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Healing Your Sun

Are you living your life - or - are you a "support" act to someone else's life ?

Is your life - defined - by what you do for others - and - by someone else' life ?


Your SunSign is the identity of who you are - and - defines your role in life. If you're not feeling like your life is worthwhile and not experiencing all the facets of life that you know you should be experiencing - then - more than likely - your "light" - your "identity" - your Sun - the essence of you - is not switched on.


Whilst this could be acceptable when you're young or a teenager - or - if you're married to someone who has stronger identity than you and they are looking after you - if you're totally living your life for someone else's life - then you're neglecting your own individuality and your own existence.


It's like having your own home - but - not living in it - because you've gone to live in someone else's home - OR - worse-still - you've made yourself homeless - because you haven't realized that you've got your own home - the "home" that belongs to you - your SunSign identity - is - your own inner LIGHT - your own individuality - your own life - and - hence - "Healing-Your-Sun" is the definition of finding yourself from within yourself.


The reason why people become "support-acts" to others is that they don't have self-confidence that they themselves have the LIGHT. You could compare the "support-act" to being a Moon or another planet - supporting someone else's Solar System - meanwhile your Sun - the energy of your Solar System is missing it's light - because you've switched-off from your own life purpose - and - switched-on to empower someone else's life.


If that person reciprocates and empowers your Solar System - then it's mutually beneficial - but if they do nothing to make you feel appreciated and energized - then sooner or later - you'll resent them - they'll drain you - they'll make you feel dead inside - and - instinctively you'll want to run-away to find yourself - to be back "home" to be the person you're destined to be.


Now - before - you start to panic - the truth - is - that most of your life has been defined by being a "support-act" to other people - that - my friends is perfectly normal for good kind-hearted people - because - all human-activity is defined by interacting with others.


But for - sensitive people, weak people, weak periods of your life, when someone strong dominates your life or when you choose give your life for others - then - you will be a "support-act" to others - but - you should never loose your own identity and never loose your own LIGHT that exists within you.


On this page - I will explain - that you can transform your life - by - defining your SunSign identity - and - even if you have to be a "support-act" to others - you can still have your own individuality and can still be your own SunSign LIGHT for yourself.


Unless - you really do need to break-free and escape from being a "support-act" - because - it's like a "prison of slavery" - in which case you're about to learn something important - how to be yourself - how to set yourself free - from within you - without running-away or causing mayhem.




This Audio - for "Introduction to Healing Your Sun & Healing Your Moon"

[14 mins audio]



Your computer, TV or phone might be 100% perfect - but - if it's not turned-on and if there's no battery power remaining - then it will appear to be DEAD. The symptoms of afflicted SunSign and MoonSign is the appearance of being DEAD - is - LAZINESS - so to begin you need to be TURNED-ON - switched-on - that your physical body is ALIVE.


Laziness defines you need to Heal-Your Sun and Heal-Your-Moon. Any moment of the day - when you appear to be DEAD - whenever you're not feeling ALIVE and ENERGETIC - means - it's your Moon and your Sun that needs activating. LAZINESS - is the - " you can't be bothered doing anything mode" is the symptom of afflicted Sun & Moon.




Definition of Your SunSign

Energy to do - Energy to move - Energy to brighten the lives of other people

Do you believe in yourself - Do you feel you've got the energy from within yourself


You're alive because you've been given life - every moment of every day of your life - you've been given life-energy - you're constantly being given energy - if you didn't have the life-energy inside you - you wouldn't be alive anymore. The "end" - that specific moment on the day of death - never makes sense - it's not logical - especially when it comes suddenly. Life-energy is a gift that's defined by destiny.


But - sometimes especially when you're depressed and lazy - whilst technically you're alive - you don't feel ALIVE - that's because your life-energy isn't communicating with you - it isn't making you feel ALIVE - the questions is why aren't you feeling alive?


Whenever you do anything - there are TWO options the way you do it - [1] NEGATIVE - feeling like it's a big strain on you - because you're so dead inside that - you haven't got the energy to do it - [2] POSITIVE - feeling full of energy to do it - because "it" makes you feel alive.


Whenever you do something - POSITIVE - doing "it" - unlocks so much energy from WITHIN you - doing "it" makes you feel ALIVE. That's exactly a definition of what you were born to do - your SunSign - the way you're destined to be - and - what your life is about.


Your SunSign - your essence - should always be doing something that unlocks energy from WITHIN you - because doing it - is insync with your life pathway. Even if takes lots of energy - you will still do it - because - doing whatever you're destined to do - defines YOU - and most importantly - the key words for SunSign Healing - is that it unlocks the right energy from WITHIN you.



This Audio - for "Introduction to Healing Your Sun - Part1"

[11 mins audio ]



Healing Your Sun

Flat - No Energy - Laziness

All defined because - You need purpose - you need other facets of life - you need people

The Sun - needs - all the planets to be in orbit and activated for it to feel it has purpose


When people are LAZY and DO NOTHING - they're not using their SunSign identity - and hence LAZINESS locks it and blocks you from being yourself. To activate yourself - you need to be ACTIVE. Let me compare to an automobile - if it's stationary and engine turned-off - it's completely different to moving and turned-on.


That's you - your SunSign defines movement - being - turned-on to want to move or being forced to move is your MoonSign. If you're LAZY - can't be bothered doing anything - don't want to do anything - then you're SunSign needs Healing. The question is why - and - this applies at any time of the day and any day of the week - why are you feeling flat with no energy and lazy?


More than likely the answer is you DON'T WANT to do "it" - either - because it's no purpose to you - or - it's for someone else that you don't want to do anything for them - or - your SunSign needs healing - to make you realize that some things have to get done - before - you can move-on with your life.


Destiny won't let you move-on with your life - destiny is keeping you stuck - UNTIL - you learn the lesson you need to learn about having "NO-ENERGY", "LAZINESS" - "BLOCKED LIFE-ENERGY".


The lesson is simple - DOING whatever it is you must do - to make you feel ALIVE. Sooner or later - sometime during Summer 2018 - due to the astrological configuration - defined by wanting to do something NEW with your life - everyone - even LAZY people will be activated into doing something NEW.


When you get connected and when you do whatever "it" is - suddenly - you'll be totally awakened - because - your INNER life energy is being connected to doing whatever you should be doing in your EXTERNAL world - and the connection of inner to outer worlds - UNLOCKS the energy from within you.



Being a "support-act" & No Energy

Are you living your life - or - are you a "support" act to someone else's life ?

Is your life - defined - by what you do for others - and - by someone else' life ?


There are phases of life - when - being a "support-act" to someone else's life - actually - works very well. Let me give you example - say you work for someone - you do the work - and - they pay you - hence they worry about the finances. That "support-act" actually works well in business and career for many people. But in relationships and for some people who want FREEDOM - being a "support-act" can be frustrating and annoying.


The truth is - astrologically - we are all "support-acts" to one another - and - the reason for NO-ENERGY is that life is teaching us a karmic lesson about ourselves - that when you SERVE ANOTHER - when you do something for someone else - you actually UNLOCK energy from within you.


When people are lazy and don't want to do anything - they're actually saying - they haven't learnt this karmic lesson. The lesson is complete - when you DO SOMETHING FOR OTHERS with a fullness of happiness and positive energy - because at that moment - you've actually healed yourself. You have to learn to be a happy "support-act" for others - before - you can be yourself - with your own individuality.


Therefore if you say that NOTHING is happening in your life - because - your life - at the moment is a "support-act" for someone else - then if you want your life-back - you need to ENJOY being the "support-act" - enjoy being of service - because - it's the only way to get your life back.


You see - the karma of life only traps people into situations to teach specific lessons - as soon as you've learnt the karmic lesson - as soon as you embrace it and love it - the lesson is released and ends. IF - and - this would be specific to some readers - IF - during the past 7 years since 2011 - or - since 2003 - your life has gone "on hold" - then - from May 2018 - you will be set-free by Uranus in Taurus.


This is the main reason I've written the Healing-Section as many people will be getting their lives back again - as the affliction of the past 7 years will vanish - you will soon see - that not only get your life back - but - all the planets will be activated - which means - choices and decisions to make - new career - new job - new relationships - all facts of life - defined by your life coming back to life.



Love - Light - Warmth

If you're not emitting love, light & warmth then you're not alive

If you do nothing - if you don't want to do anything - if you emit laziness to the world - then you don't exist

Healing your SunSign - means - wanting to do something - doing something - waking-up your existence !


The magnetism of human energies - means - if you think you don't exist - because you're being ignored by everyone - life is ignoring you - and - nothing is happening - is because - your aura - your mind - your thoughts - your entity - EMITS NOTHING to the World.


Healing your SunSign - means - all you have to do is emit - LIGHT, LOVE and WARMTH to the world. This expression is often written - but - only you know if this is activated - because - when you emit - LIGHT - LOVE - WARMTH - you feel it from within you.


The energy makes you come ALIVE from within. That's you being you - that's your SunSign being what you're destined to be. If you don't feel ALIVE from within you - then you're not emitting the right energy of love - light and warmth.


When you look at your apartment or office - and - you emit - you LOVE it - you feel it's energy talking back to you. The more you love everyone and everything in your life - the more - the positive energy you feel WITHIN you. And if you feel NOTHING - then - you're lying to yourself - or - you're not connected to what life wants you to love.



You can Heal Yourself

Energy to do - Energy to move - Energy to brighten your own life - and brighten the lives of other people

Do you believe in yourself - Do you feel you've got the energy from within yourself

It's all within you - all you have to do is believe in yourself ....


Take a look around you - what do you love that you see in front of your eyes - at this moment right now. Your computer - well you should love it - I do - because without the computer - are internet lives would be dead. It's a brilliant and fantastic invention that should make us feel constantly excited and alive with happiness. What a miracle of the internet - and yet at times we're asleep and forgetful of how lucky we are!


Everything and everyone - in your life - you should constantly feel connected to - from within you - and - it should make you feel ALIVE all the time - that instinctively your inner light, your inner warmth and your inner love is emitting it's energy to the world.


Your mind, your thoughts and your inner life-energy is what is making you feel alive - and - it is your life-energy what is healing you as you do this. The more you feel alive from within you - the more you're self-healing - and the more all the right destined people will notice you and be attracted to you. Then you will have a definitive existence and identity - and - that's when things will happen in your life.


The key - is - your inner life-energy must make yourself feel alive - it is an energy that is UNLOCKED from within you - and - you know when you've got "it" - as - "it" immediately makes you feel alive. The SunSign energy is defined by everything in your life. Everything you have gives your life existence and vitality - that includes - all the food in your fridge and cupboards - food is full of energy !


When you STOP and stare at something you love about life - "it" talks to you from within you - "it" makes you feel alive - "it" is unlocking something from within you. Open your eyes - and - you'll see - you've got lots of things - already in your life that are talking to you - but sometimes you don't listen and it doesn't make you feel alive - that's a normal human stupid mistake - seeing all the good things you've got and not feeling the positive energy you're supposed to feel.




This Audio - for "Introduction to Healing Your Sun - Part2"

[14 mins audio ]



Loving your Life & Who you are

Do you believe in yourself - Do you feel you've got the energy from within yourself

It's all within you - all you have to do is believe in yourself ....


Whenever you meet someone with the same DOB as you - it's a funny coincidence. When you see online someone with the same name as you - it too is a funny coincidence. I know - there's a Chef in NY, Professor in London and College student in USA - all with my name - and - thanks to the internet - you've probably found yourself dressed in someone else's identity.


The message here is SELF-ACCEPTANCE - being happy that you are you - not wanting to be someone else. Even if someone has your name and DOB - you have your individuality - your personality - and - your destined destiny.


The quicker you LOVE your own life - the quicker you accept who you are - for all the good and the bad - that "others" say about you - the quicker you can live you life. You see - whenever you don't accept yourself - whenever you're unhappy with your life - life avoids you. Your life goes "on hold" - UNTIL - you accept yourself - and that means LOVING who you are, loving all facets of your life and loving wherever you are.


Indeed, one of the main reasons - goes "on hold" - especially after divorce or breakup's in relationships - is the refusal to accept yourself for being you - all because "someone" refused to accept you for being you - doesn't mean you have to battle yourself.


ACCEPTING yourself - accepting who you are - accepting everything about yourself - is - the way other people will be attracted to you - and - want you. The more you're internally happy about being you - the more other people will be attracted to you.


Let's be honest for a moment - just because - your "ex" didn't like this or that about you - doesn't mean that every man or woman in the world is thinking what your "ex" is thinking about you. When you emit the aura of "not being accepted the way you are" - then - others who might be attracted to you are sensing - "keep away".


However, when you emit - "I don't careless what anyone thinks about me" - because - "I accept I am who I am" - and - "I like being me" - then all the right people will be attracted to you. And then even the ones who moaned and complained about you - will be attracted back into your life.


During the past 7 years - the instability - the insecurity - the refusal to accept people for being whoever they are - was afflicting the world. Now onwards - for the next 7 years - from 2018 - ACCEPTANCE of yourself will be creating your happiness - ACCEPTANCE of yourself being yourself will ensure success - and - will be the key to attracting the destined destiny into your life. Acceptance is something you feel within you - acceptance is not something you can buy, sell or trade.




Healing Your SunSign

Other people always do something

& you always do something for others

You are you - but - the truth is your SunSign is more activated by other people and what others do for you

Other people always get more excited being connected to you - than - you feel being by yourself all alone


When you go to work - you emit a different personality to when you're at home. Others see a different version of you at work than the private version of you. Which is the better version of "you" ? Which do you prefer ? Which version of "you" - do you like the most ?


The natural human energy requires connecting with other people. Most people always feel more energetic being with other people than you feel being alone. That's because - the interactive energy of warmth and vibrancy others sense from you - and - that you sense from others is ENERGIZING for you.


When you come home - and - no one is at home - you feel it. When you come home and everyone is at home - there's a different dynamic energy. When you go to Church and no-one is there - you feel different to when it's full of people. People create energy. The truth is - your thoughts and connections to other people is what unlocks the energy within you. Your the one who feels it from within you.


Let me explain, when you meet your boyfriend or girlfriend, lover, husband or wife - they seem to give you energy - they unlock energy from within you because you feel their warmth and what the connection to them does for you inside you. They might do nothing for others - and - they might have no idea how excited you feel inside you for them - because - none of us - knows what we do for others.


SunSign Healing says - in the same way you get excited and energized by other people - other people get excited and energized by YOU - even if you don't realize it. Therefore - to truly activate your SunSign - you need to be out and amongst OTHER people - even if you don't say anything - your SunSign needs the energy of other human-beings.


Even if you feel nothing - even if you have no idea what you're doing for other people - SunSign Healing - means - life wants you to be on view for others. And whilst internet photos of you - are nice - there's no comparison to the real life warmth you emit. Hence, if your SunSign - is - feeling DEAD - feeling LAZY - with no energy - then - go-out and be amongst OTHER people. That's it - simple message - be seen - be amongst other people - and your SunSign will be healed.


Indeed, the irony and paradox is when people feel DEAD and LAZY - instinctively they stay indoors and do nothing - but the healing of SunSign is defined by the opposite - by breaking-free and going out to become ALIVE and ENERGETIC - amongst other people.


And when you go-out the reason why you want to be amongst other people is so that you can emit your love - light - warmth - your personality - that others need to feel - so that life-energy can flow through you. This is the fundamental reason - why the strongest version of yourself is when you're in relationship and having sex - as - the maximum life-energy of you - is being felt by someone else.





Your Sun & Your Moon

Are you more Moon than Sun?

Are you more Sun than Moon ?

You are you - but - is what you do for other people in your life - more than what you do for yourself

Is your life defined by - co-existence to someone else ? Is their identity in fact your identity ?

Every marriage is defined by who's identity is the main entity - who is the Sun - who is the Moon ?



Before you question and doubt yourself - there's nothing wrong with being defined by being a MoonSign personality - rather than being SunSign personality. Lots of people are defined MoonSign people because of their sensitivity and emotional energies are much more powerful and productive than their SunSign energies.


And it's often a strategic advantage being MoonSign personality - instead of being the SunSign - but there are sacrifices and certain things you need to comprehend - because all MoonSign people have made a choice to give-up their SunSign identity - even so - the SunSign is still present and active behind the scenes of life. Let me explain .....


I explained on Moon Astrology - that each of us has TWO components - SunSign & MoonSign - the best comparison is to think of your SunSign like your surname - and - your MoonSign is your 1st name. Indeed - your 1st name is more important than your surname - especially to all the closest people in daily your life who are the most important to you - because your 1st name has your personal energy.


Your surname - for women when married - follows your husband. You've lost your original surname when you get married - the same - for people who use their MoonSign more than their SunSign. You loose some of the power of your SunSign identity - which can be very advantageous - as you live life with much less stress and worry.


You see - MoonSign people live their lives in supportive roles to SunSign people. Even in business - the Office Managers are the SunSign people giving instructions and being dominant to the subservient MoonSign people. You might say it's a form a ownership and power - but the truth is - all MoonSign orientated people - prefer being in supportive roles - because there's no need to worry like SunSign people worry.


SunSign people have the advantage that life is all about them - they run the show - everything is in their name - the disadvantage is when it goes wrong - when it falls-apart or gets afflicted - they get hurt the most - like someone has extinguished their light.


Whereas MoonSign people don't have the responsibilities that SunSign people have - and hence - when they see things falling apart - or - see a major problem - they avoid it - detach from it - and - it doesn't affect them - and - their emotional energies adapt much easier to changing circumstances.



Combine Your Sun & Your Moon?

Idealistically - you should combine - Your SunSign and Your MoonSign


Everyone consists of SunSign and MoonSign - but - very often - I've seen - people go through phases of life - when - their SunSign goes "on hold" whilst they devote a phase of their lives to living the MoonSign identity. This is the reason why I've told certain people - to read the astrological weekly and yearly predictions of their MoonSign as well as the SunSign.


The best example to explain living the combination of Your SunSign and MoonSign is - by the clothes you wear. If you work in office, shop commercial place or factory - you have to wear the uniform of that place - you can't wear what you want to wear. When you get home after work - you can change into clothes you want to wear.


If, you choose to wear the same boring clothes everyday - then you've lost your personality - your MoonSign is "on hold" - because - your practical SunSign - you see - your clothes should reflect your mood - wearing bright colored clothes define bright and happy.


The same astrologically - everyday - has new astrological energies - if you're living today like you did last week - then you're stuck in your SunSign identity - and only when the Moon gets exceptionally strong at Moon squares and Full Moon's that's when your MoonSign awakens - otherwise your life can be dull-and-boring - until the monthly SunSign changes.


If you've not changed anything in the past 30 days - if you're still living the same dull and boring life - then you're very much as SunSign person and you need to heal your MoonSign. If, however, your a busy, vibrant and active person - but only when the Moon is powerful - and you're always waiting for other people - before you can do anything - then you're a MoonSign person and your SunSign needs healing.


And the way you heal your SunSign is irrespective of your mood - you have to keep active and busy - you have to be amongst other people - and - you have to awaken yourself to LOVE LIGHT and emit WARMTH to everyone in your life.


Ironically, people who live long phases of SunSign identity - want to change and live MoonSign identity. And people who live long phases of MoonSign identity get fed-up and want to change to live SunSign identity.


The choice to change is going to be available for everyone in 2018 - that's why I've created this section of the website. But before you make your choice - recognize - each of the past 30 years of your life - back to 1988 - and recognize the time when you were living MoonSign and when you were living SunSign.


When you were married and being taken care of by someone else - you were clearly living MoonSign - and that might be why - you changed because you missed your SunSign identity. But the perfect combination is to recognize - you've got both facets of your identity that need's to be energized everyday. Or - have you made the decision that you're a MoonSign and happy to be a MoonSign person !?


If you are a MoonSign person - then - you must accept that whilst - you'll have freedom of spirit - freedom of emotions - freedom from the worries, pressure and work that SunSign's do - you're always defined by OTHER people in your life - who will define your identity - and - that means ACCEPTING to be of service to others.





Healing your Sun begins from Within You

Finding YourSelf - Finding Your True Nature

You are the only person in the world who can heal yourself - and - you can do it - it is all within you ...

You have a heart and mind - you have the ability to feel - to sense - to love - to become energized ...



Inner Planets of Sun - Mercury - Venus - all co-exist together - All working together


Mercury & Venus are on either side of your SunSign - which makes it easy to explain how your mind works, what you think about, the way your mind thinks and operates - and - what you love about life and how you attract goodness into your life.




All Your Planets define You

You are you - but - your life is defined by all the Planets in the Solar System

When all the planets are activated in your life - then - you are the best and fullest version of yourself




Audio's for Healing-Your-Sun

I've created the following audio's on this page - for - Healing your Sun



[1] Audio - for "Introduction to Healing Your Sun & Healing Your Moon" [14 mins audio]


[2] Audio - for "Introduction to Healing Your Sun - Part1" [11 mins audio]


[3] Audio - for "Introduction to Healing Your Sun - Part2" [14 mins audio]




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