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This Weeks Astrology שבע כוכבי לכת

The powerful astrological energies transcending from each Planet in our Solar system has great influence on everyone's life.

If they didn't have any purpose nor provide unique energy - then they wouldn't exist nor any of the 12 star signs in the Zodiac.

Anyone who denies their influence denies the existence of the Divine Creator of the Universe and are missing out on great wisdom.


This "weekly astrology" feature is written by the author of ספר כוכבי אור Sefer Kochvei Or

to be read in conjunction with Moon Astrology and the Monthly Astrological Events & Years Events 2019


Weekly & Yearly Predictions for Each of the 12 Star Signs

Weekly and Yearly predictions with Audio for each of the 12 star signs

New Audio's explaining the next 3 months - 1st September => 1st December '19



Audio for - This Week's Summary


Concise & Brief - This Weeks Astrological Events

Week from Monday 11th => Monday 18th November 2019

Sun in Scorpio [Water Sign] Full Moon in Taurus [Earth Sign]

Full Moon in Taurus - created by - Sun in Scorpio on 12th November 2019


Mercury in Scorpio [Water Sign] Venus in Sagittarius [Fire Sign]

Mars in Libra [Air Sign] Jupiter in Sagittarius [Fire Sign] Saturn in Capricorn [Earth Sign]

Uranus in Taurus [Earth Sign] Neptune in Pisces [Water Sign] Pluto in Capricorn [Earth Sign]


The Sun-Uranus Opposition is once-a-lifetime "Change"

The Full Moon in Taurus is once-a-year "Change"

The Seasons of Life - define - sooner or later - things change for the better

Destined Life Changes will be normal part of life until the end of November


Sun in Scorpio - OPPOSES - Uranus in Taurus - Destined Changes have already begun

Full Moon in Taurus - conjunct - Uranus in Taurus on 12th November 2019

Full Moon in Taurus - trines - Saturn & Pluto in Capricorn on 12th November 2019


As you understand from the physics of our Solar System - when we say the Sun enters Scorpio - we actually mean - Earth which is in orbit around the Sun - enters Taurus as viewed from the Sun - which gives the impression that Sun has entered Scorpio.


Sun in Scorpio - it will immediately UNLOCK the energies of Uranus in Taurus - as the Sun - Uranus opposition - exact on Monday 28th October 2019 - at the New Moon in Scorpio will be doing what it does best - to SET-YOU-FREE from the "past" and enable you to live life for the "future".


Sun-Uranus opposition - means - being SET-FREE from anything BAD for you - being SET-FREE from the negative situation you've been in - during the past 12 months [or even during the past 7 years] - being SET-FREE so that you can live the life you're destined to live - and - not do anything you're not destined to be doing - being SET-FREE so that "you" can be "you".


Life is all about ENERGY. Where you get your energy from and how you get your energy defines "you". Sometimes you don't realize you've got lots of ENERGY - but you're not using your full potential.


The only times you know how much ENERGY you've got is when you're able to use "it" - when you want to use "it" - when life forces you to use "it". Sun in Scorpio - opposing - Full Moon & Uranus in Taurus is all about UNLOCKING YOUR ENERGY.


"Who" and "what" will be doing "it" for you - you'll see clearly at the Full Moon 12th November 2019 - whoever and whatever "it" is that will ATTRACT your attention and UNLOCK YOUR ENERGY - will be important for your future - and - will be making the next few weeks unforgettable !


The good news is that Sun in Scorpio - defined by Uranus in Taurus defines STABILITY in relationships - which means - HONEST and TRUSTWORTHY relationships whom you can TRUST forever - [well at least for the next 7 years!]. Uranus in Taurus will ensure you see the TRUTH - and - you'll see "it" clearly from the moment Sun enters Scorpio.


I should add that MANY PEOPLE in the world will be falling-apart in the next few days - as Sun-Uranus opposition will be doing a lot work on rearranging people's lives. "Some" will be SET-FREE from bad relationships and will now want you. "Some" will need you as you will need them. "Some" will desire you as you desire them. Scorpio-Taurus Magnetism means "instinctive and natural human attraction".


* Sun 18° => 25° Scorpio - Sun in Scorpio - defines - MAGNETISM and ATTRACTION - defined by what you're attracted to and who is attracted to you.


Sun in Scorpio - is the power of HONESTY - because you'll either feel STRONGLY CONNECTED to everyone and everything which is TRUE to you - or - you'll feel NOTHING.


All emptiness and all feelings of "NOTHING" - means - there's truthfully "NO-ENERGY" holding anything deceitful, fake or false in your life - so it all falls-away.


Hence, the instinctive energy of Sun in Scorpio will ensure you feel "NOTHING" in order to go looking for "SOMETHING".


* Full Moon at 19° Taurus on Tuesday 12th Nov' 2019

* Next New Moon at 3° Sagittarius on Tuesday 26th Nov' 2019


Each of the lunar transits will ensure - you get the specific FEELINGS to want to talk to some people and get FEELINGS that others are either being HONEST with you or DISHONEST.


Truths will be revealed - Truth in relationships. Listen to your feelings - because - only when you LISTEN - then you know what decision to make about your future.


The Moon is all about feeling positive and excited via your loving connections with other people - old people and new people too. Everyone has someone [or something] they love - and - love is the only source of your energy.


* Mercury 19° => 11° Scorpio - retrograde [ * Mercury goes direct at 11° Scorpio on 21st Nov' ] - Mercury creates the truthful clarity you've been waiting for - the next few weeks - will be creating something NEW and EXCITING to stimulate your life with excitement.


This week and next Week - Mercury retrograde in Scorpio - will be unusually excitable - defined by - Mercury in Scorpio CONJUNCT Sun in Sun in Scorpio will be exact at the Full Moon on 12th November 2019 - with Moon Full conjunct Uranus in Taurus - means - BIG UNEXPECTED SHOCKS and SURPRISES.


Mercury will make you feel EXCITED by communication and connections to people you know - and - being introduced to NEW people - who are going to be important to your future - honest and trustworthy people - to get your life moving forwards into a better and happier future.


Mercury - creates thoughts - positive thinking - which creates action, determination and a lot of energy for communication to the RIGHT people - it will ensure you catch-up with yourself and get re-connected to everyone you're destined to be connected to.


Mercury in Scorpio - 3rd October => 9th December 2019 - which includes the Mercury retrograde from 1st => 20th November 2019 - will ensure you will be communicating to exactly who you need to communicate with - for SUCCESS and HAPPINESS - LOVE & MONEY - communication will create the right connections.




* Venus 11° => 20° Sagittarius - this week - Venus in Sagittarius - means - UNEXPECTED SHOCKS and SURPRISES - that will be defining the FUTURE. Venus conjunct Jupiter in Sagittarius will be exact on 23rd November 2019 - but - everday leading towards the conjunction - you'll be feeling and seeing SOMETHING EXCITING changing in your life


Venus surprises will be in "love" and "money"- defined by genuine honest and trustworthy people in your life. Venus defines "love and money". Only people you truly love and love you - will be attracted into your life.


Venus defines both love, beauty, elegance and "money" - because life without Venus life would be dead-boring - you wouldn't feel alive - and you would want to live. I always say that there's only TWO things that makes most people feel ALIVE - that's "money" and "love" - Venus rules both - Venus is the essential energy that everyone needs.


Many people have still been dealing with endings - of "last years Zodiac cycle". This week - the end is finally ended - as - Venus defines the future - from now onwards it's all about something NEW - and - future is completely revealed.


Venus defines being "turned-on" with excitement by LOVE - PASSION - DESIRES - MAGNETISM - ATTRACTION - no-one will be left out of getting both - "love" and "money" - Venus will create excitement in "love and money" - defined - by something NEW and someone NEW.




* Mars 24° => 29° Libra - Mars will be creating MAJOR real-life changes - Mars in Libra from 4th October => 19th November 2019 - [Mars enters Scorpio on Tuesday 19th November] - Mars in Libra will give you the POWER - DETERMINATION - STRENGTH - to BEGIN something NEW in your life - to clear-out anything that's unhealthy and bad for you - and to do something meaningful for creating a better future for yourself.


Mars in Libra will ensure things get AWAKENED - get energized - get MOVING - get DONE - because it will give you the truthful clarity and determination to want to do whatever life wants you to do. Mars in Leo - will give you the positive energy to communicate and say what you want - to achieve what you want - especially in an area of your life that's been DEAD for the past few years - and - an area of your life that's been BLOCKED.


Mars in Libra [Air Sign] is going to be an important transit - as an OUTER PLANET in Libra - defines a MAJOR change - the most important facet is that it will ensure - you ignore everything that's wrong for you - ignore and forget everyone who has lied to you - detach and disconnect from everyone who is bad for you.


All the outer planets working together - Saturn in Capricorn - Neptune in Pisces - Pluto in Capricorn - Jupiter in Sagittarius - all these planets are in the natural and destined homes - which is destined destiny - exactness of what is 100% RIGHT for you - because it is SUCCESSFUL for you - and discarding of anything that's WRONG for you - because it's a waste of time and waste of energy.


Mars in Libra will create movement forwards - ensuring you have everything you need in order to move-forwards by letting go of the "Past" garbage - and - healing the "past" - because you'll move-on to a better future. And that includes money-related blockages too. You see money is merely a vehicle to ensure you get to wherever you need to be with the people you need to be with. And because everyone will be changing - "money" will be an important factor to what you do and what happens next in your lives.


I've been explaining on Months Astrology destiny is wanting "YOU" to be "YOU" - hence if any of you have been afflicted and haven't been able to be yourself - because you haven't had what you need to be "YOU" - then your power will be returned to you and "YOU" will be "YOU" very soon.




* Jupiter 25°20' => 26°47' Sagittarius - Jupiter in Sagittarius is creating a BIG change in everyone's life - Mars in Libra & Jupiter in Sagittarius is an excellent combination for Jupiter - and - the power will have a huge power - which will be creating BIG things to happeny - seemingly by "coincidence".


Jupiter is direct and from now until April 2020 - life is on-the-move - Jupiter in Sagittarius will be defining a whole new phase in everyone's lives. Whatever has made you sad, miserable and depressed will be vanishing from your lives - whatever has been blocking your happiness and preventing your optimism will dissappear from your life.


Jupiter in Sagittarius will be liberating from anything and anyone who defines "negativity" in your life. So if you feel you've done nothing for the past 12 months or nothing BIG has happened or positively changed in since October 2017 - then your life is going to be awakened from now onwards. Jupiter in Sagittarius means there's BIG, important and significant changes coming for everyone in the next few days and weeks ahead - it will create CHOICES for you to make.


Dates for reference - Jupiter is a 12 year cycle


Jupiter in Sagittarius November 2006 => December 2007

Jupiter in Sagittarius December 1994 => December 1995

Jupiter in Sagittarius December 1982 => December 1983


Do you remember how good - 2007 - 1995 - 1983 were good for you ?

What BIG change and BIG facet of your life came alive in 2007 - 1995 - 1983 ?


Jupiter in Sagittarius creates a "MAGIC" from within you

The MAGIC of Jupiter is all you need to succeed in life

With it you can do anything - without it you can do nothing

Jupiter in Sagittarius will unlock and gives you the energy of Success.


Depending on you and when Jupiter will aspect your chart - you'll get the strong dates with destiny - between now and January 2019. The Jupiter in Sagittarius effect is to UNLOCK a BIG change for everyone and make you become optimistic about your future.


Jupiter in Sagittarius means - you'll realize that you can only truly become optimistic about your future when you've got the right destined people in your life and that you're sharing the same goals and ambitions about growth for your future - more importantly - you can only have SUCCESS when you're disconnected from people who are BAD for you.


The good news for all of you - Jupiter in Sagittarius until 2nd December 2019 - everyday when Jupiter moves forwards towards a bright future - means - something BIG and BRIGHT - and - POSITIVE for everyone.


Jupiter the biggest planet in the Solar System has no blockages to completing it's job - it's making BIG things happen and will continue to - until the "job" gets done - Jupiter in Sagittarius from 8th November 2018 => until 2nd December 2019 - you'll see it moving mountains.




* Saturn 16°10' => 16°45' Capricorn - it's all about the RIGHT PEOPLE coming into your life - and - reconnecting with people who essential to your life - because you really need the connection to them - and - because they're 100% good for you.


Anyone who dares to avoid "relationships" - anyone who dares to say "NO" to anyone - will find their lives being UNLUCKY and BLOCKED. Whereas everyone who embraces people - who says "YES" to relationhsips - will find their lives being LUCKY and HAPPY.


Let me say - that "some" rotten people always want the perfect man or woman - what they're saying is - they want a relationship for themselves - they don't want a two-way mutually beneficial relationship . Unfortunately, many women just want a man with lots of $$$ and a big house - they don't want the man really - but want what they can get from him - and - vice-versa applies too.


Saturn in Capricorn is teaching the lesson to be NICE to everyone. And if you're telling someone you like them a lot but don't want "sex" or "marriage" - that's exactly what Saturn wants you to say. Saturn wants you to SHARE your life with other people - have coffee with them - have dinner with them.


A beautiful woman or a handsome man are only good because they're sharing their energy with others. If they choose to be exclusive and "choosy" and isolated - they're missing the point of being a human-being. Your smile is powerful energy that others need.


You see "lonely" people are failures - because - they're not sharing life with someone. They eat alone - they go to bed alone - they will die alone. The strength of Saturn in Capricorn from September 2019 => February 2020 is and will be very STRONG - and - wants to make everyone achieve SUCCESS and HAPPINESS by being connected to other people.


Saturn in Capricorn will be STRONG - creating destined destiny for everyone - a phase defined by the "right" relationships and being "nice" to the right people - as the right people are being "nice" to you.


Saturn defines the invisible bonds of COHESION towards everything and everyone you need to be connected to - and - defines being disconnected from anyone who is not good for you. Saturn is the planet that defines PROTECTION - and - that means - no-being OPEN to everyone in the world.


Saturn defines mutually beneficial - TWO-WAY energy of relationships - and hence the next 3 years are going to be BAD for selfish people - as - their afflicted Aries-Ego quality will be squared by the karma of Saturn in Capricorn - [& Pluto in Capricorn too] - which means - it's not going to be good for them - and - hence life will ensure you avoid them.


The lesson of Saturn in Capricorn from now and until December 2020 is - to respect each other - cohesion and tolerance for others - and - avoid people who do nothing for you - especially if you've been doing good for them.


Saturn in Capricorn is the reason why I've created a New Locked Website - as I realize that it is wrong of me to be OPEN on the internet - selfish people took-advantage of my good nature - people took from me - because I gave of myself - and I've learnt my karmic lesson.


When someone eccentric and crazy leaves all their valuable belongings in the street - ofcourse - people will steal them. I've realized that I mustn't be crazy anymore. And hence - only share with people who share something of themselves with me.


Saturn defines the positive vibrancy of RELATIONSHIPS with the right people, avoiding and ending relationships with all the wrong people - and from now onwards the vibrancy of warmth and love will get stronger and stronger. You see you attract different types of people in different phases of your lives - Saturn in Capricorn wants you to have the right people for you.


Indeed life is about having "nice" people - because Saturn in Capricorn means anyone who is NOT "nice" to you - is merely defining you have no destiny with them in your future and you need to avoid people who've got bad vibes. This applies to wherever you live, where you shop, where you work and who you have in your life - all of which need to be "warm", welcoming and "nice" to you - otherwise you will realize they're WRONG for you.


Saturn in Capricorn should be 100% clear to you - WHO it is you need in your life - WHO it is you must not have in your life - and WHO it is that makes you feel protected. It will be clear to everyone. Even if you attempt to disconnect from or avoid people - Saturn in Capricorn will ensure - everyone is connected to all the people destiny wants you to be connected to.


Saturn in Capricorn - as explained on the This Year 2019 - the energy of destined relationships is awakened - everyone who is important in your life - past and present - you're going to be feeling their warmth, their energy and seeing the reason why they are in your life.


The reason WHY you're going to be changing and getting success with Saturn in Capricorn is because you're realizing the secret for success is working in harmony with your destined relationships and because you're in sync with each other, because you genuinely honestly like other people and love other people - the bond of destined relationships defined by Saturn in Capricorn always ensures stability and success.


People who fail to appreciate the importance of relationships and cause hatred amongst other people will indeed be hit hard by Saturn in Capricorn - but eventually - even they will be taught the karmic lesson that relationships, compassion and harmony with the right people are more precious than anything else in the world. Saturn in Capricorn from now and until December 2020 will have a destined effect on everyone - especially on your attitude towards all the people in your life and towards your destined relationships.




* Uranus 4°03' => 3°47' Taurus - retrograde - Uranus is the planet that represents pushing your life forward to the "future" - even if you want to remain in the "past" - Uranus creates unexpected surprises - it finds moments of opportunity to surprise you - and then opens your life up to the "future".


The purpose of Uranus is to SET-YOU-FREE & LIBERATE you from both the "past" and from "negativity" - in order to ensure you move on with your life and live in the "future". Uranus breaks the rules - Uranus ignores logic - Uranus does what it sees necessary to do - in order for you to enjoy the gift of life with aliveness.


Uranus is often referred to the energy of SEX - because when you've got a sexual relationship in your life - you're ALIVE and LIBERATED - and when you don't you feel DEAD. Uranus in Taurus will have the purpose to fire-you up - excite you - and - make you become ALIVE and LIBERATED.


The astrological problem - is - the TRUTH - what's the definition of Uranus in Taurus - the answer is easy - it's to excite you by RECONNECTING you to someone or something from your past that makes you feel ALIVE and LIBERATED. Hence, if you've been feeling DEAD and if there's anything you've done that's a mistake - then - Uranus in Taurus will set you free from the mistakes - and - make you feel ALIVE by being connected to everyone and everything that's 100% right for you.


The most important facet is the combination of Uranus in Taurus - trine - Saturn & Pluto in Capricorn means that from now onwards and within the next few months - there will be MAJOR changes happening for everyone. Changes that will be defining the next 2-3-7 years of your life.


From 6th March 2019 - Uranus in Taurus - means - that it's GOODBYE to the past - GOODBYE to the past 7 years - GOODBYE to the negative side of Aries energies that have created fears, worries, instability, selfishness, meaningless and hurtful relationships with horrible idiots.


Uranus in Taurus - will affect everyone - depending on your AGE and DOB - and - wherever there's been INSTABILITY in your life for the past 7 years - that void and instability will vanish as Uranus in Taurus will create STABILITY.


Uranus is the most unusual of planets - Uranus is the planet that always gets the blame and compliments for creating unexpected shocks and surprises. Uranus in Taurus - 15th May 2018 => May 2025 - will affect - all SunSign Taurus, Sun Sign Scorpio's - anyone with planets in Taurus & Scorpio - and - everyone born with Uranus in Scorpio - September 1975 => November 1981.


Uranus in Taurus will create a powerful magical healing and "reset" of character for all readers born between 1956 => 1970 - because you're born with Neptune in Scorpio being energized by attraction of Uranus in Taurus.


Uranus in Taurus will create GOODNESS - because - it eliminates and ensures you get set-free from anything BAD. It's like beginning a NEW life without technically having to die - although - Uranus is the catalyst which makes you feel like you're dead and prevents you from continuing to live a dead-boring life - and - is the reason why you are set-free to live a NEW meaningful life.




* Neptune 16°00' => 15°57' Pisces - retrograde - Neptune creates inspirational, brilliant ideas and spiritual THOUGHTS for you to think about - and even though there's a lot happening in your life - Neptune in Pisces allows you to meditate, inspiring and helping you visualize your future.


Healing Your Neptune - explains - it's natural to dream of a better future - if you're not dreaming then you're not listening to Neptune. Neptune in Pisces says USE YOUR MIND, FOCUS on what you want and THINK wisely as it creates an inspired visualization in your mind of what it wants to happen in your life - then it assists you to make it happen in real life. Many "think" that Neptune is an insignificant OUTER planet that creates nothing more than illusions, fantasies and dreams - that's NONSENSE.


Neptune is the planet that "makes" you think the way you do think - and inspires you to THINK of what destiny wants you to THINK about. The truth is your life is as STAGNANT or as BUSY as your mind is now is your time to believe in the visions in your mind and then make "It" happen. When you keep your mind active - then you are active. When you keep your mind focused on your goals and when you "tune-in" your mind - you can find PEACE anytime of the day or night.


Neptune in Pisces defines that true happiness is an attitude to life, it is something your mind needs to actively pursue in order to enjoy the ft of life, to be happy - all you need to do is change your attitude to life - and STOP seeing life as a dead-end. Neptune will make you realize the truthful definition of LIFE and DEATH. Things that make you feel ALIVE - and things that make you feel DEAD.


Whatever your mind defines as "life" for you - will be what does it for you. Conversely, whatever you believe to be "dead" - destiny will ensure that you keep away from it - which includes ALL man-made "religious" nonsense, cults, addictions, deceit and lies. Neptune ensures you're given your own mind and your own truthful beliefs to know and to do what is truthfully right for you.


Neptune in Pisces - is determined to reveal the SPIRITUAL TRUTH by exposing the LIES and LIARS - hence all intelligent people are using the internet to find the TRUTH - and the TRUTH is many enlightened people have had enough of the LIES the man-made religions. Here is my point - people who attempt to defend their views and their religion by attacking others will always lose - LIARS always attack others - whereas TRUTH stands on it's on two feet - TRUTH doesn't need to attack - because TRUTH always wins.


Neptune in Pisces - wants people to THINK and EXPAND their minds to THINK - hence the instinctive gift to SEARCH and learn something new on the internet. Almost everyone in the world now has freedom of the "internet" - everyone has natural instinct to search for TRUTH. You'll never stop anyone using the karmic blessing of the internet. In fact the more - you tell your followers to STOP looking on the internet - the more you're encouraging them to look !




* Pluto 21°00' => 21°08' Capricorn - means everything is now SOLID and GOOD for everyone - as the karmic energies of both Saturn in Capricorn combined with Pluto in Capricorn - will ensure you're connected with important facets of your life that give your life meaning. Inexplicable and yet destined connection in your life than make you feel wholesome.


Pluto in Capricorn will ensure you see what is truly right for you - something karmic and destined - something that defines stability and meaning of your life - knowing what's right and wrong for you - what gives you stability and what makes you feel unstable - Pluto in Capricorn will explain it to you - DEEP WITHIN YOU - why inexplicable destined things happen in day-to-day real life and will ensure you learn to accept and learn to be the destined person you are destined to be.


Pluto in Capricorn is the karmic guarantor which FORCES and MAKES karmic changes and transformations happen - it has a mission, purpose and destined job to create things to happen and to reconnect YOU with ALL the past-life, spiritual and karmic important pieces of LIFE. It might be the most distant planet in our solar system - but its' intensity and qualities are having the strongest influence on everyone's lives. It ensures things happen.


Pluto in Capricorn - a sense of destined direction and STABILITY in your life - which in terms of Pluto is always defined as something SMALL and yet VITALLY important to you. The important facet of understanding life is that EVERYONE has a destined purpose on Earth - EVERYONE has destined relationships - even if you don't want the karmic relationships that you're destined to have - you will be inexplicably attracted to them - because you've karmic lessons to learn for your own spiritual growth.


If you've had inexplicable karmic delays of preventing your life from going forward in the past 3-4 years - you'll soon see even those inexplicable karmic blockages are being removed - if they haven't already been removed.


I should add an important fact about Pluto in Capricorn - and that is REAL REALITY - Pluto isn't about wishing for something in your life - it is about ONE specific facet of your life - that has come-into your life after Pluto entered Capricorn in November 2008 - ie - it was NOT in your life prior to November 2008 - and yet "it" defines something strong that you can't live without.


Indeed, for some of you "it" might be the internet , your home, your career, your karmic relationships - but whatever "it" is - "it" is something you already have in your life - but you don't realize it's importance until you see it with the clarity. Pluto will ensure you see all the facets of your life with clarity - especially real things in your life that are truly meaningful to you. Real things and true things you can't live without.



"The 7 Planetary Relationships"

"The 7 planetary relationships"


After many years of studying people, their astrological charts and understanding "life" - I was inspired in Astrology of Gemini in May 2011 to comprehend and departmentalize everything in everyone's life into ENERGIES - either intrinsically coming from WITHIN YOU - or externally transcending INTO your life and INTO your aura. But then I realized that there are additional energies which are GENERATED and CREATED between people. These energies are only triggered when TWO people CONNECT with each other.


Each and every CONNECTION you have between yourself and another person is a UNIQUE energy AND is a very specific energy that the TWO of your CREATE together - configured between the TWO of you - and energized by the astrological energies between you. Indeed EVERYTHING in your life - is attracted into your life because of an astrological energy sitting in your aura - defined by your own configuration in your own astrological chart which is interacting with and related to the current transits of each of the planets through the star signs.


In understanding the concept of "The 7 planetary relationships" you will comprehend and identify the specific energy that you create with EVERY PERSON you are connected with - and the purpose of your relationship with them.


Have you ever wondered why your heart beats fast with a thrill of excitement for some people and with an intense magnetic attraction towards them and their energy - and yet for others you FEEL NOTHING ? Have you wondered why whenever you talk to some people - immediately you become very lucky in one area of your life ? Have you wondered why - when you're talking to some people you become LUCKY and talking to others you become UNLUCKY ?


Nothing happens by accident in your life - as every relationship you have with everyone in your life - creates a specific energy WITHIN your aura - energized by the configuration of planets between you and the other person which triggers and energizes the planets in your astrological configuration.


When you connect with your lover - you become WARMED, comforted, protected and energized; when you receive a phonecall from a good friend - you become uplifted; when someone gives you a compliment - you become energized; and when someone gives you a passionate kiss and loves you - you swell up inside with a BURST of excitement and happiness that creates an energy which has the potential to CHANGE your whole life.


Each connection with everyone you know, have known and will ever know - creates an energy that will always be in your aura. Astrology of "The 7 planetary relationships" will ensure you departmentalize the relationship for what it truthfully represents - the meaning and purpose of those relationships which will allow you to have better relationships and understand what you need learn from each relationship you've had and will ever have.


Specific destined pieces in your life are defined by the planets - and because of Pluto in Capricorn since January 2008 - nothing - that means NOTHING will ever go back to how it was prior to January 2008 - likewise Neptune in Pisces since April 2011 and Uranus in Taurus from March 2019 have each created points beyond no return - when going-back is no longer an option.


I know many people - will begin very good NEW relationships in 2018 - due to Saturn in Capricorn - technically the relationships will be both Jupiter AND Saturn relationships - because they will bring energy of love, compassion, warmth and a lot of good luck into your life - and I know many will commit themselves forever - because when the energies are right - they're always right and will remain right - even after the transit has passed.


Saturn in Capricorn from 21st December 2017 => December 2020 - will ensure everyone finds the people, the connections, the bonds of friendship and stability that will ensure everyone feels at home - wherever that destined "home" is - to ensure you begin new destined and spiritually karmic relationships. Hence it's necessary to study where EACH of the above planets are in relation to your own life and WHO is in your life that represents each of the "The 7 planetary relationships".


Match The Numbers Above with the Numbers on Your Natal Birthchart

Then You'll Know which Astrological Events Will Affect YOU

Use the above information and look at your own birthchart, when you MATCH the numbers in degrees EXACTLY then you can expect a MAJOR astrological event in your life this week. [Use to get your free astrological chart; to see exactly the degree ° of each of your planets at birth].

When you have an exact match in the exact star star; it is a RENEWAL - REBIRTH and opportunity for a fantastic brilliant and exciting new beginning. When you have an exact match in the numbers in degrees ° of this weeks planets with any planets in your birthchart - then this week will be an important week.


Weekly & Yearly Predictions for all 12 star signs

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