - as movement of planets - means something NEW is happening in life - and - when you can learn to predict something NEW for others - that will activate your Mercury in 2nd House for yourself.


The 1st PROBLEM for your Mercury in 2nd House means - you try anything NEW - even if it's not good for you - especially when you're young - and - this means you make mistakes - hopefully - you've learnt as you get older to know and sense what's good for you or not.


The key is that NO-ONE or NOTHING should ever make you loose hope in the future - NOTHING should ever trap you into stagnation or boredom in your life - because you're bored - you're dead.


The 2nd PROBLEM for your Mercury in 2nd House means - you get lots of ideas that stimulate you - but - you rarely stick-at something or implement the ideas - because your Mercury just wants the stimulation.


Therefore - it is up-to-you - to generate the constant enthusiasm for whatever you've got and achieved - and that's done - by constantly saying - that you didn't have "it" in your life - and - now you've got it in your life - and how you much you - "like this and like that" - "like the fact you achieved this and achieved that" ...


When your mind - relives - NOT having - and - relives ACQUIRING it - then you're energizing your Mercury in 2nd House - you're energizing the mechanics of your mind to bring things into your life - creating "something" from "nothing" is what your mind wants to think about - and - most importantly - it has to be something you "LIKE A LOT" and constantly think how much you like it.


When you use your mind - and - when you switch on your Mercury - you'll know it - because immediately you do - it will make you feel alive from WITHIN - and - will attract NEW things into your life.


Just one last word of advice for your Mercury in 2nd House means - you need to always be able to UNDO the mistakes you make - because in the temptations of life - you'll always say YES - whereas others will need to think about it - you'll always be tempted to try something new and buy something new - when you will realize - it's not right for you - and - need to give-it-back.


This is who you are - you can't help it - but as you get older - you'll be better prepared to get-out of decisions you've made in error. The truth is you won't know it's a mistake UNTIL you've tried - and your Mercury in 2nd House means you'll always be tempted to try.



Healing Your Mercury

Healing Mercury Unlocks You to be Yourself

There's one other additional benefit and that's defined by ....

Do you have any other planets in the same star sign as your Mercury ?


Healing Your Mercury - is - essential for you to live your life with vibrancy and with a continual flow of life-energy. An enabled and healed Mercury means that - irrespective of your age - provided you've got a Mercury that's alive - your mind will keep you alive forever.


However, if you have any planets in the same star sign as your Mercury - then - Healing Your Mercury is vitally essential to unlocking the power of those planets - even more than Healing Your Mercury unlocks the power of Your Venus. Healing of Mercury ensures you get the keys to the full power of the all the planets in the star sign of Your Mercury.



Conclusion - Mercury is Your Own Switch

Think Positive - it is Positive

Think Negative - it is Negative

Mercury is the energy of your mind - if you think your life is a failure - it becomes a failure

Mercury defines when you see your life as a success because you love the gift of life - then - it becomes a success ...




Thinking Negative - is - an illness

If you believe your life is terrible and bad - when in fact your life is good - means you've got an illness

There are many people who are living good lives - but - because their mind is afflicted - they're depressed

Healing Your Mercury - defines - it's time to stop complaining - and - time to appreciate the gift of your life

It's simple to do - all you have to do is be honest and grateful that you're alive today ....




The 3 Day Mercury Challenge .....

Technically - it will only take 3 days to awaken your Mercury - but I should say 6 days for some readers !

I promise you - that if you awaken your Mercury constantly for 3 days - your life will change for the better...


If you do the above exercises for 3 consecutive days - you will be able to awaken and heal your Mercury in 3 days. You see - Mercury is the closest planet to the Sun - Mercury defines your thoughts - and - you can awaken your thoughts at any moment of the day or night.


Many people have their Mercury awakened for an hour or two - the problem Mercury needs to be kept awakened for all the time you're awake - 24 hours a day if possible. You see - when you're in relationships with people around you all the time - your Mercury is constantly awake - but when you're single and alone - your Mercury falls asleep.


Therefore - these exercises are directed towards lonely people who have no-one - and - people who aren't feeling ALIVE because you don't feel you're connected to the right people who are constantly making you feel ALIVE and VIBRANT.


Mercury defines - COHESION - CONNECTION - VIBRANCY - to - everything you see in real life - every moment you're awake - you've got to have a two-way dialogue with it all - that means - saying something to everything and everyone who is in your life - the more you communicate with everything and everyone in your life - the more alive you will become.


Even if your communication is merely THOUGHTS - the voice inside your head should constantly be communicating positive words to everything and everyone in your life - and - you should feel ALIVE because you are THINKING and CONNECTING yourself to everything you see - that's when you can say - you've got a Healed Mercury - and now you're ready to "Heal Your Venus".





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