The Spiritual Writings of ספר סודי סודות

סוד ה ליראיו ובריתו להודיעם

World-Wide Astrology Predictions for 2016

Written by the author of ספר כוכבי אור Sefer Kochvei Or The Book of Stars of Light Spiritual Astrology

To be read in conjunction with "The Month's Astrological Events" , "Next Months Astrology"

"This Weeks" Planetary Movements & Secrets of Daily Moon Astrology סוד הלבנה


Astrology of The Outer Planets in 2016

Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune & Pluto in 2016

"2016" is going to be a fascinating year - defined by all your different kinds of karmic relationships with people and places

"2016" - will be changing everyone's lives and a new destined stability will be formed between September => December 2016


The Year 2016 starts with:-

Mars in Libra, Jupiter in Virgo, Saturn in Sagittarius

Uranus in Aries, Neptune in Pisces, Pluto in Capricorn


Mars starts the year at 28° Libra

3rd January - Mars enters Scorpio

6th March - Mars enters Sagittarius

18th April - Mars goes retrograde 9° Sagittarius

27th May - Mars re-enters Scorpio in retrograde

30th June - Mars goes direct at 23° Scorpio

2nd August - Mars enters Sagittarius

27th September - Mars enters Capricorn

9th November - Mars enters Aquarius

19th December - Mars enters Pisces


Jupiter starts the year at 23° Virgo

8th January - Jupiter goes retrograde 23° Virgo

10th May - Jupiter goes direct 13° Virgo

9th September - Jupiter enters Libra

Jupiter ends the year 21° Libra


Saturn starts the year at 11° Sagittarius

25th March - Saturn goes retrograde at 16° Sagittarius

13th August - Saturn goes direct at 9° Sagittarius

Saturn ends the year at 21° Sagittarius


Uranus starts the year at 16° Aries

30th July - Uranus goes retrograde at 24° Aries

29th December - Uranus direct at 20° Aries


Neptune starts the year at 7° direct in Pisces

14th June: Neptune goes retrograde at 12°02' Pisces

20th November: Neptune goes direct at 9°14' Pisces

Neptune ends the year at 9°43' Pisces


Pluto starts the year at 15°03' Capricorn

17th April: Pluto goes retrograde at 17°29 Capricorn

27th September: Pluto goes direct at 14°56' Capricorn

Pluto ends the year at 16°54' Capricorn


Next Year 2017 begins with:-

Mars in Pisces, Jupiter in Libra, Saturn in Sagittarius

Uranus in Aries, Neptune in Pisces, Pluto in Capricorn


Understanding the Inner & Outer Planets Energies


When understanding "astrology" we departmentalize the planets in our solar system into 2 groups; the inner planets - that is the planets whose orbit's are between the planet Earth and the Sun; and the outer planets that are located from planet Earth to space beyond.


In very basic terms if you can imagine and think of transcending astrological energies from outer space - the OUTER EDGE and END of our SOLAR SYSTEM which we call the אין סוף - "Ein Sof" - The "INFINITY of the outer Ether"- as they transcend to the realms of our Universe and enter the orbits of the "outer planets" before they arrive at the Earth's orbit; whereas energies being emitted from the centre of our solar system the Sun pass through realms of the "inner planets" before reaching Earth.


When considering the "DIVINE DECREES and DIVINE energies" - and when considering the inexplicable karmic progress of each generation is BEYOND the normal astrological energies of our solar system - it is the definition of spiritual astrology teaches that we need to comprehend the energies that transcend from the OUTER ETHER. From Infinity and from our Galactic Center.


The Sun, Mercury, Venus & Moon - Inner Planets


The energies of our Solar system are emitted from the central energy of our solar system - the Sun - these energies arrive at Earth after passing through the orbits and realms of Mercury, Venus and then through the realms of Earth's physical Guardian protector - the Moon. Whether or not Sun's energies pass directly through these planets isn't necessarily relevant - what is relevant is that the Sun's energies pass through the orbit of the inner planets in order to reach Earth.


The energy that transcends is triggered and collected in each orbit it passes through and where the planets of Sun, Mercury, Venus & Moon is in relation to Earth and in which degree of which star sign as viewed from Earth - is the indication to astrologers as to the energy that can transcend to us on Earth; this daily unique specific code of astrological energy is the code that astrologers understand and use to make accurate predictions.


Understanding spiritual "astrology" is the ability to read this map and code of the Universe - a good mathematician can be a good astrologer for it is a precise and accurate art - but only a good spiritual astrologer can interpret the real meaning as ONLY with a belief in the Eternal Divine Creator of this Universe can one appreciate the ascendance and transcendence of energies.



Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune & Pluto - Outer Planets


The transcendence of energies from the אין סוף "Ein Sof" - infinite ether of far beyond our Solar system is the energy of the Eternal Divine Creator of the whole infinite Universe with its multitude of galaxies and stars; these transcending energies into our solar system come from the infinite ether beyond; they transcend through the orbits and and realms of the outer planets before they arrive at Earth. Therefore when we consider the energies that our being bestowed upon Earth we need to consider the transcending energies through orbits of Pluto, Neptune, Uranus, Saturn, Jupiter and Mars.


Hence, for example, when we cannot understand why Saturn - planet of karma, destiny and judgment allows bad things to happen - we have to spiritually consider that we deserve such pain into our lives because the Universal Divine has transcended these energies to Earth where people and countries are not fulfilling their true destiny. It is nothing explicable nor clear like the Sun's energies - it is hidden, invisible and has transcended from the אין סוף "Ein Sof" - infinite ether.


It doesn't matter whether or not you believe in the אין סוף "Ein Sof" - infinite ether - because it's energies will transcend to Earth to affect our lives whether we like it or not. However, it is the job of a good astrologer to read these transcending energies to comprehend the spiritual mysteries of life on Earth. For each of the STAR SIGNS are indeed called the כיפה עליונה "Kipah Elyona" "OUTER shell of our Universe" - as they allow the DIVINE astrological energies to transcend to our Universe - and create the energies we SEE in real life on Earth.



This Years Major Astrological Events of the Outer Planets

"השפעות מלמעלה - אין סוף"

Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune & Pluto in 2016

"2013" created a foundation of a new beginning and ensure you began to think - to redefine your Pathway in life

"2014" created "new" brilliant modern methods of doing things and obliterated all bad negative and dysfunctional methods

"2015" ensured you used your experiences of 2012, 2013 & 2014 - and put them all collectively to practical use in real life

Part I of "2016" has begun October 2015 and destiny will ensure you achieve a new form of destined stability in your life

Part II of 2016 begins with a new stability on 21st March 2016 - at the Zodiac New Year of Sun in Aries

Leading to "new" stability and growth from June 2016 until December 2016


Introduction to This Year 2016


Could you imagine that you left "life-on-Earth" in the year 2002 and suddenly arrived back on Earth now - in 2016 ? The sensation of arriving back - would make you feel - so much has changed - and your eyes would be OPENED WIDE - to want to absorb everything you see.


For some people - due to both the Saturn in Sagittarius cycle and for the Jupiter cycle - there's similarity between 2016 and 2002 - and it will seem like everything in between has been one-long journey away from yourself. This year 2016 you've arrived back - although to be honest - you will only totally be back in September 2016 - and whilst you began to arrive back since September 2015 and some of you crash-landed back in December 2015 - it's all been start-stop and start again.


The reason I've given this as - the best way to define what's now happening - that is in the same way - you aren't behaving today like you did in 2002 - likewise - between January 2016 and September 2016 - you're going to be FORCED to change the way you're living - OR - you will realize with enlightenment that you can't continue living the way you have been living and now is the time for much needed necessary changes and a "breakthrough".


The reason why many of you have begun this change is because your destiny WANTS you to change. If you weren't feeling like changing then you wouldn't need to change - but because - either out of necessity or because you simply WANT to change - that's why you will be changing.


Whilst some people call this the "karmic wheel of fortune" moving humanity forwards - astrology calls it "catching-up" with what you should have done as far back as March 2011 when Uranus entered Aries. Progress in this modern world often means that humans hold-onto doing something until they can't do it anymore - hence out of compelling necessity - progress has to be made - change has to happen - even though it should have already happened 4-5 years ago - there was no big urgent PUSH to want to make people do anything.


However, with Uranus in Aries - no longer and not ever again forming the painful square with Pluto in Capricorn - [which was the reason many people had start/stop in the past 5 years] - combined with Saturn in Sagittarius - which will be forming a constant trine to Uranus in Aries from now onwards in 2016 and 2017 - it means that NEW CHANGES will be happening for EVERYONE. This means completely NEW - as if you're starting a whole new life. The life you should have started in 2011.


September 2016 - New Territory for Humanity

The karmic New Moon on 1st October 2016 - will begin a period when everyone enters New territory

Whilst in previous years - you can compare last year with year before - now it's a NEW phase for NEW for everyone ...

In the same way you'd never wear your winter clothes in the summer - you'll need to change and adapt to the new changes ...


Saturn in Sagittarius & Jupiter in Libra

Defines you will be excited and energized only by whatever your destiny of success wants you to be energized by ....


From September => December 2016 - Saturn 11° => 21° Sagittarius whilst Jupiter 2° => 21° Libra and Saturn sextile Jupiter means from now onwards - whatever changes will happen - will be happening anyway - because humanity will be compelled to "move" forwards - in order to create a NEW stability in the world.


The best facet is that Saturn and Jupiter will ensure you will do what you do because you will LOVE doing it and the product will make you LOVE LIFE again, defined by loving the people in your life. You might have begun something you LOVE doing as far back as March 2011 - but it never completely succeeded "yet" - well from September 2016 => March 2017 - if it's going to be successful - then now is your time.


Saturn in Sagittarius & Jupiter in Libra - means you want to live again. Even if - since as far back as 2002 - you have just "existed" and "survived" - from now onwards - you've got the buzz again - to want to live life. It doesn't mean you want to live in 2002 or want to live with anyone from the "past" - but it does mean you want to feel the vibrancy of being alive again.


Saturn in Sagittarius - is repeating the Saturn cycle of 1985 => 1987 means you want to expand and live life again - do you remember the rebellious 1980's when the world expanded and grew because people THOUGHT with vibrancy. You see - Saturn in Sagittarius - is the perfect position for growth - and it's a careful growth - that will provide stability for the future.


Combined - with Jupiter in Libra - stimulates and energizes your mind and thoughts - to make you use your mind - to make you become wiser and more intelligent - which thanks to the internet you've expanded your mind and become more intelligent - now is the time that you will want something MORE in your life - something specific and destined for "YOU".


Everyone on Earth are unique - no-one is a duplicate or mutated imitation of someone else - "YOU are YOU" - but if you're dressed like someone else - if you're copying someone else - if you're not being "you" - then you're not really "you".


Uranus in Aries - "Open Mind and Living Life"


Uranus in Aries - demands that you have an OPEN MIND. I always say HONESTY is the best way to get what you want - because - when you're honest - your mind is OPEN - hence you can find the answers you're looking for. People who LIE - are constantly keeping their own mind CLOSED - because their mind is plugged into LIES. It is the reason why I respect people who are "gay and lesbian" - as they're defining the truth about themselves. Even a priest who declares himself "gay" gets more respect in an aura of TRUTH than a liar who is hiding the truth.


Hence whilst Uranus in Aries - demands that you have an OPEN MIND. Saturn in Sagittarius - will ensure you get excited for - exactly what your destiny wants you to be in love with and be excited about. It will eliminate barriers in your mind - especially ideas that you "think" you can't do it - because with an OPEN MIND - you will know you can do it.


The perfect example is - we all know that all researchers and Scientists who are working hard to find cures for Cancer and other illnesses - will SUCCEED - because they're both determined and have an OPEN MIND to find the cure - and they will. Whereas - say 40-50 years - people didn't believe they could find cures - in our karmic generation - we all know that with DETERMINATION and an OPEN MIND you can do anything.


Likewise in your life - whatever "it" is that's bothering you, blocking your pathway or frustrating you - you will be able to CONCENTRATE and with an OPEN MIND - you will find the answers you're looking for. The reason why - is because you'll have a compelling desire to want to find the answers you're looking for.


The combination of - Saturn in Sagittarius and Uranus in Aries - will ensure you're only concentrating on something and you've only got a determination for something that destiny wants you to want - because it knows you're going to accomplish it. Conversely - for dreamers and time-wasting nonsense - there will be no interest anymore - because no-one will be attracted to want something that gives them no energy.


Hence, if you project LIFE energy to the world - "LIFE" means LOVE - then you will attract energy as you're in the natural flow of energy - whereas if you're feeling dead inside - either because you're doing something you hate doing - and you're lying to yourself - then your aura is "dead". You won't be able to live for long with a dead aura - even people with a "dead" aura will have been woken up to want to LIVE LIFE.


If you think of a salesman back in the 1980's - so long as the salesman was excited, vibrant and alive - you bought anything from him - but when a salesman came over dead-boring - even if he was selling chocolate ice-cream - you wouldn't be interested. Hence, my suggestion to you - is come ALIVE - whatever makes "you" come ALIVE - is the key to energizing your aura with SUCCESS. When the world senses you're ALIVE - then you will be magnetic for a flow of energy.



Your life will be changing this year 2016 ....


There's going to be a lot of changes for everyone - changes that will be astonishing and completely new. This is not like previous years when you can "guess" what will unfold based on your yearly cycle - because this year - it is all new territory - and will therefore require you to THINK differently.


The reason most people don't change is because they're not forced to change or think - only when unexpected NEW events happen - that's when humans THINK - it is like people have been WOKEN up in order to THINK.


There's going to be a lot happening and changing - and as you will see - many of the changes will happen suddenly and quickly. Everything you're going to be experiencing are 100% destined changes - all of which will be created by sudden and unexpected events. In order to make you realize that your life is "on the move" forwards.


Whatever "it" is - you've wanted it from December 2015 and will want it from now onwards - the "wanting" it will last until at least Mid-April 2017 - when you would have found it - in fact - as I will explain on each of the 12 star signs - Capricorn, Aquarius, Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Gemini, Leo, Aries - will all have your breakthrough between September & December 2016 - because you've got more determination that other star signs.


2016 - A new stability is formed

The 2016 zodiac year is a STRONG 12 month period of lots of changes for everyone


The Zodiac year consists of 2 halves - Aries => Virgo & Libra => Pisces - during the 2nd half - and by the deadline which is the beginning of new Zodiac year 20th March 2016 - each of you will have to have found a sense of completeness - something that has defined the last zodiac year.


Even if you didn't really begin to do anything meaningful until September 2016 - you will still need to get "2016" destined changes completed by 20th March 2017 - in order to enter the next Zodiac Year 2017 with a NEW set of parameters and NEW stability for your future.


The changes will come because life couldn't continue the way it was - hence destiny in the form of Saturn in Sagittarius - enforced it's rule that stagnation, uncertainty and instability had to end - and vibrancy of Sagittarius means - any change is better than no change. For some people - Saturn FORCES change - for others Saturn ENTICES change - and for others Saturn compels you want to change. The bottom is - change is coming for everyone.


Is your aura alive or dead ?

Saturn in Sagittarius & Jupiter in Libra


Both Saturn in Sagittarius and Jupiter in Libra are communicating to you - and they're both asking are you alive or dead - your aura - might reply "I'm half dead - I feel a bit alive but not fully alive" - and in which case - you're being made to come alive.


Some people - might not even reply - because their aura is "dead" or too lazy - such people never remember anything because in their lives - one day is the same as the previous day - and they've gotten used to feeling nothing inside - in which case - by October 2016 - even they will be forced to wake-up.


The Saturn in Sagittarius and Jupiter in Libra - will indeed SHOCK them - like getting an annoying static electric shock or if that doesn't work - then something BIGGER will be needed to awaken them. Saturn in Sagittarius and Jupiter in Libra have a destined purpose - and it will get the job done - the destined job is to make each of you - LOVE LIFE - LOVE everyday of your life - because you've come alive. It will make you feel like you've arrived back.


For those of you - who've begun something - but your heart isn't in "it" - then you will dump "it" suddenly and unexpectedly - conversely - if you're doing something you love - but hasn't yet created success - then now is your time - you'll get success - because the world will sense your aura - and sense you have the life-energy that is excited about whatever it is you're doing - which will make them excited too.


Saturn in Sagittarius - is the reason - why I began the AUDIO feature - to express my honest excitement for the infinite infinity of space - so you too - realize - it's not just words on another astrology website - but it's energy that excites us.


Saturn in Sagittarius - is HONEST - and hence you will be enticed into doing something you love doing - defined by what makes you come alive and what makes you love life the most. If you don't honestly love it - you're destined to dump it and end it. Likewise - if you don't love your job or business that too - will simply drop-dead too. The key to success with Saturn in Sagittarius is to LOVE LIFE - LOVE whatever "it" is you're doing in your life. If you don't LOVE it then it's not going to bring you any luck nor success.


All the pieces have moved into Place ....

"2016" is going to be a fascinating year in real-life terms and with many inexplicable destined karmic events


Last year in September 2015 - many fake prophecies emerged on the internet - all of which - used the truthful fact that the world would be changing - but because they were defined by earthly non-spiritually enlightened souls - "they" declared it would be the "end" - whereas the truth is - it was just the beginning of a new phase of life - a harmonious TRUTHFUL phase defined by HONEST relationships.


Saturn in Sagittarius means - adapt and change to new circumstances - or be left-behind and eventually die. The new energies for destined change wants the world to become a more enlightened and happier place to live in - and wants everyone to be in destined relationships that will define peace, warmth, sincerity, growth and stability.


Hence "those" people who want to destroy and create instability in the world - are finding "their" world destroyed - whilst everyone else's world is now becoming open, brighter, happier - with a warmth to want to be with other people. For the truth is the worst thing in the world is to be "ALONE" and "ISOLATED" - Saturn in Sagittarius will be ensuring everyone will want relationships - with a wanting and desire to feel the warmth of the positive energy you get from relationships - being connected to the right people.



Saturn in Sagittarius defines a Big Change

Saturn in Sagittarius defines Your Relationships


Whilst Saturn is a slow mover - I'd say that "some" people are even slower than Saturn - because even though Saturn entered Sagittarius on 17th September 2015 to create an OPEN energy for destined relationships - it will take some people months - before they realize what Saturn in Sagittarius has defined for them. By 20th December 2016 everyone will see clearly exactly what Saturn in Sagittarius has defined in meaning of life and meaningful destined truthful relationships.


Let me give you an example - when Saturn entered Scorpio in October 2012 and until September 2015 - defined period of destined endings, death, transformation and healing through deeply understanding yourself. How long after Saturn entered Scorpio in October 2012 - did it take you to END something - how long did it take for something/someone to die in your life? The same applies now Saturn entered Sagittarius - with an almost identical overlap - you can predict when you're going to have that positive destined shift in your life.


Saturn in Scorpio defined something necessary but it was NEGATIVE in it's essence - Saturn in Sagittarius defines something essentially necessary and destined in your life - and it will be POSITIVE. Whilst it is all about relationships - it is also about ensuring you are in the right place and amongst the right people to be the best and most positive best version of yourself - the most suitable to have be in a relationship.


Hence, any situation or circumstances you've accepted during the past 3 years of Saturn in Scorpio - Saturn in Sagittarius will now change those circumstances for you. Firstly it will do this by OPENING your eyes to make you realize that something is unacceptable - then it ensures you find exactly what it is that is unacceptable and then what needs to be done to FIX that facet in your life.


The annual Sun-Saturn conjunction on 10th December 2016 will be very important date with destiny as it will create permanent destined changes in destined relationships - with a process of ending all BAD relationships and beginning all GOOD relationships.


Have you felt the contrast to when you have someone in your life and when you don't - being alone has a total "coldness" - because the essence of relationships is you get opened and fired-up with a "warmth" from within you when you're connected with other people. You don't get the feelings from everyone you know - and hence you've begun looking to find who it is you're looking for - even if you don't realize you're looking for him/her - Saturn will ensure you find him/her.


It is totally ILLOGICAL why you feel the invisible warmth of people and why they feel the warmth towards you - and yet the warmth and coldness you feel - defines who, what and why you connect with people you want to be connected to. And in "love" - you can't choose who you love and who you hate - it's a feeling you feel.


Whilst you might initially be deceived from a handsome man or pretty lady - after you "know" them - you will feel the warmth or coldness - and then define in your mind - whether you feel relationship energies and a connection to them. Saturn in Sagittarius will give you the truth and the right feelings to feel.


It might suddenly come or it might gradually come - but defined by Saturn in Sagittarius 2016 and throughout 2017 - means - it is coming for everyone. Although I should say that "some" of you - who need to learn about relationships - might get 1st get a relationship that isn't right - but at least he/she will open you up to the warmth of "relationships" again - especially if it's been 3-5 years or longer since you've had the warmth of a relationship.


Now I should say that the Saturn in Sagittarius means you will be SURPRISED to who, what, why and when you find your relationships - are Uranus in Aries means someone completely different to what you've been used to in the "past" - it also means you too have become a different person - so you are looking for someone NEW who is different to what you've attracted in your life in the past.


I've explained to a few readers recently that Saturn in Sagittarius - ELIMINATES the wrong types of people from your life - before it helps you focus on the right types of people who you truly want and need in your life.


This will be done due to Saturn in Sagittarius square Neptune in Pisces felt until September/October 2016. This Saturn square Neptune will shatter illusions and fantasies. I should say that the internet is known for it's porn - but porn is merely a stimulating visual illusion to get all single lonely people to WANT A REAL RELATIONSHIP.


The desire to want to be with someone - to want a relationship - to want the warmth isn't always logical - you don't always choose who you fall in love with - you can't even choose when it happen - it doesn't always make sense - but Saturn in Sagittarius will be showing many people the transition into a healthy relationship means eliminating the illusions - switch off to the unreal and switch on to the real-life love - and defining what you don't want in your life. The real will emerge and be defined by Saturn in fire sign of Sagittarius - ensuring you and everyone else too - feels the WARMTH in relationships.


For example - you go shopping and live where you live - because of the warmth you feel. You force yourself to go into a shop that has no warmth nor personality because it's convenient for you - but you RUN to a store or restaurant that you like the people - because it feels better for you. You always pick-up the phone, reply to emails and smile at people you like - because in your connection - it creates a positive energy - that's the energy of relationships.


The right personalities, the right types of people, the right people are defined by Saturn in Sagittarius who create and open the invisible warmth of relationship energies in your life - define WHY you live where you live and why you go where you go. The initial stages of Saturn in Sagittarius is in the process of making everyone realize this truthful reality. All you need to be is "you" - let yourself become the real "you" and - define your life by the warmth you feel from others.


Saturn is the strongest planet that ensures everyone meets dates with destiny - and it is Saturn that creates stability in the world - therefore it's transit in Sagittarius is going to be successful in eliminating everything that creates instability. Ofcourse it will depend on "You" and your stage of life - which "your own Astrological Chart" will define exactly what's coming - but Saturn in Sagittarius guarantees something destined is coming for EVERYONE EVERYWHERE in the world.


Selfishness is an immature quality - and that's why selfish people naturally lie and deceive others because "they" only want relationships for their own benefit - but Saturn in Sagittarius will teach everyone that relationships are TWO-WAY energies - and wherever there's an imbalance in your life - especially people who drain you and don't energize you - Saturn will intervene to eliminate that relationship and replace it with a positively good TWO-WAY relationship that will energize your life.



Jupiter in Libra defines Big Changes


From 9th September 2016 => September 2017 when Jupiter transits Libra combines with Uranus in Aries and Saturn in Sagittarius - to create and unlock the next stage of growth and expansion for the world. I always laugh at negative selfish people who say there are too many people living on the Earth - because we have all seen in reality - that there are more people living on Earth and destiny has found ways to create more food for everyone. It's all possible - there are no limitations when you have an OPEN mind - all you have to do is EXPAND and OPEN your MIND to believe it.


In the 1930's with 1 Billion people on earth - there were famines - whereas today - 7+ Billion people on Earth - and miracles are being made to feed everyone. Jupiter in Libra says expansion and growth will happen - working together with other people.



"2016" will create many unexpected shocks

Saturn in Sagittarius - defines that 2016 & 2017 will be full of sudden destined unexpected shocks and surprises

The key to the unexpected shocks and surprises will be by "What" excites you and "Who" energizes you ...


You can't deceive yourself - when you're in a dead-boring relationship with someone who's either argumentative, negative and/or hard-work - there's only one option and that's to end it. It's got no life energy for you. It's got no future. It's dead.


However, what happens - when that relationship suddenly comes back to life - when suddenly there's warmth and vitality - a relationship you assumed was dead. That's what 2016 and 2017 - will be full of - unexpected changes - suddenly created by BURST of energies - created by other people in your life. Not by anyone - but by specific people who hold the karmic key to your aura.


Depending on your age - during the past 10-20-30 years - many of you have had "experiences" - some of which created dead-ends - others created energy that will always sit in your mind and your aura - the experiences you've had with some specific people - always contain energy - so that when you "hear" from them many years later - you still have feelings.


I call this phenomena - unexpected "the power-cut" or "earthquake" moment - because only during "power-cuts" and sudden unexpected changes that you wake-up from your routine - when you go-outside your home and talk to your neighbors. Your neighbors too - will use the opportunity to talk to you - UNTIL - the electricity is turned-on - then you go-inside your home and back to routine.


I can see - that every star sign - will have a WAKE-UP moment - unexpected surprises - created by all your truly destined RELATIONSHIPS. Even people from the "past" that you assumed were "dead" - will now come "alive" again.


Likewise - people who know you - will find themselves wanting more from you than mere friendship - because Saturn in Sagittarius - will be compelling them to want more - likewise you too - will find yourselves thinking more about RELATIONSHIPS than normal - sensing and wanting the warmth more than normal.


That's because Saturn in Sagittarius - is ensuring that all destined connections are connected - and when you're connected - that will UNLOCK success. Conversely - if you're reconnected to the WRONG people - people who've been BAD for you - Saturn in Sagittarius and Mars in Scorpio - will ensure "things" go wrong and make unexpected accidents happen - to ensure you KEEP AWAY from anyone who is BAD and WRONG for you.


The unexpected coincidences in relationships have destined purpose and that is to make "you" be the true best destined version of yourself. And because of the warmth and love you feel in all your destined relationships - you're life will have meaning - the warmth and energy it creates will ensure you do what you love doing and become successful at it.


You see - I often say that - many people complain that they've got BAD LUCK - but with Saturn in Sagittarius & Uranus in Aries - together with Jupiter in Libra - fixing your success is easy - and - the recipe for GOOD LUCK is to love the people you love - feel the glow of warmth from thoughts of all your destined relationships - this will automatically energize your own aura - making you BUZZ full of vibrancy - and that's what will make you LUCKY. You can't possibly be LUCKY if you're not even feeling LUCKY to be alive.



Using the power of speech to wake-up your luck...

Are you Dull & Dead-boring - OR - are you Alive, Glowing & Happy ?

Spiritual Astrology - means - you can change your life - anytime of anyday .....

You can't possibly become LUCKY if you're not even feeling LUCKY to be alive.


One of the reasons many people don't like astrology is because they believe that astrology confines what you can do with your life. Whilst - that's sort of a bit true - Spiritual Astrology defines that you can overcome boundaries and barriers - merely by working-with your own aura - yourself. You don't need any magician or guru - because - you can do it yourself. Especially during Jupiter in Libra. All you have to do is talk positively to yourself !


Anytime you feel "dead" and feel "negative" about your dull and dead-boring life - means you're not truly AWAKE and ALIVE. Even though you appear to be alive - you're not really. We all have moments of negativity - negativity is a form of death - and therefore - by saying "thank you - thank you - thank you - thank you" - over and over again - all the time always helps clear the negativity of dead-energies - say "thank you for the gift of life - thank you life - thank you for this - thank you for that" !



"The Thank You Mantra" of Creating Good Karma

Audio Version - New Moon 9th/10th January 2016

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It's so important - to be happy and alive - glowing with aura of love of life ...

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Your Saddest version or Your Happiest version

Invisible energies that sit in your aura - are what other people sense when they look at you and talk to you

It's your choice whether they sense a lively happy version of you - or - a depressingly sad version of you


I've inserted the AUDIO above - in order to let you hear the expression between a SAD aura and HAPPY aura. Even though you don't realize it - whenever you talk - whatever you talk about - there's an invisible aura of energies that's transferred and conveyed in your words. So learn to be the HAPPY version of yourself - before you open your mouth and say something stupid !


Make sure that when you talk - you are communicating the real honest original version of "You" - then others will sense that truth. When you speak from your heart - others sense it - when you speak from the place of darkness and lies - others sense it too.


Uranus is the ruling planet of communicative Aquarius - which means that it is the unexpected energies in WORDS you say that can change everything. Uranus in Aries is determined to create a NEW future for everyone - Saturn in Sagittarius ensures it's blessed by destiny - even so - you need to be HAPPY - OPEN - READY - to say anything to anyone - because Uranus in Aries - means it can happen in 1 moment - that unlocks all your sudden good luck.


It's going to happen - all you have to say is "YES" - and - BE ALIVE. When I say "ALIVE" - I mean the best original version of yourself that others immediately sense your warmth, your inner glow of your soul and your happiness - in your aura, in your smile and in your eyes.


One of my naughty examples - which always works to put a smile on everyone is I suggest readers - to THINK of all your sexual relationships - all the "ex's" you had sex with - will always put a smile on your face. Because in hindsight - you've forgotten the bad stuff and only remember the good facets of the relationships - which ofcourse is the "love during sex" isn't it ?!


Likewise - when you THINK of the happiest moments of your life - you become HAPPY - your aura reconnects with the energies of the happiest version of yourself - so use your mind to THINK of the HAPPY moments. Uranus in Aries - Aries rules the HEAD and your THOUGHTS - so - you can change your life easy - merely by changing what you're thinking about.



2016 is all about "Relationship Energies"

All facets of relationship energies will be encountered in 2016 & 2017

Hatred is merely a karmic sickness of people who don't want to love and refuse to love.

Saturn in Sagittarius in 2016 & 2017 will be medicine to heal the sickness of hatred.


It's a fact of life that you learn as you mature and grow-up - that relationships never last forever even people we love with all our hearts - because earthly life defines "death". We are all destined to die - and none of us - knows the date or the time. That too is clear from the unpredictable energies of 2016 - but what is clear is that - everyone will learn from "death" of your loved ones - of how precious the gift of life is - and how precious it is to tell the people you love - how much you love them.


Sadly, many people never get to say "goodbye" - and that is bad luck - but an important lesson for all of us. Saturn in Sagittarius - especially in 2016 - will be teaching all of us - the importance of relationships. And for some people it will be through the painful loss of someone they love.


Indeed - it's always after someone dies - that's when you realize the truth of how much you loved them. And it is always after someone you love dies - that's when you realize that all the other "stuff" in life is meaningless garbage and when your aura becomes OPENED to realize that the most important facet of life is RELATIONSHIPS - hence this is why mysteriously after someone you love dies - it will help you OPEN up your aura of relationship feelings. For none of us knows why we feel the pain of loss of death for some people and others we feel nothing - that is inexplicable karma - defining the eternal bond of relationships.


Now - before you panic - it can be that someone you love - is unexpectedly taken to hospital - which creates the sudden shock I explain above - and with your awakened energies and love for them - they will get better - because they feel loved. Indeed - it's so common when people live the daily routine - they forget about people - and don't even visit people they love - UNTIL - something happens.


Unfortunately, in the past 10-15 years - many have made karmic mistakes in "relationships" - people have made BAD decisions about "relationships" based on what is in it for "them". Hence the transit of Saturn in Sagittarius in 2016 and 2017 will be creating destined changes - because of the need to undo mistakes and reset priorities.


You see the truth is - whilst you forget all the other stuff in your life - you never ever forget your destined relationships - their energies are alive and always present - and that's why you're going to be surprised in 2016 - defined by WHO comes back to life in your life.


"Death" always has inexplicable and unpredictable peculiar effects on relationships - it can end some and create beginnings for others - it all depends on how "locked" and "closed" you were - because when it hits you - it is STRONG. And that's what I see in the astrological charts for everyone.


It is specifically VERY STRONG in January, February and March 2016 and even STRONGER in August, September, October & December 2016 - when Saturn goes direct - and is strong but not as strong in retrograde between April => August 2016 - and then comes VERY STRONG again after Saturn goes direct on 12th August 2016.


Another facet of "death" in relationships is "jealousy" and that's because after a relationship has died - instead of healing - a negativity energy of "jealousy" replaces the life energy of love. This comes even stronger when your "ex" has moved onto someone new.


And unfortunately for some star signs with karma that needs repairing and fixing - they only realize how much they loved them - when it's ended - you see - it is bad karma that some people never appreciate what they have when they've got it - and only wake-up after they've lost it.


Jealousy is created because of missed opportunities in relationships - because of mistakes. But some people can't apologize - so they stew in bitterness and jealousy. Due to both Saturn in Sagittarius and Uranus in Aries - both FIRE signs means there's going to be sense of missed opportunities - but that's actually GOOD - because it will make people do something positive instead of complaining. The truth is jealousy creates energy because it ensures that even lazy people do something.


And as we all see that when ungrateful people don't appreciate what they've got - and if they're not loving the people in their life - then Saturn in Sagittarius will ensure someone else will love them. Saturn in Sagittarius will guarantee that everyone who wants to be loved will be loved. Everyone who wants to love will be able to love and will find their destined love.


And now for the "BUT" - it is a karmic "BUT" which will affect people who refuse to be compassionate, loving and accepting of others - and the reason for the "BUT" is defined by Saturn in Sagittarius and Uranus in Aries - both FIRE signs creating the self-destructive quality of ANGER and HATRED.


Saturn is in Sagittarius - means whatever you are is your aura - most normal people want to love, do accept others, and have an innate sense of love and compassion for other people. But people with BAD karma - people who HATE others - people who want to hurt and destroy other people's lives - will find themselves being hurt by destiny. Hatred is merely a sickness of people who can't love and refuse to love. Saturn in Sagittarius will be medicine to heal the sickness of hatred.



You don't know what you want until you want it!

What do you honestly want ? What are you "thinking" of and attached to ? What energizes you ?

If whatever or whoever you're thinking about doesn't excite nor energize you - then that's not "it"


Whilst it sound logical - I'd hazard a guess that UNLESS or UNTIL you've found exactly what I'm referring to - you will think you know what you want - but that's just to keep your mind occupied with ambition - UNTIL something happens - [which it will] - and with inexplicable determination - you will awaken you whole aura to WANT it. What "it" is - you will know - what I'm talking about - because "it" will energize your whole mind and thoughts with a NEW determination to achieve "it".


Depending on your astrological chart - you might know what "it" is - since Mid-December 2015 - everyone else - will realize what "it" is by Mid-December 2016. Then after you know what "it" is - you'll come ALIVE to want to achieve "it". It will be something you have to work for to achieve it.


"Work" merely means you have to use your mind to constantly want it with determination - in order to achieve it. You will know what I'm referring to - because it will awaken and enliven you - like you've not felt for a long time. I should say - it won't necessarily apply to everyone - people who are totally lazy - and aren't driven to want anything in life - won't be awakened - but all "thinking" species of humans - like you and me - will be awakened with ambition to want "it".



If you want something that is "dead" - then you're defining "yourself"

Have ambition to want to love something that's alive and living !

Have ambition to want to love the people in your life and love life



Uranus in Aries in 2016

Uranus in Aries is defined as the "Creation of a Whole New Beginning from Nothing"


Uranus in Aries since March 2011 - has been trying to create a NEW future for everyone - unfortunately it has had to deal with the "past" - defined by the squares to Pluto in Capricorn - before it was able to move forward to the future. Since March 2011 - the Uranus square Pluto - had a karmic job was to DISMANTLE the OLD - whilst CONSTRUCTING the NEW. The Uranus square Pluto created problems - by creating a battle and a fight between "old" and "new".


That battle has ended - even so - some people are still attempting to hold onto the past - but thankfully, with the support of Saturn in Sagittarius throughout 2016 & 2017 - it will be easier than ever before to have a NEW life. All you need to do is see - the only way to have a new future is to eliminate the "garbage" of the past.


Uranus in Aries - Optimism & Determination


Uranus in Aries will be surprising everyone of you - and that's exactly what LOVE does to everyone. "Love of life" is defined by Uranus in Aries - means it energizes your HEAD - as Aries rules the head - to make you LOVE someone or LOVE something - whatever and whoever makes you WANT to live for tomorrow and for live for your future.


That sense of new LOVE in your life - will make you determined to achieve it - and as you all know LOVE for anyone or anything always shirks off the negativity and makes you feel alive like never before. The buzz of Uranus in Aries in your mind and in your aura - will create SUCCESS - because the energy of Uranus in Aries will make you want whatever it is that life wants you to want and then get it.


[1] anyone born between 1971 => 1988 - due to your Uranus in Libra and/or Pluto in Libra in your birthchart - means you too - will be getting opportunity for BIG changes - except - it for some of you - - it might feel like you're having a midlifecrisis - as you become determined to dump every bit of negativity and start anew - the good news is that Uranus in Aries - will create BIG opportunities - it will be your choice to do the NEW or continue with the OLD - in most cases - there is no choice - because you will feel compelled to do the NEW.


[2] Anyone born between 1948 => 1962 - due to your Uranus in Leo and/or Pluto in Leo in your birthchart - means something BIG, UNEXPECTED and SURPRISING will be happening in your lives in 2016 - for you it is life-changing - much more than others. Because the Uranus in Aries combined with Saturn in Sagittarius means - finding stability in your life - and the only way you're going to get stability is by dumping anything that is UNSTABLE in your life.


[3] And anyone born after 1981 - if you've never been in-love and/or if you've never had "sex" - [or not had sex for at least the past 5 months] - then this Uranus in Aries combined with Saturn in Sagittarius means - will make you fall-in-love with destined true love. Your heart will become OPEN to love - you'll desire and want - like you've never desired before - and for some of you the feelings will make you panic - because you've never felt this way before about love and relationships.


[4] And for all readers - you either have to see your own birthchart - to see what planets you have in Aries, Leo & Sagittarius that will become enlived by Uranus in Aries - OR - wait until January and February 2016 - when you will feel ALIVE with optimism and determination to want something NEW in your life.



Neptune in Pisces in 2016

The Spiritual Purity, Brilliance and Divine Gifts of Neptune in Pisces


Neptune in Pisces since January 2012 - is in it's natural HOME - and will continue to transcend spiritual wisdom and enlightenment for all of humanity. Neptune will be in Pisces - at the blissful "end-of-time" of "spiritual enlightenment" and hence - it has "that" feeling of arriving HOME and is in place for Eternity - well at least until 2024/2025 - which will ensure that humanity finds the spiritual and mystical answers we're all searching for.


Pluto in Capricorn in 2016

Creates inexplicable Destined Karmic events for everyone

Pluto in Capricorn since November 2008 - is in the perfect and right house for the end-of-time transformation of Spiritual enlightenment of humanity. Pluto has the purpose to TRANSFORM our lives from the OLD way of living into a NEW enlightened way of living.


Pluto also had the intensity and strength to ensure that NO-ONE can block anything from happening. Pluto ensures that specific destined events happen - it will feel like everything PRIOR to 2008 has no more relevance in your life - because it defined a new way of understanding life.


Complex year 2016 - something for everyone

There's something for everyone this year with the biggest changes coming from September 2016

A new updated Audio has been created in September 2016 for all 12 star signs

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