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Next Month's Astrological Events

Sun in Aquarius 20th January => 19th February 2020

Written by author of ספר כוכבי אור Sefer Kochvei Or - Book of Stars of Light - Spiritual Astrology

to be read in conjunction with Secrets of Daily Moon Astrology, "This Weeks" Planetary Movements

This Years Major Astrological Events of the Outer Planets for 2020


Audio for - Introduction for Months Astrology - Sun in Aquarius

Audio for - Introduction - Part 2 - "Believing" - Sun in Aquarius


Weekly and Yearly predictions with Audio for each of the 12 star signs

Audios for "Part 4 of Zodiac Year for Dec'19-Jan-Feb-March 2020"

3 Months of - December 2019 - January 2020 - February 2020



Sun in Aquarius - 11th Star Sign of Zodiac

Unexpected Shocks & Surprises

Major Changes for Long-Term Stability

Sun in Aquarius [Air Sign] New Moon in Aquarius [Air Sign] on Friday 24th Jan' 2020

Mercury in Aquarius [Air Sign] Venus in Pisces [Water Sign]


Mars in Sagittarius [Fire Sign] Jupiter in Capricorn [Earth Sign] Saturn in Capricorn [Earth Sign]

Uranus in Taurus [Earth Sign] Neptune in Pisces [Water Sign] Pluto in Capricorn [Earth Sign]


The Astrological configuration means that for those people who've experienced a life-changing Sun in Capricorn - and - found that afflicted and bad facets of the past 7 years have finally come to an "END". Sun in Aquarius will truly make you feel LIBERATED and SET-FREE !


The worst thing in the world - the worst experience of life - is - to be WORRIED about things. People who are WORRIED - are people trapped in a prison of their own mind. Sun in Aquarius will ensure - you're completely SET-FREE from worrying about all the things you've been worried about.


Major Once-in-a-Lifetime Changes Coming

Truth will redefine you life - and - "it" will be once-in-a-lifetime - which will be "healing" you

Depending on how much deception and instability is in your life - defines how big the changes will be

Depending on how much you need correcting to be put back on-course will define the changes


20th January => 19th February 2020

Jupiter moves from 11° => 18° Capricorn

Saturn moves from 23° => 27° Capricorn


A very important "Date-with-Destiny"

on 22nd March: Saturn enters Aquarius


20th January: Sun enters Aquarius

23rd January: Sun 2° Aquarius squares Uranus 2° Taurus

24th January: New Moon 3° Aquarius

25th January: Mercury 14° Aquarius sextiles Mars 14° Sagittarius

27th January: Venus 16° Pisces conjunct Neptune 16° Pisces

28th January: Mars 16° Sagittarius squares Neptune 16° Pisces


3rd February: Mercury enters Pisces

5th February: Mercury 2° Pisces sextiles Uranus 2° Taurus

7th February: Venus enters Aries

9th February: Full Moon 19° Leo

14th-15th February: Mars 28°/29° Sagittarius - over the Galactic Center

16th February: Mars enters Capricorn


19th February: Sun enters Pisces

20th February: Jupiter 17° Capricorn sextiles Neptune 17° Pisces

21st February: Mars 3° Capricorn trines Uranus 3° Taurus

23rd February: New Moon 4° Pisces

23rd February: Sun 3° Pisces sextiles Uranus 3° Taurus

23rd February: Sun 4° Pisces sextiles Mars 4° Capricorn


Introducing Sun in Aquarius

This Zodiac Year - will ensure - Aquarius will be Aquarius - Liberating - Exciting and Crazy

The Purpose of Aquarius is to set-you-free from negativity - set-you-free from blockages


Sun in Aquarius is defined by the opposite StarSign of Leo - as the Sun in Aquarius - means that Earth which is orbiting the Sun - is in the energetic field of StarSign of Leo - hence - a Full Moon in Leo on 9th February 2020 will be truly a date-with-destiny.


Sun in Aquarius [Air Sign] New Moon in Aquarius [Air Sign] on Friday 24th Jan' 2020

Mercury in Aquarius [Air Sign] 16th January => 3rd February 2020

Venus in Aries [Fire Sign] from 7th February => 5th March 2020

Mars in Sagittarius [Fire Sign] from 3rd January => 16th February 2020


The Astrological configuration during Sun in Aquarius - means - it will be truly exciting, liberating and crazy. The reason for CRAZINESS is that Aquarian energies have the purpose to break-through all barriers of a "Logical" world.


Aquarius believes in NEW changes for a brighter NEW future. Aquarius makes the world an exciting place to live in. No-one is destined to have a DEAD-BORING life. Everyone on Earth in 2020 has the power and potential to make your life "exciting". All you need is to BELIEVE IN YOURSELF.


Sun in Aquarius - Believing in Life

Exciting and Passionate - Believing in "People"

Sun in Aquarius - StarSign of Living Life - Loving Life - Bright - Light - Happiness

What makes you feel "ALIVE" - what makes you love life - is something inside your mind


When you feel "DEAD" - you feel "dead-bored" with life - you feel trapped, restricted, stuck, stagnant. When you feel "ALIVE" - you feel FREE - you feel energy of FREEDOM - you feel happy, energetic, ambitious and enlightened.


FREEDOM isn't external - FREEDOM is a belief that you feel WITHIN you. Happiness isn't external - Happiness is a light from WITHIN you. No-one can make you HAPPY. Only you can feel HAPPINESS from WITHIN yourself.


When you're in a GOOD MOOD - you're in the mood to dance - to sing - to communicate - to talk - to be OPEN to the whole world - to be on the internet [this is why so many people will be beginning websites in 2020]. Conversely, when you've been in BAD MOOD - you've not been in the mood to do anything - you're not even in the mood to talk - all you want to do is be "CLOSED" to the world.


Being "CLOSED" is another way of being "DEAD". Being "OPEN" is the only way to be "ALIVE". A shop which is "CLOSED" is a failure - whereas a shop which is "OPEN" will attract people. There's only ONE problem - and - that's "OPEN" people attract "thieves" too - and - in the past 7 years - you've been damaged because you've been too-open to everyone.


This year 2020 - you're wiser and have learnt from all your mistakes - so you'll be "OPEN" to GOOD people - and - "CLOSED" to BAD people. The biggest challenge in everyone's lives and the reason for everyone's problems is - always - getting involved with "BAD PEOPLE". Conversely, the greatest happiness in everyone's lives and the reason for life's success and destined events is - always - THANKS TO GOOD PEOPLE.


You'll see - good coincidences happening in January and February 2020 - defined by your connections to OTHER PEOPLE - all you have to do is FOCUS on the GOOD people - and - ignore all the BAD people who do nothing for you.


What you do for others - defines how good you are for other people. What other people do for you - defines how good other people are for you. The truth will be revealed - and - that's when you'll find LOVE - LIGHT - HAPPINESS from WITHIN yourself. Inside "you" - you've got a sensitive intuitive destined feeling to know when you've found GOOD people - and - it will make you feel ALIVE.


Sun in Aquarius will ensure you find reasons to love life - to be bright and happy. But - and - it's a "BIG BUT" - and - that's this year's Sun in Aquarius will be HONEST and TRUTHFUL - so if you fake it and pretend to be happy and you're not truly happy - then Sun in Aquarius will create a lot of ANGER and FRUSTRATION for liars. The good news is that by the Full Moon in Leo on 9th February 2020 - it will ensure - SUCCESS and HAPPINESS for everyone - as you'll find the right people and delete all the wrong people.



Sun in Aquarius - Battle between Logic & Belief

Believing in Life is essential to be a "normal" human !

To live life you need to believe in the future - People who don't belief in a future are "dead".



There are TWO components of our lives - "LOGIC" and "BELIEF". A logical world defines that there is an order to life, a logical person believes that everything which has been in our lives should continue to be the same. Logical people are living in the "past" - and - have no ambition or vision of the future.


There's a BIG problem with "LOGIC" and that's they've got no imagination for a better future. You see - "LOGIC" means - you only get one chance of life - if you fail - then your life is over. But "BELIEF" says - you get lots of chances of life - if you fail - then you get a 2nd - 3rd - 4th - 5th chances .....


If scientists searching for solutions to world-problems - would give-up after the 1st attempt - we'd all be "dead". You need to BELIEVE in order to be a normal human-being. In fact - BELIEVERS are always more successful that LOGICAL people.


In the business world - believers are always wealthier and successful than logical-thinkers. Logical people find reasons to say "NO" - believers find reasons to say "YES". Many of the wealthiest and successful people in the world - BELIEVE in something.


The wealthiest and successful people in the World are all BELIEVERS - Jewish, Muslim, Hindu, Christian - all the great religions of the world - defined by a BELIEF system - define - SUCCESS - HAPPINESS - WEALTH.


Steve Jobs of blessed memory - was known to have ONE iBook - by Yogananda. Sri Sri Paramahansa Yogananda - the Journey to Self-realization - is one of my favorite books - a brilliant Spiritual Master - [google - "paramahansa yogananda self realization pdf" - you'll see the links of free books online].


But I will tell you the truth - there are times - especially during the past 7 years - when you might have tried your best to become awakened and believe - but - you were blocked. From now onwards - the DOORS ARE OPEN - the doors to become awakened from WITHIN you are now completely OPENED - all you have to do is BELIEVE that it's WITHIN YOU.


Anyone who doesn't BELIEVE - especially stubborn and logical-thinking people will get ANGRY - FRUSTRATED - JEALOUS of other people during Sun in Aquarius. Because as a human-being the only pathway to SUCCESS will be to BELIEVE in LIFE.


Dubai - UAE is a miracle - Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum is an exceptional visionary - you could say a man of making Miracles come true. He imagined and made it happen. Today Dubai is one of the leading World cities - it's unique - it's unbelievable - it's truly fantastic - and - the man behind making it all happen - did it because he BELIEVES - he is a BELIEVER.


All my readers in Dubai have learnt from the Sheikh - the essential human need to BELIEVE in a bright future - and when you BELIEVE - then you too - can make "anything" happen. When you're living in a country defined by BELIEVERS - then you too become a BELIEVER.


Belief creates success. Believers create success. "Believing" OPENS your mind and soul. As a believer knows that there is a DIVINE CREATOR of the Universe making it happen. Believers believe in INFINITY - infinite possibilities - without limitations.



Sun in Aquarius - Mars in Sagittarius - Venus in Aries

Sun in Aquarius - sextiles - Mars in Sagittarius - sextiles - Venus in Aries


This important configuration - Sun - Mars - Venus - means - coincidences - things flowing smoothly. "Love & Money" - success and happiness will be created by a vibrancy of communication.


However, under this configuration - means - that anyone who argues with you are defining "NOT-GOOD-FOR-YOU". Argumentative people must be considered to be "poisonous" during Sun in Aquarius - and - you'll have the ability to SWITCH-OFF and DIVORCE yourself from them. People who hate others are losers. Argumentative people are losers.


Argumentative people are trying to hold-onto other people - but - instead of being loving - "destiny" will make them become intolerably argumentative - in order to set-you-free forever from them.


All you have to do with - Sun in Aquarius - sextiles - Mars in Sagittarius - sextiles - Venus in Aries - is LOVE everyone who is good for you - LOVE everyone you LOVE - LOVE everything you LOVE. Love is magnetic for success.



Jupiter in Capricorn - Saturn in Capricorn - Pluto in Capricorn

Sun in 1st House of Aquarius means Jupiter - Saturn - Pluto in 12th House of Karma in Capricorn


The fascinating fact that Sun in 1st House of Aquarius - means - Jupiter - Saturn - Pluto in 12th House of Karma in Capricorn - means - mysterious coincidences will happen to ensure you're karmically SET-FREE from all BAD people - and - SET-FREE forever from them.


The SHOCKS and SURPRISES - created by the MYSTERIOUS coincidences will define that life is helping facilitate change. You see - Sun in Aquarius is enlightening - it has the purpose to OPEN your mind to possibilities of change.


Capricorn energies aren't suited for everyone. You either love Capricorn or you hate Capricorn. This year and for next 12 months - you've got no choice - everyone is going to have to come to terms with and learn to work with "Capricorn" energies. Life will teach everyone to love Capricorn.


What is "Capricorn" - and - how do you work "Capricorn" ? Capricorn is an Earth StarSign - and - with respects to Jupiter in Capricorn - and - Saturn in Capricorn - if you look back to Jupiter in Capricorn - 2008 - 1996 - 1984 - or - look back to - Saturn in Capricorn - 1989 -1990 -1991 - then you will find similarities to know what happened then - to know what is about to happen in 2020.


However, it's more than comparisons to those cyclical years - because - Neptune in Pisces [Water Sign] in it's home , Pluto in Capricorn [Earth Sign] until 2024 , Uranus in Taurus [Earth Sign] until 2025 - means - that the astrological shift in power is totally into Earth StarSigns.


For all of you who know Capricorn [Earth Sign] - and - all the [3 Earth Signs] Virgo - Taurus - Capricorn - when - [Earth Signs] promise to do something - they do it. In fact - Earth Signs will even do things without "rewards" - because - they have an inbuilt responsibility to be "do'ers".


Any of you with planets in Earth Signs - you know the power that comes to you - is an inbuilt need and desire to "do" specific things with your life. You'll do it - you'll persist at doing it - you'll be committed to it - and - no-one in the world will ever be able to stop you from doing it.


The persistence of all Earth Signs and planets in Earth Signs in your own astrological chart - defines that - you know sooner or later - you'll achieve your goals. Earth Signs can outlive all Fire Signs and Air Signs - as Fire & Air Signs - give-up easily if they don't get a quick result. Whereas Earth Signs know that sooner or later - they'll become WINNERS.


Earth Signs are WINNERS and become WINNERS - because - they REFUSE to be distracted - they REFUSE to accept any other alternative - other than "their own VISION of the FUTURE".


This is the 1st time in 12 years that [All Earth Signs] - will become WINNERS - and - it's because - they've been focused on "it" - for the past 12 years - with head-strong determination - that this is their destiny - because - they KNOW it's their destiny.


This is the reason why lots of people have FAILED in the past 12 years - because - they didn't persist at whatever they're doing. They didn't persist at their relationships - they didn't persist at their career or business. The good news is that you can GO-BACK to your destiny - if you see what "it" is you must GO-BACK to.


PERSIST at "it" - PERSIST and FOCUS on "it" - at least until 15th February 2020 - and - you'll see SUCCESS. That's provided "it" is truly the destined pathway you're destined to be on.

Sun in Capricorn - followed by - Sun in Aquarius - will ensure EVERYONE is guided - back-on-track of destiny by coincidences - and - within the next 2 months you'll arrive at a destination. "You will always meet your destiny - even on the pathway you chose to avoid it".



During the past 7 years - blockages happened

If nothing destined has happened for you

Understanding the Spiritual component of Astrology


The only time in history I can compare the past 7 years to - is WWII - 1938 => 1945 - when the individuals astrological charts would not have been predictable - as the whole world was "on hold" because of WWII. Thereafter - everyone got their lives back together - and - moved on to a new future.


For this - was given to me - in 2012 - by a Chassidish Rebbe - the Komarna Rebbe - who explained that for many people [me included] - that 7 years 2013 => 2020 - would have facets of everyone's lives that would be "on hold".


And on his advice I came to live in Poland for 7 years - to avoid the "dead-zone" of bad luck of 7 years. Now that's concluded - you - me - and - everyone who have been "on hold" - will now have GOOD LUCK RESTORED to you to get on with your lives - in sync with your own specific astrological chart - and - the destined destiny of your life.


When astrological charts go "on hold" for 7 years - and being "dead-zone" - this defines - destined relationships have been "on hold" - and - it felt that NOTHING happened in the past few years. This doesn't apply to everyone - but - if it applies to you - then - don't worry - you've not missed your destiny - you'll get-it-back-quickly - in 3 months - January - February - March 2020 - and - then you can get on with living life.


What you need to do is study your own astrological chart - and - see what facets of your life have had NOTHING happening in the past 7 years - and - then ask yourself - what should have happened. Then find the way to put yourself - back-on-track.



Lots of changes coming - to put your life - back-on-track - with meaning and purpose

Coincidences and changes will be defined by ....



- depending on your own astrological chart

- depending on how "damaged" you've been in the past

- depending on what you've been doing which isn't right for you

- depending on who you've been connected to - who've lied to you

- depending on who you've been disconnected from - who are actually good for you

- depending on how unstable and wrong your life has been in the past 7 years

All of which will define what needs to happen and what will be happening by 22nd March 2020

Why not - talk to me for 5 mins - or - have a quick reading with me ?





Astrologically - The 7 Years from 2013 until 2020

During the past 7 years - you've been given lots of "pieces" - 2020 is the year you bring it all together

The phase of enlightenment and self-realization of your destiny begins 4th/5th January 2020

Self-Realization means you've got all the answers within you - now make "it" happen


The astrologically destined events of the past 7 years - have been leading to January 2020. You've had lots of experiences during the past 7 years - and - now is the destined time of long-term stability. Living the life you were born to live - means - really living life - not imagining it anymore - but - really living life.


Many people forget the reasons why they're alive - forget the real reasons why they were born. From 4th/5th January 2020 - this begins with an awakening of enlightenment - self-realization of why you're alive - knowing the truth from within your own mind and thoughts what you're doing on Earth - and - the most important fact is to find INNER PEACE - via - self-realization of ENLIGHTENMENT.


Many products - many services talk about "ENHANCED EXPERIENCE" defined by "BETTER QUALITY of LIFE". The year 2020 is all about living life - but - instead of existing from day-to-day - life wants you to live the fullness of life's experience.


A "BETTER QUALITY of LIFE" is not defined by "more" money or being needy for something external to improve your life - "BETTER QUALITY of LIFE begins by you feeling more ALIVE from WITHIN you - by you appreciating the gift of life - by you enjoying being ALIVE with gratitude - with happiness - with love - as you journey 2020 on Earth.


Because when you feel more ALIVE from WITHIN you - with - enlightenment - self-realization of why you're alive - then - automatically you will ATTRACT your destined destiny. You can't attract "it" - if you're not feeling ALIVE or AWAKENED from within yourself. Are you feeling ALIVE?



Astrologically - Very Easy for all Earth & Water Signs

Success - Easy and Enjoyable - Happy and Lively

Capricorn - Taurus - Virgo [Earth Signs] - and - Pisces - Cancer - Scorpio [Water Signs]


All SunSign Capricorn - Taurus - Virgo [Earth Signs] - and - SunSign Pisces - Cancer - Scorpio [Water Signs] - and - those of you with planets in these StarSigns - will all see positive changes happen for you during Sun in Capricorn - as many of you have been waiting for 7 years for a positive change.


Because - the past 7 years have been challenging and difficult for many of you - as good things start to happen - you'll be so grateful - so happy - so lively - and - for the 1st time in 7 years - you'll be truly happy.


Since Jupiter entered Capricorn on 2nd December 2019 - you've see some changes. Now you'll see many more changes. As your "energy" is coming back to you - you'll soon completely be back-to-life - as something you've been waiting for - comes into your life - and - during Sun in Aquarius 20th January => 19th February 2020 - followed by - Sun in Pisces 19th February => 20th March 2020 - you'll be completely back - full of life - full of happiness - full of excitement.


Other StarSigns will be realizing a karmic truth that MAJOR things have changed - and - there's no more continuing life the way it has been in the past 7 years. Adapting to the NEW phase of life is the only way forwards. If it is difficult during Sun in Capricorn - it will become easier during Sun in Aquarius - but - everyone will have to adapt !


The purpose of this next phase of life is define long-term stability - to give your life true meaning and true purpose - and - as a human-being - your purpose is to be connected to people who are GOOD for you - because - you are GOOD for them.



Success - Easy and Enjoyable - Happy and Lively

Begin something new on the internet

Unlike the past 7 => 12 years - whatever you begin now - will be solid and successful

Things you've done which are a waste of time - you'll stop wasting your time on "them"


"Some" of you will move-home - make commitments in relationships - working what you want to work at - instead of being forced to work at something you hate doing - and - "some" of you - will begin revealing what you do on the internet - by beginning websites - like me and my friends. And whatever you BEGIN on the internet during Sun in Aquarius will be lucky for you.


The most enjoyable facet of the internet is connecting with people on-your-wavelength - but - you need to be on the internet to define who you are and what you do. Those of you - contemplating a "new"website - a "new" online business - then - now is the time to begin.


If, however, Sun in Aquarius makes you feel fed-up with the internet of whatever you have been doing - and - your internet activity gives you no energy anymore - then - Sun in Aquarius will SET-YOU-FREE from the internet - especially if you earn nothing from it.







Audios for "Part 4 of Zodiac Year for Dec'19-Jan-Feb-March 2020"

3 Months of - December 2019 - January 2020 - February 2020



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